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The purpose for this was to fill in the failures of the PWA, which was to provide money for the states to hire workers for projects.

      Work pays America

     Civil works administration          (CWA)




Dates: 1933-1934



By C.J. Woodberry



CWA is a short U.S. job creation program established by the New Deal.  This all was made to fight against the Great Depression. It created rapidly manual labor jobs for millions of employed workers.


In 1934, the CWA had ended.  It at ended because of the lack of funding. It was replaced for the Works Progress Administration. It was formed by Harry Hopkins. It will have a long-term value for society and the unemployed.  

CWA effects on economy

FDR facts

-He was an only child

-Born Jan 30, 1882

-Parents names are Sara and James Roosevelt

-Became president March 4, 1933-1945

-Was a Democrat

- 32nd president of the U.S.

- Hometown is Hyde Park, NY

-Died April 12, 1945


gov spending- decreasing


Gov Role- increasing

Per capita- decreasing

Population- Increasing