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New Student Orientation Newsletter Fall 2020

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IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE A CENTURY WOOD DUCK!Welcome to Century College! We are happy to have you as part of our Wood Duck community. The orientation team is excited to have you on campus and can’t wait to tell you about all of the support resources, clubs, and activities available to you as a Century College student. We know that you will have a wonderful experience here! Throughout your Orientation Session you will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor for assistance with course selection, register for classes, and hear about important information that will help you start your first semester off successfully. We look forward to helping you today!Inside This Issue:Page 3 - Life Outside the ClassroomPage 4 - All About MoneyPage 5 - Financial AidPage 7 - Technology at CenturyPage 9 - Deals and DiscountsPage 11 - Student ResourcesPage 12 - Registration GuideSTAY UP TO DATE! CHECK YOUR CENTURY EMAILWant to know what’s going on around campus? Read the Wood Duck Weekly!Check your Century email every Monday for important announcements, upcoming events and deadlines! Look on page 8 for information on setting up your email account.Century College is a member of Minnesota State. We are an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator. This document can be available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by calling 651.773.1745 or emailing

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2 century.eduA member of Minnesota Statecentury.eduMARK YOUR CALENDARS!Books Available July 27Tuition Down Payment Arrangement August 10Students who register on or after August 10, will need to make a payment arrangement by August 30. Students registering after the first week of the semester should make arrangements as soon as possible. Students registering late will not be dropped for non-payment and will be held responsible for their tuition and fees.Classes Begin August 24 Last Day to Add Classes August 26Last Day to Drop Classes August 28 (see Refund Policies for late start courses)Welcome Week August 24 – 28 Fall Session II Begins September 21Student Success Day September 22 Final Tuition Due September 30Education MN – No Classes October 15-17Fall Session III Begins October 19Veteran’s Day – College Closed November 11Thanksgiving Break – College Closed November 26-28Last Day to Withdraw Varies – check your course schedule for dateFinals Weeks Varies – check with instructor

Page 3 3LIFE OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOMThere is a lot to do on campus both in and outside the classroom! Century encourages all of its students to get involved and find their inner Wood Duck!LOOKING FOR WAYS TO GET INVOLVED ON CAMPUS? Attend the Student Activities Fair during Welcome Week in the Fall and Spring semesters! Century offers over 30 different student clubs and organizations for you to choose from! Student club representatives will be available to answer any questions you have about their organization and how to join. If you have any questions about joining a student organization, visit the Campus Life website, or stop by the Club Center room W1210.CHECK OUT WELCOME WEEK EVENTS!It’s a great day to be a Wood Duck! The first week of every semester Century hosts events and activities to welcome students back and acclimate them to campus. It is called Welcome Week. There are opportunities to win prizes, and of course get that Wood Duck belly full. All events are free for students, so please come and get involved! Look for more information and a schedule of events your first day on campus!INTRAMURALS AND RECREATION AT CENTURY Century provides great opportunities for students, along with faculty and staff, to participate in sports and recreational activities. Throughout the year, students can join in on basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, fishing, badminton, indoor soccer and many more sports.Century College’s Outdoor Recreation Center offers a variety of sport and recreation items. Most items are free of charge to use/rent for students, faculty, and staff with a Century College ID. Stop by the Connection W1205 to reserve your items today! Following is a sample list of items:• Golf Clubs • In-Line Skates • Snowshoes • Sports Equipment (soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, disc golf set, etc.) • Lawn Games (Bocce Ball, Croquet, Horseshoes, Badminton, Volleyball, etc.) • Camping Equipment (backpacks, fishing equipment, sleeping bags & pads, tents, coolers, etc.) • Canoes and KayaksIf you have ideas, questions or comments regarding intramurals or outdoor recreation, please contact Chris Yahnke at 651.779.3322 or stop by the Intramural Office at W1205.DUCKS LEADERSHIPAn engaging and exciting program, our outdoor initiatives program provides experiential learning opportunities for our students and employees.A trained facilitator tailors specific activities to your group, which may include icebreakers, problem solving, communication, low-ropes challenges and conflict resolution.This program also utilizes the woods on the south side of West Campus. Some of the activities are permanent; others will be set up using the natural surroundings.DUCKS Leadership is offered for classes, departments, clubs, and programs for an hour time frame for a whole day. We will create opportunities to develop student and employee leadership.For additional information visit the Ducks Leadership website or stop by the Student Club Center on West campus lower level Room 1210.

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4 century.eduALL ABOUT MONEYMAKE A PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT BY August 10 Now that you have registered for your classes, it is important that you meet the down payment deadline to hold your classes. You can arrange for the payment of your tuition and fees in any of the following ways:• Paying out of Pocket: - Make a down payment of $300 or 15% of total owed (whichever is less) - Can do this online in eServices or at the Business Office, west campus - Sign up for an automatic payment plan, NBS E-Cashier (Nelnet) - Need to make the down payment and additional fees• Financial Aid: - Make sure Century has received your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - Check in eServices for either a green check mark or red stop sign• Someone Else is Paying: - Submit a Third Party Billing Authorization to the Business Office – Workforce Center, Employer, Veteran’s Benefits; or - Outside Scholarship – submit information to the Business OfficePlease Note: PSEO students must submit the Minnesota Department of Education Postsecondary Enrollment Option form to the college.The Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment (RCFN) – the official term for the cancellation of a student’s registration because the down payment arrangement has not been made. The down payment arrangement due date for fall semester is August 10.If you register for classes on or after August 10, please be sure to have your down payment arrangement made by August 30 to avoid the risk of having your registration cancelled for nonpayment. If you have questions regarding your down payment arrangement, please contact the Business Office at 651.779.3278. You can also check your eServices Bills and Payment page. If you have a green check mark, your arrangements are in place. If you see a red X, you may be at risk of having your registration cancelled. NELNET AUTOMATIC PAYMENT PLAN OPTION AVAILABLE Easy online enrollment. Monthly payment plan. Flexible payment options. No interest.Cost to Participate: • $20 enrollment fee per semester (ACH & credit card) • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returnedHow to Enroll: • Go to and click on “Cost & Financial Aid” • Select “Tuition Payment” • Scroll to “Tuition Payment Information” section • To enroll, log into eServices • The final date to sign up for the Nelnet Payment plan for fall semester is September 6.

Page 5 5USING FINANCIAL AID TO BUY YOUR BOOKS Fall textbook deferment availability is July 27 – Sept. 4. Financial Aid Textbook Deferments are available to students who have been awarded financial aid and who have funds that exceed the amount of their tuition and fees. Financial Aid Textbook Deferments allow a student to charge books at the Bookstore up to the amount available for a Financial Aid Textbook Deferment. The minimum amount of a Deferment is $100 with a maximum amount of $750. Charges made against a Deferment will be deducted from your Financial Aid when it is disbursed. Prior to attempting to use a Financial Aid Textbook Deferment at the Bookstore, it is your responsibility to confirm that there are financial aid funds available for a Deferment. Following are the instructions on how to confirm your eligibility:• Go to the Century website at• Click on “Login” at the top of the screen to get to “myCentury”and log in to your portal using your StarID username and password. On the very bottom left of your myCentury page is a Textbook Deferment link that will give you your information.Once your financial aid award is posted on the website, it will take one day before the Financial Aid Textbook Deferment will be available for use in the Bookstore. It is important that you bring your Century student ID and your class schedule with you to the Bookstore to get your Deferment. If your financial aid changes and does not cover your tuition and fee charges for any reason (including such things as dropping or adding credits, unsatisfactory progress, holds, etc.) you are responsible for repayment of any Textbook Deferment charges. Please note that you do not need to spend your entire deferment amount. Whatever you do not spend will be added back to your financial aid disbursement.FINANCIAL AIDHOW DO I APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID?WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT AFTER APPLYING?• Apply for a Federal Student Aide ID (FSA ID) for you and your parent (if applicable). You will need this to electronically sign your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Create your FSA ID.• Complete the FAFSA online each academic year.• Use your and your parents’ (if applicable) tax return or income information to complete the FAFSA using your or your parents’ 2018 federal tax return information). Use the DRT tool to import tax data. • Be sure to put Century College’s Federal School Code (010546) on your FAFSA application. After applying, your FAFSA results will be sent to Century College, usually within a week. Once Century College receives your application, you will receive an email either requesting more information or informing you that your Notice of Financial Aid is ready to view online. You can monitor the status of your application by logging into your eServices account (which can be found under Login on Century’s website) using your StarID username and password or by contacting the Financial Aid Office.• Your Notice of Financial Aid will show your eligibility for grants, student loans, and student employment at the different enrollment levels for the term. If you wish to borrow some or all of your student loan eligibility, you must request a loan via eServices on the Loans link under Financial Aid. Follow steps one through four to receive a student loan.• All students must have multiple disbursements on their loans. Please refer to your loan disclosure statement for your disbursement dates.

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6 century.eduYOUR FINANCIAL AID After applying for financial aid, be sure to continue to check your eServices for updates to your financial aid application. We will notify you of any updates to your financial aid status/award by sending you an email, so make sure to check your email often. The amount of aid you are eligible for is based entirely on your FAFSA and the information you entered on the application. Your award package is yours, and yours alone. The information requested by our office may not be the same year to year, and may even differ between family members. Please be sure to submit any additional information as soon as we request it, as we may be unable to award you financial aid without it. Also, remember to reapply for financial aid by completing a new FAFSA every year before the start of Fall term, and report any changes in income/family size accurately.If you have any questions regarding financial aid, contact Financial Aid staff at, stop by their office on the west campus W2201, call 651.779.3305 or go to’T WAIT! APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID EARLY Due to a high volume of financial aid applications at the start of each academic term, FAFSA applications should be completed and submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the term start. Students should be prepared to purchase books, pay tuition, and pay for other start-up costs (supplies, transportation, etc.) without financial aid assistance if FAFSA is not submitted on time.Complete your 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) now by using your 2018 tax return information. Go to the Federal Student Aid website and be sure to use your FSA (Federal Student Aid). You are strongly encouraged to link your tax information directly to your FAFSA by using the IRS Data Retreival Tool (DRT) built into the FAFSA. Detailed DRT instructions can be found here.IF YOU DECIDE TO NOT ATTEND CENTURYIf you decide to not attend a course(s) at Century, it is YOUR responsibility to drop your course(s) – not Century’s. You are responsible for the payment of your tuition and fees for all courses not dropped during the first five (5) business days of the semester, regardless of whether or not you choose to attend the class. Do not rely on the “registration cancellation for non-payment” process as a way to drop your courses.If you do not plan on attending registered courses, you must drop them either through your eServices online or by completing a drop form in person at the Records Office prior to the 5th day of the semester. Century College does not drop students for non-attendance.After the 5th day of the semester, all registered students are financially committed for tuition and fees. Century does not send out invoices or tuition statements as that can be viewed online in your eServices under “Bills and Payments”.Should you have any questions regarding payment of your tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at 651.779.3278, or stop by their office on the west campus in the Main Commons.USE YOUR FINANCIAL AID AS YOUR TUITION DEFERRAL OPTION Your FAFSA can be used as your payment arrangements to hold your classes. Complete your FAFSA now to hold your classes without making a down payment of cash. Learn more here.

Page 7 7TECHNOLOGY AT CENTURYStarID:• StarID is a single username that you can use to log into any enabled system across Minnesota State. The StarID format consists of two letters followed by four numbers, followed by two letters, such as ab1234cd. StarIDs are assigned randomly due to security issues, any similarity to personal information is purely coincidental.• StarID is never duplicated and never re-assigned. This means that once issued, you can use the same StarID every time you visit a participating institution over the lifetime of your relationship with Minnesota State.myCentury Student Portal:• It is a single sign-on system where you can access your e-mail, free or discounted software, free computer software training from, information regarding printing, bookstore vouchers, and much more.• Simply go to and login using your StarID.eServices:• Once logged into your myCentury portal, locate the eServices tile.• This is where you will: - Register for classes. - Change your course schedule. - View your tuition bill and manage your account. - Make a payment. - Check on your financial aid status. - View your Degree Audit, grades and transcripts. - View any holds you may have.NEED SOME HELP WITH STORING ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS?Being a student at Century College brings with it all types of storage options for the many papers and presentations you will need to do. The following are some of the storage options available.• OneDrive – provides students with 1 Terabyte of storage for all your home work assignments - Free while you are a student - Access anytime, anywhere - Online/Offline personal devices• H Drive – server provided for individual student storage - Temporary location for upload to D2L Brightspace - Best for use on-campus, shared computers

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8 century.eduSET UP YOUR CENTURY EMAIL ACCOUNT BEFORE THE SEMESTER BEGINS Email the official form of communication on campus. It is important that you activate and regularly check your college-provided student email account, so you can receive up-to-date information from the College, and communicate with instructors/staff on campus.Activate your email account prior to starting the semester. You can forward your Century email to the account you prefer to use and sync it with your SmartPhone as well! It also offers a wide range of benefits, including 25 GB of free online storage.Following are the steps for setting up your student email account: 1. Click on Login, myCentury (if on campus, you will automatically go to your login, myCentury portal after logging into your computer; if off campus, start at, click on Login, myCentury, login using your StarID username and password).2. Once you are on your myCentury page, click the “Email” tile on the right side.3. A Sign-in box will pop up. This is where you need to authenticate your email. Enter this email address: your Next you will need to enter your StarID password.4. Select your preferred language and then set the Time Zone to Central Time (US & Canada). Click “OK” at the bottom of your page when you’re finished. You now have access to your Century student email account!5. Your Century email address will be your (for example, you have any questions regarding your college-provided student email, please call the Student Computer Help Line at 651.779.3295 for assistance.WHAT IS D2L BRIGHTSPACE? D2L Brightspace is the online learning system used by Century. Your instructor will use D2L Brightspace in any fully online course, or may use it as a supplement to your on-campus course.Whether or not your instructor uses D2L Brightspace, all enrolled students have access to D2L Brightspace, including: • Class list of fellow students • Instructor’s email addresses • Classmate’s email addresses • Course listings and materials (if applicable)To log into your D2L Brightspace, go to your myCentury account and click on D2L Brightspace on the left hand side of the page. You may need to enter your StarID username and password if it is your first time logging into D2L Brightspace.STAR ALERT EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION StarAlert is a text and e-mail messaging service the College uses in the event of campus closures or delays during emergency events. The StarAlert service system will automatically sign you up. You will have the ability to opt-out. For information on opting out,

Page 9 9DEALS AND DISCOUNTSGET YOUR CENTURY STUDENT ID PICTURE TAKEN All students will need a Century Photo ID to use the library, fitness center, peer tutoring services, academic resource centers or to check out game room and recreation equipment at The Connection. Your first photo ID card is free and lost or replacement cards are $5.00. To get your student ID, bring a copy of your current class schedule and another form of identification to the Records Office on west campus.BOOKSTORE GALORE! The bookstore is your one place to stop to get textbooks, classroom supplies, college apparel, uniforms and more! To stay on top of what is happening in the bookstore, make sure to like them on Facebook.One way to help with your budget is to use the bookstore’s comparison textbook shopping. Simply go to the website, click on “Students” at the top, go to Academic Success, click on Bookstore and follow the steps for finding the textbooks for your courses. Each time you select a course, it will show the textbooks you need for that course along with the different options for purchasing your textbook – new, used, eBook, rental – and if you can find it cheaper somewhere else.Keep in mind that you can buy your textbooks either on campus (make sure to have your class schedule and Century student ID with you) or order them online and either have them mailed to your residence or pre-bundled and set aside on campus for you to pick up with your Century student ID. No matter how you purchase your textbooks, make sure to do it early before the rush right before the semester starts! The bookstore accepts cash, check, all major credit cards (except American Express), third party payments, and Financial Aid Textbook Deferments.BOOKSTORE HOURSThe Bookstore is open Monday-Friday, with the exception of holidays or otherwise postedMonday–Thursday7:30 am–6 pmFriday7:30 am–4 pmThe bookstore has extended hours during the beginning of each semester. Visit their website for more information, TIPS• Lost & Found – check the bookstore if you have lost anything or if you have found something and would like it returned to its owner.• Shop early – avoid the long lines at the beginning of each semester!• Student ID, course schedule and receipts – don’t forget to bring them with to the bookstore!• Student IDs are required if using a personal check, Financial Aid Textbook Deferment, and third party payment.• Course schedules are essential for locating required textbooks.• Receipts are required for all returns and exchanges.• Book buy back – students can sell back their books at the end of the semester and the sooner you are able to do that the best chance at getting some money.

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10 century.eduMULTICULTURALCENTERThe Multicultural Student Center offers various programs, events, and services designed to enrich your campus experience as well as complement your learning. They are located on the West Campus, Room 1220.TRANSFER STUDENT SERVICESThe Degree Audit Report provides you information about course requirements needed to complete your degree or program of study at Century.Access Your Degree Audit1. Log in to eServices using your Minnesota State StarID and password.2. Select Academic Records and then Degree Audit Report.Your Degree Audit displays:• Courses and requirements you already completed at Century, including all Lakewood courses completed prior to Fall 1998.• Courses and requirements you still need to complete at Century.• Course options to plan your registration at Century.• Transfer of credit and courses and their application toward MnTC completion.Check how your courses transfer in and out from Century College through Transferology, a free multi-state online tool for students and advisors, to determine course equivalencies, program requirements, and applicability of coursework when transferring.If you have any questions about credits that you have transferred into Century College from another college or university, please contact the Transfer Student Services/DARS Office at 651.779.3908, or stop by their office on the west campus W2240. NEED ACCOMMODATIONS? The Access Center works with students with disabilities and Century College officials to resolve questions of ‘reasonable accommodation’ and other issues related to the college’s compliance with disability laws.An accommodation is a modification or support that gives a student with a disability an equal opportunity to participate and benefit from Century College. Accommodations are adjustments to how things are usually done. The purpose of effective accommodations is to increase a student’s chance for success. Contact the Access Center by calling 651.799.3354. It is encouraged to have accommodations in place before the semester begins.

Page 11 11RESOURCE AND SUPPORT CENTER Stop by W1490 to learn about a variety of helpful resources. The Resource and Support Center makes connections with community resources to help you succeed in and outside of the classroom. Current Resources Include: • Food Pantry • Bridge to Benefits Screening* • Housing Information • Legal Assistance Information • Campus and Community Services • Child Care Resources* The Bridge to Benefits Screening connects you with applying for food assistance, health insurance, energy assistance and more!STUDENT RESOURCESTo help you in your path to success, Century offers many resources that are free for you to use. VETERANS SERVICES Here at Century College, Veterans Services’ mission is to provide you with the resources and support needed to understand what benefits and resources are available to you as a veteran student so that you can make informed decisions. Together, we’ll work to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. For additional information contact Robert Rivera at 651.779.3218.Services we provide include:• Applying for and using your benefits at Century College• Alternative funding sources • Getting College Credit for your time in the service• Veteran Student Life Opportunities• Academic Support Available to Former Active Duty Military Members (free professional tutoring!)PREFERRED NAME POLICY At Century, we are proud to have a Preferred Name policy. A preferred name is a name that you commonly use that is different from your legal name. Some members of our community will have a preferred name that better corresponds to their gender identity than their legal name. Any member of the Century community is able to change their first, middle, or last name to reflect their preferred name. This is just one of many things we do here at Century to make sure you feel welcome and affirmed. If you have any questions about the Preferred Name Policy, please contact our LGBTQ Center Director in W1214 or our Chief Diversity Officer in E2512.CREDIT FOR PRIOR LEARNING Are you interested in cutting cost and time completing your degree at Century? Do you know that you can earn college credit for your prior learning, knowledge, and skills? For more information about Credit for Prior Learning, contact the Transfer Student Services office at 651.779.3908 or email LGBTQ CENTER Century College’s LGBTQ Center is a safe space and resource center for our students and community members. Visit us in W1216 to meet other LGBTQ students and allies, borrow movies or books, and learn about the work happening on campus for LGBTQ equality.CAMPUS SECURITYCentury College is committed to ensuring the personal safety and well-being of the entire campus community. Students can request an escort to their vehicle by contacting campus security when classes are in session at 651.747.4000.Campus safety policies and procedures can be found online for future reference.PARKING ON CAMPUSYou do not need a parking permit to park on the west or east campuses. Leave yourself plenty of time to find a parking space. The parking lots can be very busy the first few weeks of class. It is recommended that you arrive at least 20-30 minutes before your class begins. Campus security does monitor the parking lots and will issue tickets for parking violations.This is a child-friendly space!Hours: Mon.-Thur., 9am – 4pm; Fri., 9am – 2pm • 651.747.4098

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12 century.eduREGISTRATION GUIDEUNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENT COURSE OFFERINGSOnline courses at Century College may be delivered in one of four different ways:1. Online-Completely Online with no “Synchronous” Components This is the most common type of online class. All of the instruction is delivered online without any required meetings on campus.2. Online – Completely Online with “Synchronous” Components These courses will have specific times that students must meet online. The registration notes will specify the times or the instructor will inform you. Often more than one option is offered.3. Predominantly Online Course These courses are predominantly online but may have one or two required meetings on campus and/or may have students take proctored exams with someone supervising. The meetings or exams may not necessarily have to be at Century.4. Blended Hybrid Course These course sections are partially online and are also called Blended Online and Campus-Based. A significant portion of the course is delivered using the internet. The course does have scheduled times that it meets on campus as well. The registration notes will list the days/times the course meets on campus. If you register for an online course, it is important that you are able to log into your D2L Brightspace account and check it prior to the start of the semester. Many instructors will drop students who do not check their D2L Brightspace account within so many days after the start of the semester (usually the first five days but can be the first day of the semester). To be certain, read the “Notes” section of the course description on eServices for more information. Online learning is computer intensive and students enrolled in online courses must be prepared to spend many hours each week on a computer completing their assignments and contributing to online class discussions. On average, students should expect to spend three hours on a computer each week for every one online credit they are completing. It is usually not recommended that first time, first semester students take an online course if they have never completed an online course before. Also, you will need high speed internet at home to be able to keep up with the assignments for the course. Please keep in mind, online learning is not any easier or flexible than in class learning.

Page 13 13REGISTRATION GUIDEHOW TO REGISTER STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS Step 1. Go to Step 2. Click on Login in the upper right corner of the screen to get to myCentury. Step 3. If you are off campus, enter your StarID username and password. If you are on campus, it will take you right to your myCentury portal. Step 4. Once you are in myCentury, click on eServices in the tiles on the right side. Step 5. This will take you to your eServices dashboard. Click on Courses and Registration on the left side navigation bar. Step 6. Next, click on Search for a Course to start searching for open courses. Then choose the semester, subject, course number (if you know it), and click on Search. Note: to view descriptions and prerequisites, click on the course title. Step 7. Once you have selected a course, click on the Add (+) to the left of the course information. Note: adding a course to your Wish List does not register you for the course. Continue to Step 8 when all your courses are in your Wish List. Step 8. When you are ready to register, click on Continue to Review My Plan. Check the box next to the course(s) you want and click. Step 9. Enter your StarID password to complete your registration. Note: you should see a checkmark on the next screen if you successfully registered for the course(s). Step 10. To print your schedule, click on View/Modify Schedule on the left side navigation bar. This schedule will give you the room location along with drop and withdraw dates for each of your courses.WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER MY ORIENTATION SESSION?1. Pay tuition down-payment by the deadline.2. Apply/follow-up with Financial Aid.3. Get your student ID picture taken at the Records office.4. Purchase books. You can order new and used books online or buy them in-person at the Bookstore. Bring a copy of your class schedule.5. Find your classrooms.6. Activate your Century email account prior to the start of the semester.7. If you are taking an online course, make sure to check your D2L Brightspace before the semester starts.8. Attend Welcome Week events.

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14 century.eduREGISTRATION GUIDEHOW TO DROP/WITHDRAW FROM A COURSENote: Before dropping or withdrawing from a course, it is important to talk to your academic advisor. Step 1: Follow Step 1 thru 5 of how to register online guide. Step 2: Click on the view/modify schedule, then click on the “X”, to drop/withdraw the course/class. • If the drop/withdraw is successful, you will see the check mark and the note Drop/Withdraw Successful.

Page 15 15ARE YOU READY TO TAKE CLASSES ONLINE?There are many reasons why you may want to take an online course. Online learning can be a challenging but positive experience for most students. You’ll be more successful if you’re knowledgeable about online learning before you take a course. To find out if online learning is right for you, visit Am I Ready for Study? (Checklist for online learning.)TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL FIRST WEEK ON CAMPUS• Come to campus early. Arrive at least 20–30 minutes before your class begins.• Before the semester starts, walk around campus so you can locate your classrooms, the cafeterias, resource centers, restrooms, etc.• Be prepared for class by arriving on time, bringing your book(s), pen, paper, and folder.• If you don’t understand something or need help - ask questions! During the first few days of the semester, staff and faculty greeters will be available at main entrances on east and west campus to assist you.• Review the course syllabus for your classes to determine if your schedule is a good fit for you. If not, drop the class by the drop date. The class will be erased from your transcript and you will not be held financially responsible.• Participate in Welcome Week and get involved on campus!SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESSThe Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and Procedure and the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and Procedure requires that all students make satisfactory academic progress towards a degree, diploma or certificate to remain in good academic standing. The College also believes that students are responsible for their own academic progress and for seeking assistance when experiencing academic difficulty. In order to meet these standards, you must have:1. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 (A to F) scale at Century College; AND 2. A cumulative completion rate of at least 67% of credits attempted (includes transfer credits). - The first time you fail to meet the Standards of Academic Progress you are placed on warning. - The second semester in which you fail to meet the Standards of Academic Progress you are suspended from attending and receiving financial aid.

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16 century.eduNOTES