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Executive Summary


For some time now, Nike has dominated the athletic shoe industry, but not limited to, they have opened their brand in other aspects of the industry as well. Apparel and workout accessories have been added to their assembly line but yet their top sales come from their shoes. Nike has always been an advocate for athletics but it’s time they reposition their company around promoting the general welfare of consumers actually getting fit and providing more products that could potentially help consumers in weight loss  and getting fit. Waist trainers have become a quite useful product  while working out and help to decrease stubborn body fat. If Nike were to open its market to manufacturing  waist trainers for the use of men and women, it could ultimately create a new domination of an existing product on the market. Not only will waist trainers bring more revenue to the brand, it will also open up a new aspect in the Nike industry. Nike will be expanding their brand into the aspect of producing weight training products. Since Nike holds a recognisably stable brand, there is no doubt about what waist trainers will do for the company.



The company of Nike was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, a Japanese distributor of the shoe creator Asl Knightics in 1964. It was not until 1971 when Nike was branded and began its market endeavour. The company was founded by Phi, a Poland track and field runner, and Knight’s coach, Bill Bowerman. With Bowerman’s efforts to enhance his team’s performance, in his free time he would craft various combinations of shoes. Although many of Bowerman’s attempts failed, Knight went on to complete a degree in finance at Stanford University where he completed an assignment that suggested Japan enter the shoe manufacturing market to compete with German produced brands. Knight’s efforts in persuading Japan to enter the market went unnoticed and he took it upon himself to have shoes shipped to himself which he would sell locally. Once Knight had things moving off the ground he turned to his former coach as a potential consumer but instead Bowerman offered to join Knight. Business began to grow over the following years since the start of business and after nearly a year the company had reached about $20,000 in sales. In 1971, Nike began manufacturing its first own line of shoes, a lightweight training shoe, which was debut in the 1972 Track and Field Trials. With business rapidly growing, Nike continues to supply the market with new innovations of their shoes. By 1982 Nike became the leading competitor of the shoe industry for the production of athletic and training shoes. Nike’s industry didn't stop its growth there. Nike began producing apparel and cross-training accessories, endorsing public figures like Michael Jordan, and began sponsoring international and national sport teams.

Company Background

Nike’s primary focus of its products has been geared towards athletic footwear and have expanded its brand into other aspects of the industry. These products included into Nike’s market fall in categories of the following: running, basketball, cross-training, outdoor activities, tennis, golf ,soccer, baseball, football, bicycling, volleyball ,wrestling, cheerleading, and aquatic activities. Considering the various types of shoes Nike offers, it has served as the primary reason for the growth of the company. As for other products that appeal to weight loss training, Nike does not offer a large variety of products that capture this particular industry. The size of Nikes industry has experienced constant growth. During the year 1998, Nike consumers spent nearly $35 billion on athletic shoes totaling out to a whopping 1.1billion pairs of shoes. In that same year Nike’s average wholesale of athletic shoes totaled out to $8.7 billion accounting for almost 35% of athletic shoe purchases. In the athletic shoe industry Nike holds a market share revenue of 47.1% compared to another leading competitor, Adidas, holding  35.6% in market share revenue together theses two companies dominated the entire athletic footwear industry at 82.8%. Supply is another industry aspect that has a significant role. Majority of the companies that are contracted and produce goods in the footwear and apparel industry are distributed from Asia.  The four most common countries that produce these goods are manufactured in China, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. Majority of Nike’s footwear products are produced in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia holding a number of percentages of their brand supplies. Nike has also created agreements with other countries such as Brazil and Mexico, just to name a few, that sell their products in local markets. Seasonality also affect industry profits. During the third quarter of the year Nike experience higher growth in sales granted sport activities commence in the cooler month and carry out through the remainder of the year. The demand for sportswear and footwear are at an all time high with national football and basketball leagues starting their season. Sponsorships are also another big aspect of the Nike industry that create a driving demand for products. Nike sponsors pro star athletes which ultimately drives the demand for Nike products up because of the consumers who are sports fans. Just to name  few, Nike sponsor pro athletes like basketballer Michael Jordan, soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, and many more prominent athletes with high volume fan base.



Competition in the athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment industry is vast worldwide. Nike along competes internationally amongst a number of companies that also provide athletic footwear, leisure apparel, sports equipment and companies holding diverse  products of athletic footwear. These companies include Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan, and Puma. Important aspects that the Nike industry include performance and reliability, product quality, innovation and development, and consumer value and price. Nike also use marketing techniques such advertising promotions to better capture the attention of their consumers and beat out the competition. Customer service is another aspect that play a key role in Nike having a better industry against the competition. Providing great customer service to its consumers allow Nike to continue to dominate the industry because consumers have a high demand for consistent and reliable customer service. With the use of endorsements and sponsorships, Nike use these to extended the consumers of their brand. Prominent athletes, teams, colleges, and sports leagues use the Nike brand because of the value the brand hold; as for Nike, this extends the demand of its products not just limited to general consumers.  Nike also offers its brand on more platforms than a retail store setting. Their products and services are also offered online giving the advantage of sales revenue in two divisions under one entire brand.

Who's the Competition?

  • Nike is the number one competitor and dominantes the athletic footwear industry. The shoes manufactured come in a variety of styles for various sports such as basketball, baseball, football, tennis, and volleyball.

  • Nike is great at market research and development to ensure what appeals to its consumers. Nike is also a high-end market with prices falling in middle to low price ranges giving them the push they  need to continue to dominate the industry and broaden their product span.

  • Being a global brand, Nike’s “Swoosh” is easily recognisable.

  • Nike is innovative in producing new top quality products that will continue to contribute to their market share.

  • Nike considers fashion savvy products. Appealing to a variety of consumers is Nike’s top focus and they are a success at this through marketing strategies such as differentiation. New product development is always the priority of  Nike but they have now made fashion another priority in their industry.

  • Nike offers its products in over 180 countries and have several retail platforms to sell their product such as outlet stores, footwear stores, and other local markets worldwide.
  • Pricing is a main concern of the company because Nike being a high quality brand have to have higher prices to produce the quality of their products they are trying to achieve.

  • New facilities internationally have been said to be a weakness of the company because although they comply with local standard, they have not always met the standards set by the United States.

  • Corporate objectives have not been established overall by Nike. Nike’s objectives are immeasurable of time and implementation of executing programs that will meet the company’s objective.
  • The United States strong economy allows Nike to benefit well in the athletic footwear and apparel industry because the demand is high for high quality products.

  • The research and development area of Nike’s industry is ever changing because trends are also ever changing so production has to be a constant improvement.

  • Product development offer opportunities for Nike and its consumers because although the brand is represented as an athletic brand its products are not only intended for athletic wear but also for fashion wear.

  • Global events and campaigns who support the Nike brand offer the opportunity of global brand recognition.

  • Nike brand alone is prominent and with Nike extending their product category and producing new products higher in quality other than athletic footwear and apparel will offer Nike the opportunity to increase sales profits.









  • The industry of athletic footwear and apparel is competitive as is and competition could drive out Nike’s market share.

  • Inflation in the economy could cause consumers to cut-back spending on Nike products.

  • Pricing in the Nike brand are tailed on the more expensive end and consumers seeking to buy the brand may only seek out the discounted inventory.

  • Consumers may seek other brands for new and fresh products by other manufacturers.



tatement of PURPOSE

The purpose of this campaign is to extend the brand of Nike and start a new fresh campaign that consumers will find highly beneficial in supporting the promotion of the general welfare of health. Nike repositioning its campaign to promoting consumers will actually show its consumers that they do not only care about consumers have products suitable for getting fit but also providing those products that will allow consumer to be motivated to get and look fit. A great asset for Nike would be to start a get fit campaign. Nike would also need to launch a new product, a waist trainer, helping consumers to get fit. Innovators of waist trainers have introduced the product only a couple of years back so this is the perfect opportunity for  Nike to recreate and brand their own. With the proper and creative campaign techniques, Nike could be a success in their campaign and produce another hit product on the market.

  • Success of a new product:  Bringing Nike Waist Trainers to the Nike market will hope to increase sales of the company and be of high demand for the consumer. Nike Trainers will  not only accumulate revenue for the company but also dominate the product industry of waist trainers.

  • Get Fit Campaign: Granted Waist Trainers are for the benefit of active use and weight loss purposes Nike Trainers will allow prospective consumers the opportunity to boost their weight loss momentum. Nike will encourage all people to get physically fit using the the Nike Trainer to help slim waist and eliminate stubborn body fat.

  • Dominate the Product Industry: Nike, being a prominent industry for athletic footwear and apparel will take on a new product such as the Nike Trainers. This allows Nike to not limit its products to just apparel and footwear but also waist trainers, and with a good brand recognition as Nike has, this will allow them to beat out the leading competitors that are currently selling waist trainers. 


Objective I

Increase the awareness of Nike waist trainers and introduce them on the market as a new and improved product.  


Strategy I


Host an event to educate prospective consumers about Nike waist trainers and underline the potential benefits waist trainers contribute to a person’s overall health.


Rationale:  Through primary research there has not been any release of information on Nike Waist trainers as a new product.


Tactic 1:  Host a Press conference that will introduce waist trainers to the market.

Tactic 2:  Host a Launch Party event to present the launch of Nike’s new waist trainer product.
Tactic 3: Create a vast mailing list that will notify consumers about the new product launch. 


Public Relations


The Master Plan

Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

Objective II


Target individual age groups to promote the Nike Waist Trainers.


Strategy I


Create an overall campaign appealing to set age groups to better capture the attention of consumers.


Rationale:  Consumers should feel targeted that a product is specifically for them.


Tactic 1:  Host an event for the overall Nike Get Fit Campaign where there will be a panel of people from each targeted age group to speak on Nike waist trainers.


Objective III


Promote the general welfare of health and fitness


Strategy 1


Sponsor events that will invite people out to get physically engaged.


Rationale:  Day to day people are looking for opportunities to get in shape but some are afraid to do it alone and need a motivational push.


Tactic 1:  Host a Nationwide Get Fit event in various states to engage people in the campaign.


Tactic 2: Distribute flyers about the Get Fit Campaign.


Tactic 3:  Sponsor various Gyms such as Goldman's Gym, Planet Fitness, Etc.


Objective I


Create advertising on various platforms to raise awareness to the Get Fit Campaign


Strategy 1


Create Advertisements to inform about the overall campaign.


Rationale:  Using more than one platform for advertising will increase the general awareness of the campaign.


Tactic 1: Use Banners at Sporting events such as Basketball, Football and other sports games presenting the message of getting fit as advertised by Nike.


Tactic 2:  Use Bill Boards that show endorsed celebrities to give the message of getting fit.


Tactic 3:  Use Advertisements on local transit systems.


Tactic 4:   Post flyers around athletic facilities such as Recreation Centers, Gyms, Campus Recreation Facilities, &  Schools.



Objective II


Create Advertisement effective for the success of the launch of Nike Waist Trainers.


Strategy 1


Create advertisements  to inform about the launch of Nike Waist trainers and promote their new existence on the market.


Rationale:  In order to contribute to a successful launch, Nike should promote on various platforms to raise awareness about Nike Waist Trainers and their benefits.


Tactic 1:  Sponsor Nike Waist Trainers Ads on social media such as Twitter, Instagram & create a Facebook Fitness Page that features the product providing consumer videos and other fitness tips.


Tactic 2:  Run Television Commercials featuring endorsed Celebrities, particularly Athletes, using the Nike Waist Trainer as a part of fitness activities.


Objective I


Promote Nike Trainers to be of phenomenal growth in sales.


Strategy 1


Create accessibility for Trainer to be sold in stores as well as online.


Rationale: Accessibility offers consumer demands to be met easier.


Tactic 1:  Sale Nike Trainers in Nike outlet stores and other athletic apparel and footwear stores.


Tactic 2: Sale Nike Trainers online, offered by various vendors.


Sales & Marketing


Objective II


Boost Promotional offer with Nike Waist trainers.


Strategy 1

Offer various promotional offers along with Nike Waist Trainers.


Rationale: Consumers tend to accept offers more when offered with other products or offer a good promotional deal.


Tactic 1:  Offer Nike Waist Trainers in a Fitness Pack featuring other nike products such as water bottles, a fitness T-shirt and supplemental nutrition sponsored by Gatorade.


Tactic 2:  Offer a percentage off of retail value of Nike Waist Trainers when consumers sign up for reward cards or spend a certain amount on specified products in the promotion.


Tactic 3: Create a mailing list providing prospective consumers deals and promotions on Nike Waist Trainers.


Tactic 4:  During the Get Fit Campaign offer a free give away to the first 125 people to register for the event.


Nike World Headquarters ™

Just Do It

One Bowerman Drive

Beaverton, OR 97005





Nike Launches New Get Fit Campaign debuting new Nike Waist Trainer.


Beaverton, OR (Dec. 01, 2016)-  Nike is excited to launch its new “Get Fit” campaign debuting the launch of its newest product, Nike Waist Trainers. In effort of a successful campaign, Nike plans to raise awareness among prospective consumers promoting the general welfare of health and getting fit while using our new product.


Through several tactics Nike plan to implement and execute various programs and events to better promote the “Get Fit” campaign. For starters Nike will be hosting a press conference to debut the Nike Waist Trainers and provide information to the media about Nike Waist Trainers and their overall health benefit.


Nike also plan to host a launch party for the debut of Nike Waist Trainers which celebrity endorsees will be in attendance to help promote the product. This is expected to raise more awareness about our featured product and give prospective consumers the initial chance to be introduced to the product before it hits the market.


To better assist in the success of the overall “Get Fit” campaign, Nike will be hosting a nationwide physical fitness event across the United States. This event will take place in several states and is to create a high volume of consumers for the product by getting people in the community to engage in physical activities while using the Nike Waist Trainer product.


It is our hope that this campaign will be a complete success and motivate all people nationwide  to get physically fit and use our product to benefit their fit desires.


For more information about the Nike Waist Trainers and our other products visit our website at




November 17, 2016

Nike Launch New ‘Get Fit’ Campaign


The company of Nike was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, a Japanese distributor of the shoe creator Asics in 1964. It was not until 1971 when Nike was branded and began its market endeavour. The company was founded by Phil Knight, a Poland track and field runner, and Knight’s coach, Bill Bowerman. In 1971, Nike began manufacturing its first own line of shoes, a lightweight training shoe, which was debut in the 1972 Track and Field Trials. Nike’s primary focus of its products has been geared towards athletic footwear and have expanded its brand into other aspects of the industry. These products included into Nike’s market fall in categories of the following: running, basketball, cross-training, outdoor activities, tennis, golf ,soccer, baseball, football, bicycling, volleyball ,wrestling, cheerleading, and aquatic activities.


As for the campaign itself, introducing  waist trainers would be a new aspect of the Nike industry. Waist Trainers have been a popular new thing on the market for consumers to use when engaged in physical activities. Nike is taking on a new opportunity to dominate another sector of an existing industry. Although Nike manufactures similar products such as weight belts, the waist trainer is specifically designed to fit around the core and contribute to the secretion of sweat. Waist trainers help reduce body fat through the high extortion of sweat which also helps to ultimately sculpt the core area.


Nike World Headquarters ™
One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005
Headquarters: 503.671.6453 Corporate Matters: 1-800-344-6453



November 17, 2016



Nike’s new featured product is the Nike Waist Trainer. Waist Trainer have been on the market for quite some time now and are for the sole purpose of athletic training and personal training. Waist Trainers are a benefit to personal health because they are a tool use to decrease body fat in the abdominal area and help to sculpt the core areas when used regularly.  Waist Trainers are adjustable fit bands that fit around the core area and help the body exort more perspiration in the abdomen area contributing to body fat loss.



The intended use of waist trainers are for adults and teenage adolescents in general. Obesity and other health related reasons to get physically fit do not just lie with older people but also in young people as well. Waist Trainers are to be used among as wide age group to ensure that anyone can achieve their desired weight loss.



The ‘Get Fit’ Campaign will take several months to fully achieve desired goals set within the campaign but over the course of the entire campaign several tactics have been set to execute to better achieve the goals that have been set.



This campaign is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness among citizens of the United States.  Although many of the tactics will be executed within the states, our hope is that this will reach an international level of awareness granted all of our products and services are offered internationally.



Launching a new product offers many different ways to communicate with the public to raise awareness about the featured product. As for this particular campaign, Nike plans to use social media, host events including a press conference and product launch party, and also endorse prominent celebrity figures that will have a great influence on prospective consumers.

Fact Sheet

Are you tired of stubborn belly fat?

It’s time to reshape your fitness with the Nike Waist Trainer.

It fits nicely around your core and guaranteed to decrease body fat.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today so you can reshape your fitness for tomorrow.




Nike was successful in bringing Nike Waist Trainers to the Nike market. With the launch of the Nike Waist Trainers they helped contribute to sales increase of the company and are a high demand product for consumers. Nike Trainers have dominate the new product segment industry of waist trainers and have reached phenomenal growth in sales. Granted Waist Trainers are for the benefit of active use and weight loss purposes, Nike Trainers have allowed prospective consumers the opportunity to boost their weight loss momentum. As previously stated, Nike, being a prominent industry for athletic footwear and apparel took the challenge of introducing a new product such as the Nike Waist Trainers. This allowed Nike to not limit its products to just apparel and footwear but also open its market to waist trainers, and granted our company has immediate brand recognition, this has allowed the company to beat out the leading competitors that are currently selling waist trainers. Since the initial start of the introduction phase of the product life cycle, Nike has greatly increase the awareness of the waist trainers. Nike also wanted to better capture its consumers, so by targeting individual age groups to promote the Nike Waist Trainers has been effective in awareness and sales among various age groups. Through this campaign, Nike has also done a job well done in promoting the general welfare of health and fitness.