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By: Hind Ragui

Clase: 1MH1

Group: Hind, Ibtissame, Ouiam, Souraya, Yourssra,           Zeineb


New York Tour

English group assignment


This tour is specially made for you, it's a nice day out in New York City. Enjoy socializing, it is nice weather. We're going to see many attractions such as the Empire State Building and Central Park. Everywhere we come, we get out there:. What it is. how old it is. And a brief summary of the history.
In the afternoon we go eat.
The cost are:

  • Children (4-11) $7.50
  • Cdults (12-65) $12.00
  • Seniors (65) $10,50

We drive around with a tour bus, the tour bus put us off and continue to feed or if we have to cross the Lake by boat.
New york City is the largest city in the US in America. The city is also called NCY. Surface of the town is 1214 km2. New York city has 8.406 million inhabitants. It is always very pleasant and cheerful in the evening. We hope you will find the tour fun, and we hope you. In the booklet you see also how the day of hopefully will look like. Pictures we find super fun, and fun is also very important.


general information 

  • Central Park
  • Empire State Building
  • Statue of liberty
  • One World Trade Center


Here we show what we all visit very friendly and spoke English, and what you are going to see. We have chosen the most fun, unfortunately we can not see everything because there is not time for genoen. But I advice you guys sure did go around as you walk in New York also a few points of interest to visit, that you haven't seen.
On the next page you'll see photos of the sights.

       these are points of interest:


points of interest 

Name: State of Liberty

Adress: New York, NY 10004,Verenigde Staten

These are the photos of the points of interest that we are going to see and we're going to visit. We have a few select, and we hope you will find this fun attractions.


Name: Empire State Building

 Adress: 350 5th Ave,New York, NY 10118,Verenigde Staten

photos of the sights

Name: One World Trade Center

Adress: 285 Fulton St,New York, NY 10007,Verenigde Staten

Name: Central Park

Adress: New York, NY,Verenigde Staten

This is how the day will look like:


10:00/10:30 -gather for the hotel.
10:45 -leave with the bus

11:00/12:00 -State of Liberty

12:00/12:15 -drive with tour bus. 12:15/13:30 -Central Park

13:30/15:00 -lunch

15:00/15:15 -bus ride away

15:15/16:00 -One World Trade Center

16:00/16:30 -back bus ride away

How a day will look like