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       The French Colonies

                   By: Jackson Simkins, Charlie Grimm, and Morgan Lake








The french had started their colony in 1534.  They had built two main, large forts but had made many smaller forts.  The purpose of the forts was to keep natives and Britains out.  The forts did a good job serving their purpose and became cities that are currently still here with the same name today.  A well-known fort will be mentioned in Location and Landscapes.

    Settling In

Lousiana was part of France's territory and was a big part of it.  You prroably have learned a good percentage about this topic prior to this presentation so you will be able to follow along easily.  It was named after King Louis the Fourteenth.  The French owned this territory until they sold it to America in 1803.  This event was a big part of history and an amazing event America.

   The Louisiana Purchase 

 French and Indian War

The French and Indian war was large war that many people know about.  You probably learned about this war when you were in Thrid Grade.  it started in 1754 and ended in 1763.  The French had went over to Michigan and surrounding areas and they had killed beavers for hides.  They used the hides to make expensive beaver skin hats that went for lots of money in Europe.  They would bring them back to Europe to sell and only keep a few for themselves.  The Britains came to Michigan because of the buisness the French were making.  The beavers almost became extinct because of being hunted down so much.  The indians didn't like that and the Britains wanted the French to go away so they would have more money so they declared war on the French to throw them out.  Mainly the Britains and Indians worked together against the French but some tribes stayed out of the picture.   


New France was in a broad space of North America.  It went from Canada to Louisiana.  It took up half of the whole United States.  The Missisippi River was a big area of trade for these peoples.  They were very spread out going as far west as Minnesota to as far east as Newfoundland, as shown on the map.  The blue of the map was New France.  The forts were widespread amoungst New France territory.  A popular fun fact location was a fort where Detroit currently is.  It was even called Detroit too. 

Location and landscape

New France was an opportunity for the French to be explorers and claim new land. It was a disaster and success in many ways.  They worked hard and were great peoples.  Sadly most of them died but many lived too.  I hope you learned a lot about New France and had a good experience.  Thanks for reading and watching our Power Point! 

Concluding New France