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Newsletter 10

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The Sports Group have a new venue in North Stainley. Lots of space to play their favourite activities.

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Matthew and Annie have been labeling jams and marmaladesStuart has been busy painting wood paneling for our refurbishedGarden RoomJamie is loving his new headphones when he works out at the gym.

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The cycling group washed and put the cycles away for winter

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The Friday Lunch group continue to use their skills to produce healthy lunchesRebecca has been working hard and improving her skills in the Life skills Group

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Olivia, Simon, Ainslee and Josh have been planting daffodil bulbsJames has planted out some winter bedding

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PREPARING FOR CHRISTMASAdam has put together our Christmas tree to decorate in Woodland LodgeAdrian and Olivia have been putting moss onto the wreaths ready for retail

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Members have been helping to offload, store and label our Christmas trees for retail

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The Creative Learning Group created Christmas cards for retail

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The Sing and Sign Group performed at Crimple Hall. They received a wonderful reception from staff and customers.

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A big thank you to Claire and Phil for helping with the fundraising and Carol for supporting the members.

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Christmas cakes have been made. Members have weighed, mixed and fed them with whisky.

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The Friday Group made some mince pies. They were encouraged to develop their independence within the task.

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Fun, friendship and lunch time catch ups.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARWe finish at 3.30pm Friday 23rd December and look forward to seeing you when we reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2023