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Nutrition Booklet- Vending Machine Snacks


By: Nick Rabe


  • -  Carbohydrates are sugars and starches

  • -  They are the main source of energy for the body's muscle system

  • -  If too much sugar is eaten it turns from glycogen to fat

  • -  The largest percentage of carbs that should be in our diet is 55-60%

-  A carbohydrate has 4 calories per gram


-  most concentrated source of energy that we get from eating food

-  Essential Fats aren't made by our body so we must eat them to survive

-  Saturated fat can cause high cholesterol levels

-  Fats should not consume more than 30% of the body's caloric intake

-  Saturated fats can be found in tropical oils such as palm kernel and coconut oil 


-  Main building material for hair, skin, blood, nails, organs, and muscle

-  Made of 22 amino acids, 8 of which needed to be eaten because the body can't produce them

-  If an excessive amount of protein is consumed the liver stores it as fat

-  10-15% of our diet should be made up of protein

-  The word protein is derived from the Greek word "proteios" which means "primary"


-  Have no energy value but take part in metabolic actions

-  Help in development of body structures and turn fat and carbohydrates to energy

-  Too much vitamins can lead to toxic/poisonous levels

-  Experts advise that we take one multivitamin everyday

-  Polar bear liver is so rich in Vitamin A, that it can be fatal for humans if they eat it


-  70-80% of the body

-  Gives the body structure and form

-  Too much water can cause blood cells to burst

-  1/2 a gallon a day

-  Water is made up of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen


-  Made in environment, absorbed by plants and animals

-  They help with metabolism, biological reactions, water balance, hormone production, and bone development.

-  Minerals don't do anything bad for the body they are vital for the body's survival

-  No certain amount of minerals should be consumed

-  All foods are rich in minerals

Healthy- Wheat Thins

-  Nutrition--------------->

-  Wheat Thins are healthy because they have 22g of carbohydrates and low amounts of sugar and    saturated fat

-  gives energy but is a little salty

-  $2.56 (Walmart) 9.1oz

Unhealthy- Takis

-  Nutrition--------->

-  Takis are Unhealthy because they have 2.5g of saturated fat for 13 pieces and have 420mg of sodium

-  gives energy but has a ton of sodium

-  $2.48 (Walmart) 

Healthy- Planters Sunflower Kernals

-  Nutrition----------->

-  Full of healthy fats and fiber

-  Gives you energy and fiber helps you produce waste better

-  $1.58 (Walmart) 7.8 oz

Unhealthy- Drake's Apple Fruit Pie

-  Nutrition------------->

-  Has tons of saturated fat and lots of sugar

-  tastes good but gives a sugar high but then a low

-  $17.76 (Amazon)  16 oz

Healthy- Baked! Lays Original

-  Nutrition----------------->

-  Fiber filled and no saturated fat

-  tastes great and good source of energy

-  $2.98 (Walmart) 6.25 oz

Unhealthy- Austin's Cheese Crackers with Cheddar Cheese

-  Nutrition-------------->

-  Tons of Trans Fat and 2g of saturated fat

-  Gives energy but has to much bad fat

-  $1.98 (Walmart) 1.38 oz 8 count

Healthy- Sun Chips Original

-  Nutrition----------------->

-  Made of whole grains, tons of carbs

-  Good source of energy, low fat

-  $35.42 (Amazon) 1.5 oz 64 count

Unhealthy- Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry

-  Nutrition------------------>

-  Loads of sugar

-  Sugar high and low

-  $3.68 (Walmart) 29.3 oz 16 count

Healthy- Snyder's of Hanover Mini Pretzels

-  Nutrition----------------->

-  Naturally fat free, carbohydrates

-  Energy filled

-  $2.98 (Walmart) 16 oz

Unhealthy- Doritos

-  Nutrition------------->

-  Lots of calories for low amount of good ingredients

-  tastes good low energy provided

-  $3.98 (Walmart) 27 oz

Healthy- Smartfood Reduced Fat Popcorn

-  Nutrition--------------->

-  Low fat and has fiber

-  Tastes great, helps you produce waste better and gives lots of energy

-  $2.98 (Walmart) 8.5 oz

Unhealthy- Skittles

-  Nutrition----------------->

-  lots of calories and fat

-  Tastes good but low energy provided

-  $2.48 (Walmart) 14 oz

Healthy- Peanut M&Ms

-  Nutrition------------------>

-  More protein than other candies and some fiber

-  tastes good, nuts add protein

-  $3.48 (Walmart) 10.57 oz

Unhealthy- Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers

-  Nutrition-------------------->

-  No fiber, no protein

-  salty, tastes good

-  $2.88 (Walmart) 12.4 oz

Healthy- Nature Valley Granola Bar (Oats & Honey)

-  Nutrition-------------------->

-  Low saturated fat and has fiber

-  Beats hunger and gives energy

-  $4.98 (Walmart) 1.5 oz 12 count

Unhealthy- Ruffles Original

-  Nutrition-------------------->

-  Nothing but empty calories

-  Tastes good that is all

-  $2.98 (Walmart) 9 oz

Healthy- Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts

-  Nutrition----------------->

-  High in protein

-  Give energy and good to before/after exercise to build strong muscle

-  $5.98 (Walmart) 34.5 oz 

Unhealthy- Cheetos Crunchy

-  Nutrition---------------------->

-  Empty calories, no protein

-  Tastes good and that is all

-  $2.98 (Walmart) 8.5 oz

Healthy- Quaker Chewy Low-Fat Granola Bar, Chocolate Chunk

-  Nutrition----------------------->

-  Cheap, fiber, not much sugar and saturated fat

-  Tastes good provides energy

-  $4.98 (Walmart)  0.84 oz 24 count

Unhealthy- Twix

-  Nutrition-------------->

-  Tons of saturated fat and sugar

-  It is okay to eat these once in a while but they are very unhealthy and will make you gain fat/weight

-  $4.27 (Walmart) 1.79 oz 6 count