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Saving Our Environment 


 Author: Nikita Sharon Warren

If we don´t start to look after our planet now our future generations will suffer. Do we really want a world that's uninhabitable? Do we want our children and their children to have to deal with the consecuences of our actions? One way of reducing the risk to them would be to save water, only use it when necessary instead of wasting it. There are people less privileged than ourselves who have to walk miles daily just for a glass of clean water. Just think about it...

Another great way to help our environment would be to use recycled paper. Paper comes from trees which are cut down just to serve our selfish uses. Major companies are destroying rainforests, animal habitats and most importantly our oxygen supply so we may write, use it for toilet purposes and even use it as currency. We can aid by switching to recycled paper.

All over our planet people are going hungry. I mean literally starving to death. Major corporations such as supermarkets throw away ridiculous amounts of food daily because of "deformations" and "sell by dates". 99% of the time the food they throw is perfectly edible! No-one should be made to go hungry. Rich or poor it doesn't matter. If only these corporations were made to donate their "imperfect" food to those in need and we showed people how to sustain themselves by growing crops then we would all benefit and the needy would stop starving.

I believe it should be made illegal to dump or unload toxins and chemicals from airplanes for us to breathe in. The has been evidence linking chemtrail toxins to life threatening illnesses including cancer. So why hasn't this practise been stopped? Why not ask our so called government?

Chemtrails. The meaning of this word is toxins dumped from planes for us to breathe in.

I guess all I want to say to you is use your mind. Think before polluting. Think before leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth. The little things we take for granted seem insignificant to us now but I can assure you our future generations will feel the full effect of our negligence. Please educate yourself and everyone around you on the importance of caring for our environment. If you don't, who will?...