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Your task: Design a New Deal Brochure advertising and informing A PUSH about one New Deal program. Creativity and effort will be rewarded. Complete using Create an account at Login with Google Start with blank booklet Front Cover: ✓▪complete name of New Deal program ✓▪abbreviation of the program ✓▪art/picture relating to program ✓▪a phrase about the program ✓▪purpose of the program Page 2 ✓▪your name ✓▪dates of the program ✓▪purpose of the program (must be labeled as relief, reform, or recovery) Page 3 ✓▪The entire back of the box should have a variety of activities—think about the activities found on cereal boxes today—games, word searches, puzzles or cartoons about the New Deal program. Page 4: ✓▪Description of the program in paragraph form ✓▪Description of end of program or of program in current day form, in paragraph form Page5 ✓▪A 10-item bulleted list of biographical facts about FDR ✓▪Create a “Program Effects on the Economy” like the “Nutrition Facts” table found on a cereal box that indicates an increase, decrease or no change in the six following categories: unemployment rate, government spending, GDP, confidence-building and the role of government, per capita income, and specific population groups affected. Example: Program Name EFFECTS ON ECONOMY Unemployment rate ↑ Government spending ↑ GDP ↑ Confidence building ↑ Role of government ↑

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Works Progress Administration

The purpose of the WPA is to employ the unemployed during the Great Depression by president Franklin D. Roosevelt as a part of the New Deal.

"Our greatest primary task is to put people to work" - Franklin D. Roosevelt


By: Nevaeh Christian

As a part of FDR's New Deal program the WPA was designed for Relief:

On May 6, 1935, Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 7034, which established the Works Progress Administration that ended in 1943.

Activities for Kids


Works Projects Administration recently named the Work Progress Administration or WPA, was the largest and most determined American New Deal agency. It employed millions of unemployed people (mostly unskilled men) to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings, roads, and city murals.

The WPA only lasted until 1943 because it was supposed to bring America out of the Great Depression, but it just increased America's spending habits. The WPA employed many Americans but this was not effective so after June 30, 1943, the WPA ceased to exists. The administration only lasted 8 years before it was gone.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

  • Grew up on an estate in New York due to Wealthy parents.
  • Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt we fifth cousins also was related to 10 other presidents.
  • Franklin Roosevelt was also related to his own wife.
  • He was home schooled until 14 when he went to private school, later he went to Harvard.
  • He was very popular socially and had a love for the law.
  • Many of his distant relatives were Republicans he became a Democrat and was the Secretary of the Navy.
  • Roosevelt ran for president twice but didn't come to office until 1929.
  • In 1921 he was diagnosed with polio or poliomyelitis which affect the central nervous system, even though he was misdiagnosed they found the cure to the disease polio.
  • FDR was the first sitting president to fly in a plane when flying was still dangerous.
  • Roosevelt had a lifelong urge to collect stamps, it was his passion.





- The unemployment rate


- Government Spending


- Gross Domestic Products


- Confidence building


- The role of the government