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All about Nicaragua

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Nicaragua's Longitude, and Latitude is around 12.8654° N, 85.2072° W 

Government Type: Republic

Nicaragua is a "Civil Law Country". Legislation is primary (Source of Law).  

Nicaragua's Population: 6,240,097

Nicaragua's size is 50,338 mi.

Nicaragua's Flag was made in September 4, 1908, but wasn't released until August 27, 1971.

Basic Information

Nicaragua's Capital 

Nicaragua's Capital is Managua. Managua's population is 2.206 million. Managua's climate is mostly "Tropical".

Momotombo, Still active to this day





Nicaragua's "Mountains" hold a volcano named "Momotombo". Nicaragua's mountains are around 7,000 FT. (Mountain)

Lake Nicaragua is the largest "Lake" Central America (Lake)

Momotombo erupted in 1905, but now Momotombo has erupted in 2015. (Volcano)

Lake Nicaragua, Biggest "Lake" In Central/South America

Mogotón, One of the largest mountains in Nicaragua


   Most of Nicaragua does not notice a "Big" Variation in temperature.

   The lower part of the country is only 22 degrees celsius, to 30 degrees celsius.

   The middle part of the country is only 5 degrees celsius, lower.

   The top of the country / mountains are only 10 degrees celsius, lower.

   Nicaragua is dry through January through June, and rainy through May through October, with tropical downpours, August, through September.


Human Features

Huellas de Acahualinca, a closer look.

Huellas de Acahualinca- These footprints in Managua, Nicaragua, near the south part of the shore of Lake Managual.

Granada Cathedral - You can see this church from miles away! the reason is it's because of it's yellow, and white bell towers.

Granada Cathedral, Inside look. 

An example of Lumber.

Natural Resources

Lumber - Heavily Populated Forests, that means A LOT of Lumber!

Soil - Nicaragua is rich in soil, the soil helps the citizens grow crops. (Especially coffee beans!)

An example of the soil.

Coffee -  More then 40,000 Coffee Farm Families grow coffee beans in the forest.

Gold - Highest gold production in Central America.


An example of gold.

Image Credit: MEC Mineing

An example of coffee beans.

An Example Of Cotton.


Coffee - Coffee is also a agricultural product 

Cotton - Nicaragua's 2nd biggest export.

An example of coffee beans 

Dancers in Nicaragua 

Music- A country that is keen on their music, and dance.

Instrument- Marimba is their national instrument 


A Marimba