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  • Run in a circle for 10 mins
  • Stretches:
  • Arm Swings
    Right back, Left back 4 each
    Right forward, Left forward 4 each
    Alternating R back first 4 each
    Alternating L back first 4 each
    Diagonal swings R then L 4 each
    Trunk (stand in straddle)
    Trunk twist, R begins 4 each
    Pilé twist R Straight twist L lifting L leg 2 times
    Repeat beginning with L
    Hip push RLRL
    Hip circle begin to R 1 time
    Repeat to L
    R lean, R hand on hip, L arm overhead stretching 2 times
    L lean, L hand on hip, R arm overhead stretching 2 times
    Forward lean, hands on hips 2 times
    Backward lean, hands on hips 2 times
    Arms through legs then thrust up overhead 2 times
    Alternating arm lifts, body bent over, hand on floor RLRL
  • Join legs in pike stand
    Pike, squat, pike, squat, 4 quick toe rises twice
    Tuck roll to brief pike lay, roll down to pike sit
    Pike sit stretch with toes pointed 8 counts
    Pike sit stretch with toes flexed 8 counts
  • push back, sit on knees and lift body over top of toes 8 counts
    Hop over toes, straighten legs, walk hands out
    Achilles stretch R begins alternating 8 counts
    R leg straight, L ankle at R ankle, stretch 8 counts
    R leg bent, L ankle at R ankle, stretch 8 counts
    Repeat above on L side
    Ankle pops, pike stand, flat, then pop to top of toe 8 counts
    Toe rises in pike stand 8 counts

Warm Up: 30 min or less duration

Turn to R, R leg in front, stride stand, chest to knees 8 counts
Deep lunge, toes pointing forward, back leg straight 8 counts
Wider stride stand, R foot flexed 8 counts
Deep lunge, toes pointing forward, back leg straight 8 counts
L knee on floor, pull L foot to hip (Hamstring stretch) 8 counts
Slide into R split, square off 8 counts
Lift L leg, hold it with R hand 8 counts
Release, L leg joins R in pike sit, turn over to knees
Repeat lifting L leg to stride position
From knee sit, step on L foot in lunge
Move to R side lunge, L,R,L slide into side split 8 counts
Wrist warm-up, top of hands, palms of hands - while in split
Pull legs together and bridge, push thru shoulders 2-4 counts
Tuck and roll 2 times


Warm-up with runs up and down the runway

Flip off the back of the vault for landing 

Start with a small skill

Finish with your vault skill

Repeat vault skills


Warm up with tap swings

Try some dismounts

Do some kips 

Perform parts of your routine

Complete 5 full routines

Main Plan: 2 Hours

30 mins at each event


Start with many walks up and down the beam

Do 5 of each skill

Complete 5 routines


Warm-up to complete certain passes of your routine

Do 5 of each pass

Do 5 of each turn leap and jumps

Complete a skeleton routine

Complete 2 floor routines

  • Conditioning: 
  • Straight jump, Tuck jumps (alternating) 5 each
    Roll back to back, crunches 25
    Alternating V-ups 10 each
    Roll to R side for Arch ups 10
    Repeat to L 10
    Roll to tummy, Push-ups 15
    Slide legs in to pike press, rebounds 5 each
  • Press Handstands 
  • Handstand Push-ups 
  • Pike ups
  • Cast Handstands 
  • Pull-up, pull-over
  • Levers   
  • Rope Climb
  • Leg lifts
  • Around the world
  • Still handstands against the wall
  • Body lifts over a horse

Cool Down: 30 mins

  • Stretches:
  • Splits (middle, both sides)
  • Bridges
  • Pike Sit
  • Wrists
  • Rolling out body