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Child Labor


Today, I will be telling you about child labor. I will tell you what child labor is, what causes child labor, what you can do to help, interesting facts, and finally a video, and without further adieu, let's get into the book.


Chapter: 2   What Causes Child Labor?

Chapter: 5   Video

Chapter: 4   Interesting Facts

Chapter: 1  What is Child Labor?





Chapter: 3   What You Can Do To Help

Table of Contents

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Could you imagine waking up at 5am when you are normally sleeping, but instead, heading to go to work for very little pay, $1.25 a day, and then heading back to your little house and going back to bed-- and that was your life? What  I just told you is a day in the life of a child laborer.


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Chapter 1

What Is Child Labor?

This is a girl working in a carpet factory, making small knots in the carpet.

Child labor is when kids go to work, mostly out in the fields or in the carpet industries, for very little money and in very harsh conditions. Work starts early and ends late. They get up at 5 AM and go in a truck to the fields and then work all day and get home around 7 PM.


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This is an image of kids working in the field; their clothes are worn out, and they have no shoes.

What causes child labor? A main cause of child labor is when parents are poor, so they sell their kids to work for factories. Next is kids go to school in the winter, and during the summer, they take school off to go work to help supply money for basic needs for their family.

Chapter 2

What Causes Child Labor?

 Another reason child labor happens is because there is no school around, or the school is too far away, so they work instead. The parents don't have cars, remember, so they have to walk to school. In conclusion, that is what causes child labor.


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 This is an image of a kid working and may not get fed well, so you see his ribs and his clothes are worn out from working.

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This chapter  will tell you some things you can do to help as well as things one kid, Iqbal Masih, did. Some things you can do to stop child labor or help kids is make a website on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where you can provide information about child labor and find facts that will make other people be aware of what is happening, and then they can join in to help stop child labor. Another thing you can do is ask for donations like clothes, money, and food and then send the donations to a foundation that helps children and families afflicted by child labor.  By donating money, you can help to build schools for kids, and they can buy basic needs.

 Chapter 3

What You Can Do To Help

  Another thing you can do is speak out against child labor like Iqbal Masih, a teen activist, did. In Pakistan, he escaped child labor and started speaking out about child labor-- like you can do too. He went to schools to talk about child labor and inform them what they can do.  You can do protests, and you can also talk to large groups of people. Those are the things you can do to stop child labor.


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In this chapter I will be telling you about some interesting facts about people, child labor, and even a company that used child labor. The first thing I will be telling you about is two Americans named Jim Keady, and Lezly who went and lived on child labor wages for one month. One became so sick that he had a fever of 104 degrees. The other person had lost twenty-five pounds and was always hungry. The next thing I will be telling you about is Iqbal Masih, who was sold at the age of four to the carpet industry for the equivalent of twelve U.S dollars. At the age of ten, he escaped. He came to the United States to talk to schools and at rallies about the child labor situation. Unfortunately, when he returned to Pakistan, he was shot and killed at the age of twelve. A school in Massachusetts started asking for donations of money and raised enough money to build three schools in Pakistan in his honor.

Chapter 4

Interesting facts

Finally, the last interesting fact I will be telling you is about a company that used child labor to make its products. You could try to guess, but I bet you won't get it. The company that used child labor was Nike! They used thousands of kids in a giant warehouse to make shoes. The picture below shows them sitting in many rows without windows and wearing face masks to keep the chemicals out of their bodies. The workshop was in Indonesia and was one of the biggest in the world. There have been people that tried to rally the workers to stop the child labor for Nike. All that happened was the leader was tortured, beaten, threatened, and put in jail. 







In this chapter, I will show you a video of a man and woman who went to Indonesia and lived with kids and families who worked at the Nike sweatshop. They lived on a $1.25 a day and filmed the conditions, how they lived, and the result of living in that life. 

Chapter Five




In conclusion, I hope you know more and can now share about child labor to someone else and help spread the message of ending child labor. THANK YOU. 

About the Author

The author is Nathan Pare who is 11 and goes to Hall-Dale Middle School. He  lives in Farmingdale, ME, and enjoys playing sports such as baseball, soccer and snowboarding.