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it included unemployment insurance, old-age assistance, aid to dependent children and grants to the states to provide various forms of medical care. 





Social Security Act


Jordan Decker


The SSA started in 1935

The SSA is reform because they provided benefits for unemployed, aged, dependent, and handicapped people

An act to provide for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal old-age benefits, and by enabling the several States to make more adequate provision for aged persons, blind persons, dependent and crippled children, maternal and child welfare, public health, and the administration of their unemployment compensation laws; to establish a Social Security Board; to raise revenue; and for other purposes.

What is the SSA



This program didn't end and it is still going, its still doing the same thing


The Unemployment rate varied 

The government spent $916 billion on SSA

The GDP is flat for SSA


 Born on January 30, 1882

Roosevelt was stricken with polio in 1921

 He became the 32nd U.S. president in 1933

was the only president to be elected four times

Roosevelt led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II

 greatly expanded the powers of the federal government through a series of programs and reforms known as the New Deal

Roosevelt died in Georgia in 1945.

President Franklin Roosevelt proposed sweeping economic reforms

Franklin Roosevelt pushed to have the United States' factories become an "arsenal of democracy"

signed Executive Order 9066 ordering all persons of Japanese descent to leave the West Coast


Facts about FDR