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Created for Mrs. William's English class.

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Niobium Hero's Journey


       Niobium, not the most well know of them all, but a wise young man nonetheless. While the element of Niobium is sitting on the side of the bed, his mother bursts in the room sobbing, saying that the radioactive elements are becoming unstable and rising to the surface! They are attacking all the good elements and destroying the world. He says that he’s too weak to do anything about it, and he decides to hide in the basement. Soon he realizes that he’s being a coward and decides to join the fight against the bad elements, as the humans can’t do anything about it. Niobium says that he’ll do what he can to help in the fight against the radioactive materials.


        In the fight against the radioactive elements, he’s led into a deep, dark cave that contains the most deadly of all of the radioactive elements. He decides not to turn back and delve into the cave, but he is stopped by a new element, silver. Silver says that he shouldn't go into the cave and that he should stay where it is safe. Niobium ignores Silver, but silver is determined to help, so she follows Niobium into the void.


        They find a weird thing that looks like iron but has some

weird extra things on it, and it starts to attack them! Silver says that the radioactive elements started to infect the other ones. At the deepest part of the crevice, they see a huge monster lurking around a darkened corner, and they’re reluctant at first, but they approach. The monster pins Silver to the ground with one hand and Niobium down with the other. Niobium uses his magnetic hands to attract some of the non corrupt iron and uses it to repel the monster.



        On the way back, he was thinking about why he even went, what the point was, and he thought about all the people he saved. While he never got anything that he could see, he had the knowledge of helping lots of people and taking down one of the most evil monsters in all the world.


      The End