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Special Oers for November 2016
This month we have een varied and tempng oers for you to choose
The selecon includes three fresh sh oers , game meat, a great
selecon of lled pastas and two exceponal oers from Speciality
Breads, you’ll nd everything you need on the following pages including
details of our new minimum order level.
If you’d like to have a friendly chat about this months special oers or
any of the other products we stock give us a call on 01484 548975
The Worlds First Oysters Guaranteed Norovirus Free
Pyefleet Pure
£18.75 basket of 25
Oysters have always been a high risk food and understandably
many restaurants have been nervous about selling them. At last
following years of development a completely natural method of
puricaon has been invented that guarantees you can serve these
Oysters totally condent that your customers and your reputaon
are safe.
Fully tested and supported by CEFAS and Public Health England
Exclusive to Sailbrand
From December 1st our new minimum
order level will be £50. Give us a call on
01484 548975 and we’ll give you the full
details and we’ll help you to get the
products you want, when you want,
on me, every me!
Three great oers
from Sealedpack
10 Dorade Fillets 100-140gm £15.50 tray
10 Small Cod Loins 140-160gm £21.50 tray
10 Haddock Fillets 170-200gm £17.50 tray
Simply the most convenient way ever to buy fresh fish
Pack of 2 x 280-340 gm
Fresh Barbary Duck Legs
Also known as the Muscovy Duck these
birds are leaner than a lot of other breeds.
Renowned for their plump, rm meat
£3.70 pack of 2
2.5kg bag Diced Mixed Game Meat £15.00
2.5kg bag Diced Venison £15.00
Frozen fresh to guarantee availability!
Fresh game
the season.
Call us on
01484 548975
for todays
Available throughout November 2016 whilst stocks last. Subject to change without
notice. Pictures are for illustration only, offers based on full retail price
Special oers for November 2016
Not one but two great special oers from the nice people at Speciality Breads this month
Defrost & Serve Glazed Brioche Buns normally £22.95 in November £17.00 45 x 90gm buns
Defrost & Serve Mixed Dinner Rolls normally £22.25 in November £17.00 100 x 35gm rolls
Restaurant Quality Filled Pasta
Maitre Andre Fresh Buer
Pu Pastry Roll
Made from the freshest ingredients Maitre Andre fresh Buer Pu Pastry is of
the highest quality available. Simple and convenient to use simply take from the
fridge cut to length and instantly start your creave
preparaon. 3.5mtrs in length and 40cm wide
Divella Fresh Potato Gnocchi
Made in Puglia, Italy using tradional ingredients Divella Potato
Gnocchi is so, rich and easy to cook. Works great with just about any
style of Italian sauce. Conveniently packed in a
500gm pack with 12 packs to the box. Keep in your
store cupboard, no need to refrigerate.
£1 o in November £8.99 for 12 packs
All in 1kg bags and for
November all one great price
Wild Mushroom Ravioli
Ricoa & Parmesan Agnolo
Spinach & Ricoa Giali
Lobster Ravioli
cooks from
frozen in
Fancy a friendly chat? Call us on 01484 548975