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Newsletter February 2022

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E n g a g i n g P e o p l e W i t h o u r P a s tW i n t e r 2 0 2 2I n s i d e t h e I s s u eIn case you missed it, see all thefun things that happened duringthis year's festival!Check out the winners of the 12thAnnual Bedford FallsGingerbread Contest."Rooted in History" opened inDecember. It explores theancestry of the museum'sfounders Edith and NelsonDelavan. Stop in and check it out!N o r a V e n e z k yHi everyone!Though it gets quiet with visitors this time of year, we have beenworking hard behind the scenes on some projects and planning for abusy summer season. Our main project has been cleaning out our storage room and betterorganizing and documenting our collections. I want to thank theRochester Area Community Foundation's Historic Preservation,Restoration, and Literature Fund for a $4,500 grant to help purchasearchival storage materials and the Fred L. Emmerson Foundation fora $10,200 grant to purchase new shelving and technology to help usdigitize and document our collections. Read more about the projecton p. 5.We are excited to welcome some school groups back in the springand kick off the season. We have some great events andprogramming planned and are looking forward to warmer weather.We hope you will join us at some of our events and come visit us tosee the new exhibits and gift shop. N o r a a n d C a s s i d y t a k e a# M u l e f i e o n a F i e l d T r i p t ot h e E r i e C a n a l M u s e u m i nS y r a c u s eI t ' s A W o n d e r f u l L i f e F e s t i v a l

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F a l l 2 0 2 1 P a g e 2Nora and Cassidy worked together to create anew exhibit, "Does This Ring a Bell" for theIt's a Wonderful Life Festival. The exhibitcovers the remarkable similarities betweenBedford Falls and Seneca Falls. Many peopleenjoyed the exhibit as well as our comparisonpictures between the movie and the town thatplayed on the television. Come learn whySeneca Falls has such a strong case for beingthe "Real Bedford Falls."The Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry was excited toparticipate in this year's It's a Wonderful Life Festival celebrating the75th anniversary of the movie. We welcomed almost 5,000 visitorsduring the five day festival. We had the honor of hosting the official It'sa Wonderful Life Christmas Tree flown in allthe way from California. It was a greatattraction to have and many visitors enjoyedcoming in and taking their pictures in frontof it. Jason Middaugh and his family were with us throughout the festivalshowing visitors the It's a Wonderful Lego Life sethe created with his daughter. To be considered foran official LEGO set they needed to reach 10,000votes and it was hoped the festival would be thepush they needed to reach their goal. We areexcited to announce that not long after the festivalthey reached their goal! LEGO will now review theidea and determine if they will make it into acommercially available set. We wish them luck!Early in December we hosted fourgingerbread house decoratingworkshops for children. Everyworkshop was filled to capacity, andwe were able to serve 44 kids. Boardmember, Judy Pipher, organizes theevent each year and graciouslymakes homemade gingerbreadhouses for every child to decorate.All decorated houses were enteredinto the 12th Annual Bedford FallsGingerbread Contest that randuring the It's a Wonderful LifeFestival. The feedback from theworkshops was very positive andthe kids had a great time decoratingwith family and friends. Every child is awarded a prize forparticipating in the contest. Wewant to thank the followingbusinesses for donating prizes to thecontest: Walmart, Wegmans, DALiquor, Women Made Products,Tops, Walgreens, and KinneyDrugs. We also want to thank Judyfor making these workshops areality for 12 successful years.

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Judy Pipher’s tradition of making gingerbread houses began over 30 years ago as a way to bring some holiday magic into the lives of her best friend’s family. Her friend was seriously ill and Judy wanted to brighten the holiday with some much needed fun for the children. That tradition continued until this past holidayseason, when Judy oversaw her last gingerbreadhouse extravaganza. Over the years, hundreds offamilies joined Judy in the absolute delight ofdecorating their own gingerbread houses. Thetradition grew to include her family members,neighbors and friends from across upstate NewYork. They gathered in her Cayuga Lake kitchento decorate houses about the size of the palm ofyour hand. Twelve year ago, Judy opened the tradition tocommunity children. At the Seneca Museum ofWaterways and Industry, she hosted severalsessions every holiday season, inviting children todecorate a house with peppermint swirls,gumdrops, marshmallows, sprinkles, M&Ms,licorice, candy canes and many other confections. Judy shopped for candy at her own expense, anddevoted countless hours baking and assemblingthe little houses. She cooked pots of egg whitesand cream of tartar into the "snow" that glued thecandies to the houses, and went merchant tomerchant seeking prizes for the kids. During the decorating sessions, Judy never madeher own house. Instead, she went child to child tosee what they needed to complete their magicalcreations. At the end of the museum sessions, anyhard candy left over typically went back to herhouse for the next holiday season. As helperspitched in last December to pack candy intoplastic bins and load them into her car, Judythought for a while and said, ”I think I’ll leave thecandy here.” Judy passed away peacefully on Feb. 21, 2022. Aninternationally acclaimed astrophysicist wholooked beyond the heavens, she was just as goodat looking around her community and knowingthat gingerbread houses are as beautiful as thestars. 3rd PlaceOliver Burton1st PlaceCharley Hardy 2nd Place Joshua Edson2nd Place(Tied)RikkiHansaker1st PlaceMaddoxMcCally2nd Place(Tied)NathanM.3rd PlaceJane Ebert1st PlaceLisetteWilson2nd PlaceSara Venezky3rd PlaceCasey Burcroff1st PlaceMadisonKinsley2nd PlaceMadison SmithF a l l 2 0 2 1 P a g e 3G i n n y D e J o h nM a r y C a t tVisitors during the It's a Wonderful Life festivalcast their votes on the best decorated gingerbreadhouses in each age group. Thank you to everyonethat participated in the workshops and those whomade their houses at home, they all lookedamazing! Here are the winners:We celebrate the amazing life of Judy Pipher who was serving her 3rdterm on the Seneca Museum of Waterways & Industry's Board ofDirectors. She volunteered countless hours and made a lasting impacton our organization and community. She will be greatly missed.

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The Canal Festtraces its roots backto the Aqua Festivalheld in the ‘60s andearly ‘70s. In 2016the Seneca FallsCanal Fest wasborn. Come enjoyvendors, music,carnival rides, andmore!Join us for our SecondAnnual Golf Tournamentand support History ForeAll! Teams will compete ina scramble tournamentand have a chance to winindividual contest prizes.This is a great day to playsome golf in support ofour educationalprogramming.We are excited to be bringing back Music inthe Park this summer. We have an excellentlineup of local musicians ready to rockSeneca Falls in People's Park. We will also beoffering free children's activities at eachconcert. Sprinkle Star Ship and another foodvendor will be on site to make sure you don'tgo hungry!Come attend ahistory focusedtalk gearedtowards our adultlearners. We areworking to find anexciting topic andspeaker for thisevent. Stay tunedfor more details.F a l l 2 0 2 1 P a g e 4The Seneca Falls Heritage andTourism Center is partnering withthe Erie Canal Museum to host oneof their Beers, Bikes, and Bargestours in Seneca Falls. This is anhour-long bike tour around SenecaFalls with stops where we willdiscuss the history of the area. Thetour will end with a stop at a localbrewery. More details to come.Eat for a cause. Enjoy adelicious lunch andsupport our youthprogramming with yourpurchase of a meal. BBQ By: Manhill FoodService - Ace Automatics1/2 chicken, saltpotatoes, cole slaw, roll& butterJoin us as wepartner with otherlocal organizationsto bring history tolife. This freefamily friendlyevent will havecrafts, activities,demonstrations,and more for kidsto enjoy. Sign up for your summercamp in a box and let ustransport you back in history.This program is in partnershipwith the Seneca Falls HistoricalSociety, Waterloo Library &Historical Society, and theEdith B. Ford MemorialLibrary. Children will receiveseveral crafts and activities foreach thematic day to enjoy.Mark your calendars! We have some great events coming up this spring and summer.

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Executive Director Nora and Programs Assistant Cassidy have been hard at workcleaning out the Collections Storage Room of the museum over the past fewmonths. This room has historically been a catch-all for anything that needed to bestored from Christmas decorations and old exhibits to Museum Objects and historicdocuments. The goal is to make this room's primary function be for the storage andpreservation of collections items. We are fortunate to have received grant fundingto help us with this project and have been working hard to organize and clean upthe space. After a few full days of cleaning, we now have a much more open spacewhere we can safely store our museum objects. We are excited to be co-hiring a Visitor Coordinator & Collections Manager withthe National Women's Hall of Fame. This position will be in charge of organizing,labeling, and documenting all of our collection's objects. We also have recentlystarted entering books into our new collections database with the help of ourvolunteers and will continue recording objects in this database.We are excited to share the progress of this project with you as we get new shelving,new archival storage boxes/materials, and digitization equipment. Stay Tuned! A special thanks to George Kondis, Sociologist at theUniversity of Peloponnese, for recently sending usphotos of a Rumsey and Co. pump in Corinth Greece.Kondis caught sight of the pump when exploring theAcrocorinth, which he described as one of the largestand most historic castles in Europe. (top left and right)Rumsey and Company was founded in 1864 by John A.Rumsey, Moses Rumsey, and W.J. Chatham. Thecompany would become commonly known as the Pumpand Fire Engine Works of Seneca Falls (bottom left) withtheir manufacturing of pumps and hand-operatedfirefighting equipment.The company had a lot of success and gained aworldwide reputation for their service and the quality oftheir goods. Once the barge canal was built, the Rumseyfactory was moved from the Flats and rebuilt onProspect Hill in Seneca Falls. John A. Rumsey died onMay 30th, 1888.Rooted in History is an exhibit that explores the lives of the Museum’s founders: Nelson and Edith Delavan along withNelson's mother, Elizabeth Garnsey Delavan. This remarkable family was responsible for significant historic contributionsto Seneca Falls . Some of the incredible people in the family tree signed the Declaration of Sentiments, handled foreignsales at Gould's and Ramsey Pump Co., and served in the Civil War. Come check out this great new exhibit during ouropen hours!We want to thank Deborah (Nelson andEdith's Daughter) and her son Matthew(Pictured left) who were instrumental inthe research and design of this exhibit.They were able to join us for the exhibitopening that was held during theDecember First Friday. They welcomedmany guests and were able to share theirremarkable family history. (Full exhibitpictured right)F a l l 2 0 2 1 P a g e 5

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North American Reciprocal Membership-Free admission and discounted gift shoppurchases in 1,178 museums including:Everson Museum of ArtMemorial Art GalleryCornell Botanic GardensFinger Lakes Boating MuseumMunson-Williams-Proctor Arts InstituteName listed in Annual Report20% off gift shop purchasesDiscount on select events and programsMembership CardQuarterly NewslettersE-mail updates on programs and eventsMember-only events and programsThe opportunity to be part of a dynamic andgrowing organization15% off gift shop purchasesDiscounts on select events and programsMembership CardQuarterly NewslettersE-mail updates on programs and eventsMember-only events and programsThe opportunity to be part of a dynamic andgrowing organizationJoin us in helping to educate audiences of all ages.Join us in preserving the history in our collections.Join us in helping visitors make the most of their vacations. Join us in telling the unique story of the waterways and industry in Seneca Falls. We had a very successful summer camp in a boxprogram in 2021 and are looking forward tosupplying our local youth with another excitingexperience this year and increasing from 80 to 100boxes distributed. We are hiring our first Collections Manager to helpus organize, document, and care for ourcollections. In the summer of 2022, we have seven bandsscheduled for our Music in the Park Series. We willbe adding free educational programming duringeach event for children to enjoy while listening tothe music. Membership is a great way to support the Seneca FallsHeritage and Tourism Center: Home of the SenecaMuseum of Waterways and Industry. As a nonprofitorganization, it is our mission to teach, preserve, andshare the rich waterways and industrial history ofSeneca Falls. Your annual support allows us tocontinue to do the amazing work we have done in thepast while growing as an organization. We hope you will JOIN US as a member and we canwork together to have another amazing year filledwith educational programs, fun events, music, andhistory! Learn about our new membership levels andif you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.Sincerely,Nora VenezkyNora VenezkyExecutive Directordirector@senecamuseum.comMembership Level: $40 Basic Membership $100 Enhanced MembershipName(s) for Card:_____________________________________________________Address:___________________________________________________City: ______________________ State: _______ Zip Code:___________Phone Number: ______________ E-Mail: ________________________Payment Type: Check Cash Credit Card Card #:______________________ Expiration Date: _______ CSC: __________*Checks can be made to the Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry PO Box 388 Seneca Falls, NY 13148You can also sign up online: