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Night Driving

50% of teen crash deaths occur between 6pm and 6am 

Crashes due to lack of visibility (because dark) and lack of response (because fatigue and inexperienced )

Average 62% of fatal teen crashes occurred on rural roadways and an average of 53% of the fatal crashes occurred between 6 pm – 6 am

Young drivers have a higher risk of falling asleep behind the wheel

70% of teens surveyed admitted to driving tired, 50% reported actually falling asleep or nearly falling asleep at the wheel citing

why is night driving dangerous for inexperienced drivers?

Get your vision checked regularly ( make sure you can see in the dark clear enough )

Keep your headlights clean and bright

keep your windshield clean

Dim the lights on your dash ( bright interior lights can hinder your visibility of things outside your vehicle)

Drive at a slower speed than usual 

Don't stare at oncoming lights

tips for driving at night

when to use High Beams

rural or poorly lit roads

extreme weather ( daytime )

when to use Low beams

night time/ when its dark

heavy rain, snow, sleet, or flog

High Beams vs. Low Beams


enhanced headlight bulbs

anti-glare sunglasses 

fog lights

Technology used to advance driving safely