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Know the FACTS Keep a lookout for risk factors and warning signs of suicide F F Feelings Expressing feelings such as hopelessness or helplessness Seeming depressed and sad Persistent irritability or anger SUPPORTING YOUNG PEOPLE WHO WE ARE The Nate Chute Foundation is a 501 C 3 non profit organization dedicated to suicide prevention through education awareness and outreach services WANT TO DONATE TO NCF SIMPLY SCAN THIS CODE WITH YOUR SMART PHONE CAMERA CONTACT US A A Actions C C Changes Self harm Increased use of drugs alcohol Recklessness or high risk behaviors Gaining easy access to lethal means Changes in sleeping and eating patterns or hygiene Losing interest in previously enjoyable activities Personality changes T T Threats Talking or posting about suicide death or dying or searching these topics on devices Making comments such as I won t be around much longer or It would be better if I wasn t alive For more information about local resources support please visit NATE CHUTE FOUNDATION 406 730 2521 natechutefoundation org info natechutefoundation org Stay up to date with us on Facebook Instagram natechutefoundation Office Hours Vary If you are in crisis or need someone to speak to please contact one of the resources listged below RESOURCES NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE Call 1 800 273 8255 Recent loss especially a loss by suicide S S Situations Feeling alone and disconnected from others lack of perceived support Major life difficulties stressors or transitions such as a break up move rejection punishment or bullying TREVOR PROJECT HOTLINE for members of the LGBTQ community YOUTH LINE This line is open 24 7 and answered by trained adolescents from 4 pm 10 pm PST Call 1 866 488 7386 Text 678 678 Call 1 877 968 8491 Text 839863 Text MT to 741 741 CRISIS TEXT LINE DIAL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES An adult s guide to suicide prevention and awareness

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RESILIENCE Resource Help guide your teen towards resilience by having a conversation with them using the prompts below WHAT CAN I DO if my child is struggling Talk with your children openly PRO TIP RESILIENCE IS LIKE A MUSCLE THE MORE YOU USE IT THE STRONGER IT BECOMES Self Signals What thoughts images moods situations behaviors physical symptoms do you experience that tell you an emotional struggle might be coming Remember that as parents it is often most effective to simply listen to our children instead of trying to fix the problem or give advice Sharing your own experience or story can be perceived as invalidating It can be helpful to ask can I share some advice with you before diving into your own personal experiences and or opinions WHAT WE CAN SAY TO OUR CHILD That must be really difficult What activities can you do on your own to distract yourself or improve your mood Where can you go or who can you contact to distract yourself from the negative emotions dark thoughts You have been dealing with a lot and I could see that it could be really stressful Thank you for letting me know what s going on Is there any way I can help you IF YOU SUSPECT SUICIDE IT IS VITAL THAT YOU ASK ABOUT IT DIRECTLY THIS WILL NOT PLANT THE IDEA IN THEIR HEAD Have you had thoughts of suicide WHAT IF THE ANSWER IS YES FIRST TAKE A BREATH Although it is incredibly scary to hear your child say they ve thought of ending their life now you know you can help them Listen to your child without judgement and let them know you care Work with them to create a safety plan Prioritize safe storage for any objects that could be used in a suicide attempt like medications guns sharp knives ropes or cords or cleaning products Encourage your child to stay engaged in their usual interests and healthy coping strategies like activities sports and socializing with friends I heard you say life wasn t worth living Do you really feel that way sometimes Who can you reach out to for help people you can be honest with about how you are feeling including your school counselor or therapist NAME NAME NAME NATIONAL HELPLINE 1 800 273 8255 CRISIS TEXT LINE Text MT to 741 741 What who is the most important thing person in your life IT S IMPORTANT TO VALIDATE OUR CHILDREN S STRUGGLES AND LET THEM KNOW THAT THEIR FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT COMMENTS TO AVOID You wouldn t do anything stupid like try to kill yourself would you Don t tell me you d actually think about killing yourself Your life is so good and you re luckier than a lot of other people CHECK IN WITH THEM OFTEN ASK HOW THEY ARE FEELING If your child is in danger stay with them or ensure they are in a private secure place with another caring person until you can get further help Know your resources see back of this brochure Encourage your child to reach out to one of the crisis lines and use these to support yourself as well

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