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Nathaniel Haws
Period 1
If you give a mouse a cookie, then the mouse will eat the cookie.
If the mouse eats the cookie, then it will keep coming back for more cookies.
If the mouse comes back for more cookies, then it will bring more mice when it comes
If it brings more mice, then there will be an infestation.
If there is an infestation, then you will need to call a exterminator.
It you call an exterminator, then it will cost money for the exterminator to come.
If exterminator comes to tent the house, then you will have to move out.
if you move out, then you will have to stay at a hotel.
If you stay at a hotel, then you will spend more money.
If you spend more money, then you won't be able to that new dishwasher.
If you can't buy the new dishwasher, then you will be stuck doing the dishes.
If you are stuck doing the dishes, then you will be tired, but you are lazy so don't give a
mouse a cookie.