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THE Guide to overcoming objections to joining your multi-level marketing business. Don't let objection's scare you! Instead help your prospect to see things in a new light & overcome what is holding them back from reaching their goals & their true potential so that they may feel satisfaction, success & significance. #3in3 #lolovesit #networkmarketing #MLM

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    Don   t let objections scare you  Instead help them to see things in a new light   overcome what is holding them back ...

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 Logan Lynn Roberts

A formula that quells ALL objections is,    If I could show you how to  solve your problem overcome your objection  would ...
         I can   t afford to start a business right now.    You can   t afford to make money    OBJECTION  3     I   m not...
       I  am  a  Brand  Ambassador  for  an  AWESOME  company,  and  I  train  others  to  do   this  too.  This  short  v...
       Let   s  sit  down  together  and  write  down  the  people  you  interact  with  in  the   course  of  your  days....
OBJECTION  14     I can get the product cheaper.           Does  the  difference  between  price  and  value  matter  to  ...
OBJECTION  20     I don   t like people.           This  business  isn   t  for  you  then.     NEXT        Actually,  I  ...
for someone you know it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Now that you have more information can you think of someon...



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