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This is the 1938 one.

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Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938


 The FD&C gave authority to the FDA which  oversaw the safety of food, drugs, and cosmetics.  Ultimately protecting the consumer from bad products.

"Becoming healthier one label at a time!"

June 25th, 1938 - Present Day

The purpose of the program was to be a reform, putting many restrictions on bad produce, drugs and cosmetics that may be harmful to the consumer

Andrew Phan

   The FDA still exist to this day unfortunately for kids in a public education system.  No disrespect to the cafeteria ladies but the food isn't always up to par to anywhere else.  I understand there are many regulations now but the FDA today controls what most of America eat and can not eat.  Other countries in the world have a similar governmental program regulating food, drugs, and cosmetics.

Current Day Form:

   It places a lot of regulations to give the thumbs up to products that are recognized as safe.  It gives the intended use of the drug and it reduces the number of failures within devolopment.  The FDA can also prevent risks that are known to happen on the low.

Description of Program:

  • Born January 30th, 1882 in Hyde Park, NY.
  • Born into a wealthy family.
  • Elected President March 4th, 1933.
  • Ran for a third term to help America during WWII.
  • Was a democrat.
  • 32nd president
  • Led America through the Great Depression and WWII
  • Escaped an assassination attempt in Miami on Feb 15, 1933.
  • Won by a landslide in the elections
  • Only president to run for four terms


FDA Effects on Economy

Unemployment rate - Neutral

Government Spending - Increased

GDP - Decreased

Confidence Building - Increased

Role of Government - Increased

Specific population groups affected - Large busieness owners, workers, and consumers