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Neodymium's Journey

It all started one day, when Neodymium was in his underground cave. Some miners were digging for gold and found him.

“Who are you? Can you help us?” they asked him.

“My name is Neodymium,” he said, “and I will help you.”

With that, Neodymium set out to help the human race. He gathered his friends, Copper and Silver, and they prepared to fight their enemies.

“Our main enemies are Plutonium, Mercury, and Arsenic, and they’re called ‘The Big Three’” Silver told Neodymium, “They’ve been hurting the people and we need to stop them.”

With enemies in mind they prepared to fight the evil. Bronze made the biggest axe, and Silver the strongest bow. Lastly Neodymium, with the strongest and sharpest sword.

With their weapons in hand they went out to find The Big Three. 

They first came upon Arsenic, “You’ll never beat me!” he yelled at the trio of heroes, “I’m too strong to lose!”

Even if they didn’t win, Neodymium, Copper, and Silver had to try. They attacked, Silver shooting arrows, Copper swinging his axe, and Neodymium using his sword. It was a long and tiring battle, but the heroes eventually beat Arsenic knocking him unconscious.

Then Mercury found them, and said “You may have beat Arsenic, but I am much stronger than him!”

Now with the confidence from their fight with Arsenic they thought they could beat Mercury in the fight. They prepared to fight again, Silver drawing her bow, Bronze holding his axe, and Neodymium taking out his sword. They fought hard, and eventually were able to stop Mercury.

Finally they came across Plutonium. He was the size of a building, stronger than all of the three heroes combined. “You have no hope to stop me. Stronger than you have tried.”

But the heroes had hope, they knew they had to try. They fought hard, Silver with her bow and arrow, shooting at Plutonium, but the arrows just bounced off, not strong enough to cut him. Plutonium’s skin was too strong for copper’s axe. Plutonium hit Copper, sending him flying into the wall. Then plutonium sent a giant hand crashing into Silver knocking her unconscious. Suddenly, Neodymium saw a weakness in Plutonium’s armor. He climbed up Plutonium’s back, standing on his back he brought his sword through his neck, killing Plutonium.

Once done with the fight Neodymium helped Copper, and Silver, and standing over Plutonium, they knew they won. They had beaten The Big Three.