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Newsletter Spring 2023

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SERVING STUDENTS is a joint offering between Mays Business School and Aggie Athletics that consists of three recurring events AmplifyONE AmplifyALL AmpUP ALL Amplifyssions Accounting ONE l branding Amplify ersona al ssions P e Se person Interactiv cial media urship eness so treprene self awar en d an law ss IL ne N si ce Bu finan ith Mays taught w er Aggie are team rm fo d culty an School fa Athletes e se mInteractiv g Proble Marketin y it iv at e team Cre ar gy te d Stra School Solving an Business ith Mays letes th A ie taught w gg former A d an y lt facu AmpUPtivational conference mo for Biennial portunity tes an op ected n n co that crea ay st hletes to at ter en rr rm cu lty fo ness facu s with busi fessional ro p d an athletes S C I T E L H T A D N A S S E N I BUS Left to right Dr Janet Parish with Reanna Santos 1st place Alexis Ortiz 2nd place Jaden Harris Student Athlete and Dat Nguyen sponsor This year we are excited to continue our partnership with Texas A M Athletics to hold AmplifyU a program to help student athletes differentiate themselves and leverage their innate abilities for success in business AmplifyU offers short courses on professional and leadership development as well as a tremendous network of former athletes and business leaders 2 tamusales AmplifyONE January 9 12 Earlier this January we held our AmplifyONE program This 4 day program empowers Texas A M student athletes to stand out amongst their peers through personal and professional development courses and lectures Students had the opportunity to network with professionals and peers while furthering their understanding of the relationship

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SERVING STUDENTS AmplifyU cont d between the skills they ve developed through sports and the skills they need in business With the help of the very generous presenters and the dedicated participants we are delighted to say that the second ever AmplifyONE program was a success We also want to highlight student athletes Reanna Santos Alexis Ortiz our exceptional pitch competition winners at the January AmplifyONE program Pictures on page 2 This May we will hold both the AmplifyONE May 15th the AmplifyALL May 23rd programs We hope to see new and returning student athletes engage in the respective programs to develop themselves as businesspeople Look for more information on our website amplifyu tamu edu FALL 2022 FINAL REPORT Sell Your Story is a program in which we help all BUSN 101 Freshmen learn and practice elevator pitch style professional introductions Here is how it went last fall 882 Students participated in Online In Person Practice Training Feedback Sessions This January we held the Sales Analytics Immersion program for Aggie engineers who are interested in technical sales or consulting 20 students completed this two week boot camp at Mays Business School with company visits Classes were taught by our very own Mays business faculty members and sponsored by industry leaders who actively participate in the program s networking and competition events We want to congratulate to our role play competition winner Zahra Mehedi tamusales 3

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SERVING ACADEMIA SPOTLIGHT DR ELI JONES professionalism in the marketing discipline Dr Eli Jones has received many awards as a reflection of his significant longterm contributions to the program He also received the 2022 Irwin McGrawHill Distinguished Marketing Educator Award and the 2022 AMA Fellow Award from the American Marketing Association Notably he has received the 2022 AMS Cutco Vector Distinguished Marketing Educator Award which recognizes long term achievement in advancing the discipline through teaching research mentorship and service in promoting and upholding The Inaugural Eli Jones Research Award process has concluded and the winner is to be announced this summer STRATEGIC SALES LEADERSHIP This year Dr Eli Jones began a new undergraduate and graduate course called Strategic Sales Leadership This course focuses on the core business process of securing STRATEGIC developing and maintaining long term relationships with profitable customers in the business to business market domain This couse came about because we identified a need to teach graduate and undergraduate students how to SALES LEADERSHIP lead and motivate salespeople in addition to how to sell professionally The students love the interactive nature of the course Dr Jones said I teach using the Socratic method and the case study method I share learnings from my years of experience leading sales forces in three global companies and I incorporate my current research findings from working with best in class companies Also we use a highly rated textbook to provide decision frameworks for students to learn and use when they graduate and join a sales force The tools frameworks and cases used similar to learning methods used in executive education workshops prepare the students for the real world because Strategic Sales Leadership is all about preparing the next generation of sales leaders tamusales 5

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WHO WE ARE Dr Janet Parish Director Dr Andrew Loring Associate Director Naomi Rockhold Program Manager Dr Eli Jones Strategic Advisor Johnna Melton Program Manager Dr Huanhuan Shi Assistant Professor De Ambra Harmon Program Coordinator Don Lewis Executive Professor Taylor Haynes Program Coordinator WAYS TO CONNECT WITH US Keep in touch tamusales Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute mays tamu edu sales If you are interested in partnering with the Reynolds and Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute please contact Andrew Loring at aloring mays tamu edu sales mays tamu edu tamusales 9