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Education Development Office


New Faculty Orientation Pamphlet

Education Director & PECT Clinical Educator Leads

Dr Wong Lee Yuen

(PECT Medical CEL)

Ms Chew Pei Kiang

(PECT Nursing CEL)

 Prof C Rajasoorya

(Education Director)

Ms Claudine Oh Su Fen

(PECT Pharmacy CEL)

Ms Teresa Foong Li Ming

(PECT Allied Health CEL)

Office location:

Yishun Community Hospital, 2 Yishun Central 2, Tower E, Level 4

Singapore 768024


What we do:

EDO coordinates and facilitates undergraduate clinical training activities, and leads and supports pre-professional clinical training for all healthcare professions.


Education Development Office


PECT Medical administers to medical students from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and overseas electives programme. For more information, please click here to our Intranet page*.

  *Accessible only in hospital network

PECT Medical

NUS Medicine CE / CFS Appointment Guide

PECT Medical

PECT Nursing

Clinical Instructor's Role & Responsibilities

Orientate students

- Participate as trainer/ assessor for students posting
- Facilitate student attachment
- Plan/Implement/Evaluate programme or activities for students 

- Follow up on student who need close supervision
- Provide support during adaptation period
- Provide feedback and grading at the end of student posting
- Support PRCP programme in KTPH



Administration contact:

Tina Tang / Siti Kanosta


PECT Pharmacy

Pharmacists' teaching assignment

- Specific role and responsibilities are assigned and briefed during         face-to-face orientation session

Administration contact:

Fiona Chin 

Aims of clinical placement for the student

- Apply theoretical knowledge into clinical practice
- Receive clinical supervision for the cases seen
- Learn to work within a multi-disciplinary team as a professional
- Development of clinical and presentation skills and reflect on own                     personal growth in the profession
Targeted skills
- Psychometric assessments (e.g. intellectual, neuropsychological, dementia,     school placement assessments)
- Psychotherapy for a variety of disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress,         insomnia, adjustment disorders)
- Case presentation and formulation skills
- Report writing skills
Types of placements
- Adult
- Adult/Geriatric combined
- Child and Adolescent

PECT Allied Health Professionals

Clinical Psychology

Administration contact:

Fiona Chin 

Objective of clinical placement

- Integrate theory into clinical practice setting

- Active participation in radiography procedure
- Give direct feedback on their radiography practice
- Ensure their clinical practice is safe, professional and ethical  

PECT Allied Health Professionals

Diagnostic Radiography

Placement in variety of area (B25 diagnostic radiography, SOC and A&E) which covers:

- General Radiography
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
- Computed Tomography (CT)
- Ultrasound
- Bone Mineral Density (BMD)
- Fluoroscopy
- Interventional Radiology (IR)

Administration contact:

Fiona Chin 


- Mini-CEX

- Faculty Induction

- Written Assessment

- Mobile Learning

- Team Based Learning

- Pearls in clinical teaching

- Evidence-Based Medicine


For more information on the workshops, please email to us directly

Faculty Development

List of training workshops


- Centre for Medical Education, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine:

- An International Association for Medical Education:



Administration contact:

Audrey Lin / Zahrah-Nur

Faculty Development

Workshops' photos

Administration contact:

Audrey Lin / Zahrah-Nur

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Tools & Resources

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 *Accessible only in hospital network


Teachers' Retreat 2016

Videp message from Prof Raja on "What does teaching mean to you?" (2014)


Teachers' Appreciation Day 2014