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November 2022

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November 2022 F R E E C O V E R S P O NS O R E D B Y

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J U L I E VA S Q U E Z PUBLISHER GRAPHIC ARTIST ADVERTISING SouthernIdahoKids julie southernidahokids com southernidahokids www southernidahokids com S H A W N E E B U RT ON THE COVER Eli Mya Nora Esterbrook COMMUNITY EVENT SPECIALIST shawnee southernidahokids com Photo by Jenny Esterbrook Photography Garbage Bin Cleaning Bin Bath 1 8 Page Horizontal KRISTEN FRANCOM Commercial Residential Pressure Washing locally owned operated One Time Monthly or Quarterly Cleanings thebinbath com 208 731 0601 EDITOR Southern Idaho Kids is a subsidiary of Limelight Design Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited Submitted editorial content or advertisements are not necessarily endorsed by or representative of the views of Southern Idaho Kids Southern Idaho Kids is not responsible for the reliability or timeliness of any content submitted Southern Idaho Kids is printed and distributed monthly 2022 Southern Idaho Kids All rights reserved Twinkle Toes 1 2 Page Horizontal 2 www southernidahokids com

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If you want to f ind happiness f ind gratitude I M THANKFUL FOR Youth Membership SALE Nov 1st Nov 30th 250 For an ENTIRE year Monthly rates available 25 mo Includes Unlimited climbing 7 days a week special member only hours Yoga and Fitness Classes 10 discount on all retail 15 discount on all shoes Free passes for their friends Call 208 329 7257 Ext3 Email Patty gemstoneclimbing rocks GEMSTONECLIMBING ROCKS November 2022 3

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POETRY CONTEST POETRY CONTEST In the past few months we asked our readers to submit an original poem All entries had to live locally and be between the ages of 4 18 We are so impressed with their creativity and talent Writing poetry can take a lot of patience and reflection so we applaud our young kids who submitted theirs The Nutcracker Kool Minds 1 4 Page Vertical Rayni Capps Director of The Twin Falls Ballet Company December 6th 7th 6 00pm Located at CSI www koolminds com 4 Nutcracker 1 4 Page Presented Verticalby www southernidahokids com Check our Facebook Community Events page for more information

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POETRY CONTEST Princess I m like Rapunzel I have hair like ro pe I drink tea and give people ho pe I m a princess I wear many gown s I make people sm ile to take away their frowns t A summer af ter noon was ho snakes a lot And we thought we saw the could be Our unity was as strong as ng happily We danced in the rain singi The river brought us tr ials elder s got us through crackling But the best part was the fire with me and you Emily Hunter age 11 By Paige L Age 6 NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS HONEST ON TIME O N BU D G E T PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING Children s Dentistry 1 4 Page Vertical Children s Dentistry Aim High 1 4 Page Vertical of Twin Falls 1186 Eastland Dr N B Twin Falls 208 733 9331 FREE ESTIMATES 208 329 4037 www aimhighpainting com November 2022 5

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POETRY CONTEST SCHOOL If you want to learn math then stay on the right path If you want to learn then you can t be stern If you want to read then you have to plant a seed If you want to ride the bus then you can not cuss If you want to do a test you have to do your best And if you have the right knowledge then you can go off to college If you want to go to school then you have to be cool By December Lyman Age 9 If you just study can be less cruddy you then CANYON FOOT ANKLE FEBRUARY 2021 DIGITAL ADS 02 08 21 Orange Leaf 1 4 Page Vertical 725 BLUE LAKES BLVD NORTH TWIN FALLS ID 83301 208 944 9276 BOGO OFF Please present this coupon for discount Not valid for any other discounts one coupon per customer Valid at the Orange Leaf TWIN FALLS location only Expires 11 30 22 725 BLUE LAKES BLVD NORTH TWIN FALLS 208 944 9276 ORANGE LEAF TWIN FALLS 6 www southernidahokids com Canyon Foot 1 4 Page Vertical

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POETRY CONTEST H a ily nn I m Ju st Me M a ycee There once was a girl with a pet Her pet s name of co urs e was Rosette Rosette was a pup an d she co uldn t keep up so sh e carried her around in a net I a m w ho I a m a r ro r me yo u c a n he a e u d sw et ki nd f un ny lo re s mo re b u t wa it the bo a rd a nd I like to s now d a nce re a d o a nd c lo r a nd st me a nd th a t s ju cee H a ily nn M a y Eli an a O age 12 H a ily nn R a g H a zelto n e8 Se Ha bla Esp a o l Smiles 4 Kids 1 2 Page Horizontal 208 734 7415 1411 Falls Ave E 1000C Twin Falls www smiles4kidsidaho com A l l i n s u r a n c e s w e l c o m e i n cl u d i n g M e d i c a i d N o r e f e r r a l s n e e d e d Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentists November 2022 7

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KIDS IN THE KITCHEN Chefs in Training Getting Children Involved in the Kitchen Engaging children in the kitchen depending on their age and skill level can be a bonding experience for families All children can help with menu planning and grocery shopping Younger children can assist with a variety of simple tasks from setting the table to mixing ingredients Older children can prepare simple snacks and dishes themselves No matter what age your children are working with them in the kitchen can motivate them to try new and healthier foods Tips for Involving Younger Children Another way for your kids to get involved in the kitchen Invite your child to Pick out at least one new fruit or vegetable to try when shopping Wash fruits and vegetables try the Dunkin Veggies Rinse canned beans try the Peanut Butter Hummus Measure dried pasta beans vegetables etc try the Buttons and Bows Pasta Add premeasured ingredients to recipes try the Make Your Own Snack Mix Stir ingredients try the Fruit Skewers With Yogurt Dip Mash potatoes with a masher try the Shepherd s Pie Stuff ingredients into a pita pocket try the Empa apita Assemble food try the Bruschetta or Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes Crumble cheese try the Bowtie Pasta With Chicken Broccoli and Feta FREE KIDS COOKING CLUB REGISTER TODAY Acton Academy 1 4 Page Vertical 8 www southernidahokids com

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KIDS IN THE KITCHEN Tips for Involving Older Children Invite your child to Peel and slice carrots cucumbers potatoes etc try the Wow y Maui Pasta Salad Pour batter onto the griddle try the Oatmeal Pecan Waffles or Pancakes Flip pancakes try the Spinach and Corn Pancakes Form meatballs try the Turkey and Beef Meatballs With Whole Wheat Spaghetti Coat chicken strips in egg and cereal batter try the Crunchy Chicken Fingers With Tangy Dipping Sauce Clean countertop surfaces and utensils Slice tomatoes try the Watermelon and Tomato Salad Thread food onto skewers try the Grapesicles Help make fresh roasted red peppers used in multiple recipes Make a side dish try the Broccoli and Cheese Make his or her own meal try the Pita Pizzas Scan this code with your phone to view these kid friendly recipes Source Chefs in Training Getting Children Involved in the Kitchen HHS National Institutes of Health National Heart Lung and Blood Institute TAKE IT SLOW Many kids move to the next car seat too soon YOUR COMPLETE WELLNESS RECOVERY CENTER Float Magic 1 4 Page New Service Vertical We are so excited to announce that we are offering salt therapy also known as halotherapy at Float Magic Come in and IDOT 1 4 Page Vertical spend some time relaxing in our new salt cave and enjoy benefits that include improved respitory and skin health as well as stress and anxiety reduction 152 2nd Ave S Twin Falls ID 83301 www floatmagic com NHTSA Shift Idaho org ChildSafety NHTSA gov TheRightSeat November 2022 9

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE Music to their Ears A Look Inside our Music Classrooms In the Magic Valley elementary schools offer robust and vibrant music education programs These classrooms are often filled with a wide variety of instruments and learning materials In the Twin Falls School District you ll find bucket drumming ukulele guitar lessons choirs musical productions on stage multi cultural dances and everything in between Why exactly is music education important at such a young age Sawtooth Elementary Music Teacher and Twin Falls School District Elementary Music Department Chair Susanna Terry explained some of the overarching themes that students take away from her music classes A Systematic Reading of Characters Written music follows a systematic pattern much like the written English language Learning to follow along with the symbols how those symbols represent sounds and articulating those sounds either on an instrument or vocally helps reinforce skills children are using as they learn to read Learning the skill of interpreting symbols in this way not only helps with reading but also provides a base for students who go on to learn foreign languages Nonverbal Communication Music often expresses ideas or emotions without words As adults we can quickly interpret someone s mood or emotions by the tone of their voice but this is a learned skill In music classes children learn concepts of loud and soft and fast and slow that help them connect the music with the underlying meaning Gaining an understanding of these non verbal queues can help students better understand subtle differences in verbal communication and can help them be better communicators Music education is a unique opportunity to learn and demonstrate personal expression in a way that students may not otherwise know how to express Disconnecting and Resetting Your Brain As many adults know music can provide an escape in stressful situations increase motivation help calm or increase energy for the person experiencing the music In schools across the valley students are encouraged to gain an understanding of how different kinds of music make them feel and how to use music to their benefit Teachers see music classes as an opportunity for students to reset their brains as they get to make THANKFUL Ward 1 2 Page Horizontal We are THANKFUL for our patients and their families who have trusted us with their care and the opportunity we have to be part of this great community We hope you have many chances to express your gratitude this month Happy Thanksgiving from Ward Orthodontics Call Ward Orthodontics today for your complimentary exam 208 734 4314 wardorthodontics com TM wardortho 10 wardorthoidaho www southernidahokids com

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE more noise than they might in their traditional classroom Music classes provide students with time to be loud move around and learn through games This type of mental break helps students excel in other areas as well Research has shown that music helps students with reading and math skills Connecting with Different People Music is cross cultural and often serves as a common ground between people from a variety of backgrounds In the TFSD music classes provide an opportunity for all students to share and connect Music teachers bring in instruments that represent a diverse heritage from buffalo drums to maracas Some students might recognize instruments as part of their family s culture while others simply enjoy the opportunity to use sound as an expression These classes are often opportunities for special education students to participate with their peers at a whole new level Overall music provides students with an experience where everyone can learn and grow Leadership Teamwork and Personal Growth Music classes are filled with learning opportunities that allow students to develop in new ways In the music room students step out of their normal comfort levels Teachers integrate student participation in ways that allow for students to take leadership roles In many cases students lead activities while others participate with teammates all developing life skills that are needed Music classes give students a way to practice creativity and grow confident in their own ideas and talents Eva Craner Twin Falls School District Public Relations Director Check the MindBody App for Class Availability WOMANS CLASSES 2152 Village Park Ave Suite 200 Twin Falls Idaho 83301 more information at Cottage Dance Academy Reformer Pilates Ashtanga Yoga Dance Fitness Barre November 2022 11

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sponsored by CALENDAR OF EVENTS Children s clear vision M O N D AY S pediatric eyecare vision therapy Stem Make It Monday STORYTIMES 3 45 PM Jerome Public Library Join the library for a free STEM activity each week Baby Lapsit Storytime Twin Falls Public Library Tuesdays 11 00 AM Gill Jim will have everyone singing clapping and dancing together F R I D AY November 4 T U E S D AY S Elementary Club Storytime Family Halloween Carnival 4 00 PM 6 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Buhl Public Library Wednesdays except Nov 9 10 00 AM 6 00 PM 8 00 PM Heritage Assisted Living of TF November 1 Lego Club November 15 Art Studio November 22 Minecraft Club November 29 Free Build Storytime Jerome Public Library Wednesdays Fridays 10 00 AM Don t put those costumes away just yet Games cupcake walk face painting prizes lots of fun and refreshments You don t want to miss out T U E S D AY S November 1 15 Toddler Time Reptile Review Twin Falls Public Library Thursdays except Nov 3 24 10 30 AM 6 00 PM 7 00 PM Herrett Center CSI Campus Come learn about and see reptiles Preschool Storytime Craft S AT U R D AY November 5 Home Depot Kids Project 9 00 AM 12 00 PM Home Depot in Twin Falls Filer City Public Library Thursdays 1 00 PM T H U R S D AY Kids free building project on the first Saturday of each month Jim Gill Family Concert S AT U R D AY Preschool Storytime 10 30 AM 11 30 AM Twin Falls Public Library Kids Garage Sale November 3 Twin Falls Public Library Fridays except Nov 11 10 30 AM A family concert with celebrated children s musician and author Jim Children s clear vision November 5 8 00 AM 12 00 PM Jerome Recreation District Children s Clear Vision HUNDREDS 1 4 OF Page Sponsorship CALL T O DAY FU N FRAMES Horizontal pediatric eyecare vision therapy F L E X I B L E S P O RT S F R A M ES I N FA N T A D U LT C H I L D 5 6 8 F a l l s A v e Tw i n F a l l s 2 0 8 2 9 3 8 5 8 0 w w w c h i l d r e n s c l e a r v i s i o n c o m 12 www southernidahokids com S I Z E S

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS Kids ages 5 15 are invited to set up a spot to sell their items Items for sale must be children s items such as toys and clothes or homemade items by the child No adult items will be permitted The cost is 10 per booth space S AT U R D AY November 5 F R I D AY S November 11 25 LEGO Club 4 00 PM Filer Public Library The library will supply the space the LEGOs and the build sheet All you need to do is come build your masterpiece Free to the public kids ages 5 16 Children create a business make a booth and then sell to the public To apply for a booth or get more information go to mvkidmarket com M O N D AY November 14 Keep Your Fork There s Pie Family STEM Marble Roller Coaster S AT U R D AY 10 30 AM 11 30 AM Twin Falls Public Library 6 30 PM 7 30 PM Acton Academy in Twin Falls Idaho Family Reading Week Celebration Bring the family out for a night like no other FREE activities include pie making for each child up to 15 years old supplies provided Bring a pie to enter into the pie contest and or bring a pie to be auctioned off Proceeds go towards the scholarship fund Students are most grateful for your generosity Free bounce house Families can use tape pipes tubing and other building materials to build a cool roller coaster track for a marble At the end of the program everyone will take turns presenting their roller coaster to the group November 12 10 00 AM 2 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library November 7 12 Come by the library anytime from 10 00 AM 2 00 PM to celebrate Idaho Family Reading Week with a day full of family reading activities We ll have a scavenger hunt crafts activities and free books for everyone who participates Twin Falls Public Library S AT U R D AY M O N D AY S AT U R D AY Falling Leaves Math Game Elementary aged kids can come by the library anytime during the week of the 7th to play Falling Leaves a math game After they ve finished the activity they get a free book to take home and keep TitleOneCorp com November 25 26 Primitive Crafts November 12 Magic Valley Kid Market 10 00 AM 2 00 PM Twin Falls County Fairgrounds A vendor market run entirely by Title One 1 8 Page 1411 Falls Ave East Suite 1131 Horizontal 208 933 2650 F R I D AY S AT U R D AY 1 30 PM 4 30 PM CSI Herrett Center Free make and take activities fun for the whole family Epic Shine 1 8 Page Horizontal UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPS STARTING AT 20 MO MULTI CAR VETERAN DISCOUNTS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 221 POLE LINE RD E TWIN FALLS WWW EPICSH INE COM November 2022 13

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s p on s or ed b y HEALTH WELLNESS HEALTHYHABITS Holiday Media Diet for Kids Habits to encourage putting technology down during the holidays We all know that eating too much dessert is not very healthy Did you know that spending too much time on electronic devices computers tablets TVs smartphones and other devices can also impact health Too much screen time can lead to growth concerns poor sleep school problems and difficulty dealing with emotions The recommended goal for screen time use is less than one or two hours per day If you are using electronic devices more than that it is the perfect time to consider a media diet A media diet can also be helpful to ensure that any online activity that kids are doing is safe and appropriate for their age and development Here are some helpful things that you can try to prevent overindulgence with screen time Avoid using electronic devices at mealtime or bedtime As a family it can be helpful to put all devices away or plug them into a charging station to take a break Make a goal to do other activities that do not involve electronics regularly Things like sledding or other outdoor activities crafts reading or discovering a new hobby can be fun Set a timer when beginning screen time so you are not using the device longer than intended Do not keep TVs or other electronic devices in the bedroom Come up with a media use plan for your family Visit HealthyChildren org MediaUsePlan to create a personalized family media use plan Parents should supervise content that children are engaged with on a regular basis Keep the computer and other electronics use in a public part of your home so it is easy to track online activity and the amount of screen time Establish clear boundaries with what is or is not appropriate to do while using electronic devices Discuss cyberbullying and what to do if it occurs If you have any questions about how to plan a media diet in your household consult with your pediatrician for other helpful tips Sponsored by Patricia Conner NP St Luke s Family Medicine 14 www southernidahokids com

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PUZZLES GAMES THANKSGIVING SEEK FIND We are excited to announce the 2023 Winter Show Jump Co 1 4 Page Visit ourVertical website for audition information SUPER SAVERS Pioneer Credit Open1 4 a Super Star Youth Page Savings account today to build aVertical healthy financial future for your child Ages 2nd 12th Grade jumpcompanytwinfalls jumpcompany weebly com Membership required Federally Insured by NCUA November 2022 15

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TEACHER OF THE MONTH CSI Preschool Lab Twin Falls Jamie Bridges 1 0 Years in Education What is your favorite part about being a teacher My favorite part about teaching is sharing my passion for learning with young children I love when children get so excited about the little things It reminds us as adults that the little things can be more important than the big things Something your students might not know about you I have traveled around America and once I climbed a volcano A word of advice Get outside Children need a minimum of four hours outside EVERY day Children who grow to be healthy and happy adults need free play outside in nature building forts playing in mud exploring bugs or just watching the clouds Nominated by Kelsey Ms Jamie continually goes out of her way to form positive relationships with children and families She dedicates a lot of time to planning valuable fieldtrips and high quality learning activities to engage her curious active learners No amount of thank you s express adequate gratitude for what she does for the children and families she serves in our community The Teacher of the Month will receive a Pick Me Up gift card and a cookie party for their class To nominate a teacher visit www southernidahokids com nominate your teacher save 10 OFF DRINK COOKIE COMBO Expires November 30 2022 1879 Addison Ave E Twin Falls 208 410 4019 16 213 Cheney Dr W Suite 100 Twin Falls 208 410 7394 www southernidahokids com

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PODCAST HIGHLIGHT EPISODE 249 GUEST SPEAKER AMANDA FERRAIOLI TEACHING CHILDREN TO BE KIND My greatest hope for my children is that they will be kind I care way more about that than if they are academic or athletic musical or even responsible I just hope with all my heart that they will be good to the people around them to notice those who are left out or hurting and be the one to reach out a hand of friendship Maybe you also share this desire for your children Have you ever wondered like I have if kindness can be taught Do you just sort of have to cross your fingers and hope your kids end up with a naturally kind temperament or are there lessons and activities that we can do as a family that will increase the chances of them developing this trait This episode s guest is going to give us so many ideas of ways to build a culture of kindness and community involvement in our homes Amanda Ferraioli has been an elementary school teacher for 13 years and she also teaches yoga and mindfulness to children and adults Most importantly she is the parent to three amazing and active children ages 7 5 and 1 5 I m so grateful to Amanda for her time in sharing with our community about this super important topic Here are her 3 takeaways for us to be better at teaching our children to be kind Rachel Nielson is a mother and the host of a weekly podcast called 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms Each 30 minute episode features 3 doable takeaways for parents to try with their families that week Rachel currently lives in Hailey Idaho 1 Model self care and kindness for your little ones This means prioritizing filling your own bucket in addition to filling the buckets of others no matter how busy you are Show your kids what it looks like to care compassionately for yourself and talk compassionately to yourself When you model self respect for your kids they will better understand that ALL human beings deserve respect and kindness 2 Find new hobbies interests and organizations to donate your time to and most importantly let your child in on these interests Talk to them about how your work professionally or your hobbies and passion causes are blessing others lives and allow them to help you and feel a part of that I loved the visual of Amanda s children helping her to set up her classroom every year 3 Allow your child to see what it means to live in community by setting the example Reach out to your neighbors in big and small ways Notice people around you who need a helping hand and invite your children to join you in brainstorming how you might help If you want to take on a bigger project consider researching a cause together and doing a lemonade stand to raise money Or you could do something that is unique to your child s interests like the community lending library that adds to the feeling of community in your neighborhood To listen to more experts share their best strategies for creating more meaning in motherhood visit www 3in30podcast com Clearwater Dentistry 1 2 Page Horizontal November 2022 17

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s p on s or ed b y s p on s or ed b y HEALTH WELLNESS SPOTLIGHT What to do Lice Make sure to check everyone in the household for lice This can be done using a fine tooth comb and slowly combing through the hair in small sections looking for lice or nits Remember dandruff is easily brushed off the hair whereas nits tend to stick to the hair follicles making them harder to remove Head lice or pediculosis capitis is a tiny wingless and bloodsucking insect Lice is highly contagious especially in schools and day care centers It can also occur when people are living in close quarters such as nursing homes or military barracks Lice can live on a person for 30 days without treatment but can only live one day without a host person to live on Lice eggs known as nits usually hatch within one week Most cases of lice respond to over the counter shampoo products such as NIX Make sure to follow the instructions on the package This treatment should be repeated in 1 2 weeks After using the shampoo use a fine tooth comb and comb through the wet hair to remove any dead lice or nits What are the symptoms One symptom of lice is extreme scalp itching or you may even feel some tickling from the hair movement caused by the lice The best way to know if you have lice is to have someone look through the hair using a fine tooth comb slowly comb through the hair Adult lice are about the size of a sesame seed and are most commonly found at the nape of the neck or near the ears How do I get lice The next step is to wash all bedding clothes stuffed animals etc in hot soapy water and dry these items in high heat If you have items that are not able to go in the washer seal them in an airtight container for 2 weeks Don t forget to vacuum the floors and couches Lice is spread from one person to another by close contact It can also be spread by sharing bed sheets hats combs brushes or clothes Remember there is no connection between head lice and poor hygiene If over the counter treatments do not work or if you are unsure talk with your doctor Your doctor will be able to make a diagnosis and provide prescription strength shampoos or in some cases prescription medications taken by mouth Reference https www mayoclinic org diseases conditions lice symptoms causes syc 20374399 Hayley Matthews PA C OPEN 8AM TO 7PM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 208 736 7422 18 www picctf com We ve moved across from Walmart in Twin Falls www southernidahokids com

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BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS If your child is looking for something new read take a look at these suggestions from the Twin Falls Public Library If you or your child would like more suggestions come see us at the library Recommending titles and connecting the right book with the right reader is our favorite thing to do Preschool What is Chasing Duck by Jan Thomas In this silly book by beloved author Jan Thomas Duck s imagination gets the best of him when he asks his critter companions for help escaping a mysterious pursuer 4th 6th grade K 3rd grade Animal Facts by The Numbers by Steve Jenkins In this latest stunning informative reader in Steve Jenkins s By the Numbers series we dive deep into the world of animals and insects From the smallest known species of snake to the sleepiest mammals this book provides readers of all ages with the ultimate animal trivia knowledge 7TH GRADE Out of My Heart by Sharon M Draper Melody the huge hearted heroine of the prequel Out of My Mind is a year older and a year braver This summer she is going to camp a place where she can trek through a forest fly on a zip line and even ride on a horse By the light of flickering campfires and the power of thunderstorms through the terror of unexpected creatures in cabins and the first sparkle of a crush Melody s about to discover how brave and strong she really is The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Avery Grambs has a plan for a better future survive high school win a scholarship and get out But her fortunes change in an instant when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies and leaves Avery virtually his entire fortune The catch Avery has no idea why or even who Tobias Hawthorne is Caught in a world of wealth and privilege with danger around every turn Avery will have to play Tobias s game just to survive Onyx 1 4 Page Vertical MV Pediatric 1 4 Page Vertical November 2022 19

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PUZZLES GAMES W H I C H T R A I L L E A D S T H E T U R K E Y T O T H E F E A S T AT T H E E N D Summit Dental NO DENTAL INSURANCE 1 4 Page Vertical We now have a savings plan for the whole family call us for details 208 733 9999 285 Canyon Crest Drive Twin Falls ID www summitdentalsmiles com 20 www southernidahokids com Dr Jill 1 4 Page Vertical Dr Jill Adepoju DC 30 OFF FIRST VISIT EXCLUDES MEDICARE AND MEDICAID 788 Eastland Drive Ste B Twin Falls Idaho 208 734 3030 www drjillfamilychiro com

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RESTAURANT GUIDE best part of the workout is the recovery firsstt boo FREE orange c booster smoothie 330 cal BUY ANY SMOOTHIE OR BOWL AND GET A KIDS SMOOTHIE FREE At Jamba Twin Falls only no other discounts apply EXPIRES 11 30 2022 B UY O N E C O MBO GET O N E 1 2 O FF E Q U AL O R LE S S E R VALU E 1 2 8 8 B L U E L A K E S B LV D N T W I N F A L L S Download the Jamba app to order ahead or for delivery 2020 Jamba Juice Franchisor SPV LLC All Rights Reserved Great Harvest 1 8 Page Horizontal 1886 Addison Ave E Twin Falls 208 733 7171 www daisystwinfalls com BUY A CLOWN SUNDAE GET ONE 1 2 OFF FREE Great Harvest GIANT COOKIE 1 8 Page Horizontal Expires 11 30 22 Valid at Great Harvest Twin Falls ID www twinfallsid greatharvestbread com 727 Blue Lakes Blvd N Twin Falls ID 208 329 6253 Bread The way it ought to be Best place to hangout in Twin Falls BUY ONE GET ONE 50 OFF OFFER EXPIRES 11 30 22 1778 HARRISON ST TWIN FALLS 208 734 2977 DEEP FRIED SUSHI xxx FRIED NOODLES 1 8 Page HorizontalSOUP LOCATED INSIDE 2ND SOUTH MARKET 2 1 0 2 N D AV E S T W I N FA L L S ONE GET TBUY Time ONE 1 2 OFF 1 8 Page B O B A T EHorizontal A S S P E C I A LT Y D R I N K S ON ALL SODA BASED DRINKS OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE 822 BLUE LAKES BLVD N TWIN FALLS 208 933 2777 Offer expires 12 31 2022 Present this coupon for a discount Valid one per person Cannot be combined with any other offers ADVERTISE YOUR xxx RESTAURANT ON THIS PAGE 1 8 Page Horizontal EMAIL JULIE SOUTHERNIDAHOKIDS COM November 2022 21

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FOR MORE DELICIOUS THINGS TO MAKE VISIT w w w o h s o d e l i c i o s o c o m ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS INGREDIENTS 1 cups washed and dried pumpkin seeds 2 Tablespoons melted butter or coconut oil sea salt seasoning salt INSTRUCTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Separate pumpkin seeds from pulp and rinse Spread on towel and let dry Toss in melted butter or coconut oil Spread on baking sheet in single layer Sprinkle sea salt and your favorite seasoning salts Bake at 350 for 15 minutes until golden brown Let cool and eat Seeds will stay fresh in an airtight container for one week Rapids 1 4 Page Vertical LITTLES ACADEMY FOR AGES 3 5 YOUTH ACADEMY FOR AGES 5 8 WITH LOCAL WEEKDAY GAMES EMAIL US AT RAPIDSSC GMAIL COM OR FIND US ON FACEBOOK COMPETITIVE AGES 10 18 L E A R N M O R E O R R E G I S T E R AT WWW TWINFALLSRAPIDS COM 22 www southernidahokids com HELP US FILL THE SLEIGH FOR FOSTER KIDS Toy Town 1 4 Page Vertical SAVE 10 OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE 1 0 W E E K S O F C H R I S T M A S 100 SHOPPING SPREE GIVEN AWAY EACH WEEK COME IN FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN 1236 BLUE LAKES BLVD N TWIN FALLS

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PHOTO CORNER DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN OUR PHOTO CORNER Submit your photo online at www southernidahokids com submit photo CSI 1 4 Page Vertical REIMAGINE PEDIATRICS Frontier 1 4 Page Vertical CAN YOU IMAGINE Same day visits just walking in to get help Personal service from locals you consider friends Top notch quality care for your child Kids actually having fun at the doctors office At Frontier Pediatrics Partners we are Reimagining Pediatric Excellence CALL US TODAY 208 595 5095 November 2022 23

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CLEARSOURCE W E A R E G R AT E F U L F O R T H E K I D S A N D FA M I L I E S W E G E T T O W O R K W I T H H E R E A R E A F E W F U N G A M E S T O P R O M O T E S P E E C H A N D L A N G U A G E D E V E L O P M E N T Clear Source 1 2 Page Horizontal 1 A l pha bet G a me H el p yo u r ch i l d f i n d i t em s i n yo u r h o m e t h at s t art wit h each l etter of the a l p h ab et K eep t rack o f t h e i t em s l et t ers y o u f in d In v it e s ib lin g s to j oi n a nd s ee w h o can co m p l et e t h e al p h ab et t h e f as t es t 2 H i de a nd Seek wi t h Wo rd s H i d e card s t h ro u g h o u t t h e h o u s e wit h word s pi ctures on the m H ave yo u r ch i l d l o o k f o r t h e cards Wh en t h ey f in d o n e h av e them s a y i t out l o u d o r u se i t i n a sen t en ce 3 B ea ch B a l l G a m e Wri t e q u est i o n s o n a b each b al l To s s it b ack an d f ort h an d ta ke turns wi th yo u r ch i l d an s w eri n g w h i ch ever q ues t io n t h e p lay er s t h u mb l a nds on C O M E S E E U S AT O U R NEW LO C AT I ON 392 FALLS AVE IN TWIN FALLS 208 749 3475 W W W C L E A R S O U R C E T H E R A P Y C O M FHSID ORG CARE THEY NEED Family Health CARE YOUServices CAN AFFORD MEDICAL DENTAL BEHAVIORAL PHARMACY 1 2 Page SICK VISITS Horizontal I MMU N I Z A T I O N S DENTAL SERVICES WE L L C H I L D E X A MS SPORTS PHYSICALS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH TWIN FALLS BUHL JEROME KIMBERLY BURLEY RUPERT BELLEVUE FAIRFIELD Follow us southernidahokids