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 "I want YOU to vote for Whitley"

Nelson J. Whitley

Party: Optimist

     But later, when he was 19, he was drafted into the Vietnam War. During the war, he took on many challenges and undertook multiple heroic actions, including, holding off a group of 22 Vietnamese, along with 5 other American soldiers. After the war, he was honorably congratulated with the Medal of Honor.


     Nelson was born on January 28, 1946, in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. One night, when he was seven years old, he joined his parents on a trip to Mexico, and his parents were robbed and killed. Nelson was forced to live with his aunt and uncle in Seattle.

     He went to a private school as a child. He got straight A’s and later began learning with 5th graders when he was in 4th grade. He went to M.I.T. for a degree in education and achieved a major in science.


     After the war, he decided to go back to college, but this time, he came seeking law school. He graduated in 1972, and worked at a law firm for 5 years and after worked in Congress. He is now currently is the governor of Alaska. He loves working with other people in politics, and he wants you to vote for Whitley.

     In 1977, he became in love with a young doctor, Nancy R. Fredrik. Together they had three children: Nelson J. Whitley Jr., currently age 32, Ann Marie Whitley, currently age 30, and Mary Jane Whitley, currently age 28.

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Early Life and Birth


Current Family 




                    5 Interests


  • He enjoys hosting barbecues at his house on the beach.


  • He admires watching baseball and playing volleyball.


  • Nelson loves playing board games with his family and friends.


  • He and his family like taking selfies with friends, and voters.


  • His family and he love going down to the beach and go swimming.



Education - Money goes to public schools that are around you because Whitley believes there are more kids that go to public schools.





Taxes - Fewer taxes so people can buy the things they need, instead of that money going to the state’s companies.






Gun Control - Nelson Whitley agrees that we should have less gun control so that you can defend yourself in a bad situation.







Spending - We should spend our money on the military so that they have the protection that they need. We should also send money to other countries so that they have the things they need and they might return the favor later on.





 Energy - We should use renewable energy over fossil fuels so that we save money and don't pollute the earth.