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This booklet gives you a live look into Narnia and the Nations inside of it.

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All the separate nations were once independent nation that came together to form one big continent called Narnia. Three of the four nations decided to build a great wall around Finnelannd to isolate Finnelannd from the rest of the continent. The people of Sigadnigaf were struck by a natural disaster which drove them to migrate to The Republic of Chic-a-fil. The people of Finnelannd were also struck by a natural disaster but were unable to go anywhere with the growing tension between the neighboring nations. The people that tried to cross the wall from Finnelannd were either shot on site or captured and tortured. The people in the Dictatorship of Takalaka went on a long exploration of the world and a few people stayed behind in Takalaka. The people of Chic-a-fil, Finnelannd, and Sigadnigaf speak mostly the same thing with a few differentiations in dialects. The people of Takalaka speak a very different language due to their isolation in the mountains and the long exploration that they went on. Finnelannd’s, Signadnigaf’s, and Chic-a-fil’s economies are all very strong and thriving. Takalaka’s economy is reasonable but by far the worst in the continent. The countries have a lot of political talks but they aren’t all friendly. The talks between Takalaka, Chic-a-fil, and Sigadnigaf all mostly friendly, but all relations towards Finnelannd are aggressive and violent as they won’t let people of Finnelannd cross over the borders into their countries.


 Region Overview

In the Constitutional Monarchy of Finnelannd the government is strongly influenced by religion and is very tolerant of all religions as long as they still worship the Finebear. The main religion is Fineism and all other religions branch off of it. There are some civil rights in the nation but the political freedom is world benchmarking. The resources that Finnelannd has are phosphate, scandium, and terbium. The resources are used at home and abroad as Finnelannd is part of the Global Trade Federation. The capital city of Finnelannd City is in prime location for the phosphate, but the other resources are too far away from Finnelannd City so so two new cities were built. One near the border of Takalaka and one near the southeast coast. The relationship with the other countries in Narnia is red hot and violent. The surrounding countries have built a wall around Finnelannd and have closed the border to all Finnelanndians. The nation has national highways that go through the whole nation. They also have railroads that transport resources through the nation and into other nations as part of the Global Trade Federation. Finnelannd also has ports for shipping and airports for transporting people long distances. In relations to Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory Finnelannd would be a core country as it is developed and has sovereignty. According to Rostow’s Model Finnelannd would be in stage five as they are dependent and a large world economy. Funnel and has positively impacted the environment as it has clean renewable resources. Finnelannd is very safe as it has one of the best and biggest militaries in the world and the police force eliminates all crime to such a level that there is almost no crime. Funnel and is a big world country and is very important to the world.






Chic-a-fil is a republican government. Spirituality does not have a big role in my government. It only takes up about 5.6% of the Chic-a-filian Government Expenditure. Although the percentage is so low my government is still quite tolerant of religion. Government impacts Chic-a-filians some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. The government impacts Chic-a-filians some political freedoms by the following.Televangelists flaunt their expensive cars when they attend charity events, government police forces protect public schools from the threat of protest, a National Academy regulates grammar and usage, and government workers are regularly taken hostage by protesters. Crime is well under control, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare.


The strong Chic-a-filian economy, worth 33.7 trillion chicken nugget a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal. However, for those in the know, there is a slick, highly efficient, broadly diversified black market in Gambling, Woodchip Exports, Pizza Delivery, and Book Publishing. The private sector mostly consists of enterprising ten-year-olds selling lemonade on the sidewalk, but the government is looking at stamping this out. Average income is 56,220 chicken nugget, but there is a significant disparity between incomes, with the richest 10% of citizens earning 164,721 per year while the poor average 15,135, a ratio of 10.9 to 1.


Chic-a-fil has a natural recourses of Zirconium and Titanium. They don’t have that much impact on the economy because the economy is mostly made up of state owned industry that doesn’t make much use of the elements.


Chic-a-fil does not currently have any trading partners. Economic recourse and production have not really affected Urban development because their locations are so vastly spread apart. Also, since Chic-a-fil doesn’t trade, our economic recourses don’t affect our relationship with other countries. Likewise it doesn’t affect the transportation of infrastructure. Chic-a-fil’s economy follows Rostow’s model in the sense that economic take off must be led by a few individual sectors. In Wallerstein’s world systems theory Chic-a-fil places as a core country. Finally, man has impacted my country negatively by pollution. That includes water, air, soil and more. But, positively man has influenced the environment by gardening and the “go green movement.”



Alternate World Second Semester Narrative

Sigadnigaf is a relatively small country on the coast of the continent, Narnia. It runs a Republic and in turn has very good civil rights and good political freedoms. The government, although it has very little input in the economy, does hold its people as more important than the government itself. The people get to vote to represent on almost everything that comes to the table. Also, with private industry making up 94% of the economy, the economy is thriving. It is because of  the natural resources, such as gold and mica, that Sigadnigaf’s economy does so well, as well as its large automobile manufacturing. The natural resources, being mainly precious metals, make Sigadnigaf the worlds number one gold jewelry producer.  The gold, found just northeast of the capital, Marshlletown, increased the population and development immensely, along with a smaller city near the large mica reserve. The demand for these resource has caused open trade with people from around the [alternate] world except for Finneland who is despised by all on Narnia. There is an oil pipeline running from the far northeast that provides Sigadingafians their expensive gas needs.

Sigadnigaf started as a small fishing community at the base of a river and beside the ocean. The people were hardworking and friendly and had a nice community. Until a hurricane hit. Most people stayed and supported one another as they rebuilt their homes, but there was a small group that left for Chic-a-fil. This spread the Sigadnigafian culture across the continent. Because the families stayed in touch, there began communication between the settlements and the two became close allies. As the country continued to develop, the relationship grew and the both of them, along with a mountainous settlement, began to hate the people Finneland and ultimately put up a heavily guarded wall around it. The borders between the other three countries are simply low key shrub lines with signs posted every hundred yards. The cities of Sigadnigaf began to grow with the industrial revolution and the international trade grew significantly. It is involved in an international pipeline with Tubbytown. These trade situations have significantly affected its transportation system resulting in a more environment-friendly.

The main religion, Nostjidism, has affected the landscape due to its crazy rules. As a result, there are no left turning streets and there is never anybody wearing “puma.”

As Sigadnigaf continues to develop, it would most-likely be seen as just starting its drive to maturity. It would also be seen a semi-periphery country, although it does not stand out significantly. Unfortunately, with the excitement of natural resources and industrialization, Sigadnigaf’s environment has suffered from pollution and habitat destruction. Activists are slowing down the destructive mindset and the people are becoming more aware of their actions consequences. The transportation system is an example of these efforts.



 Narnia; a continent formed by three converging land masses, (one being Narnia) together they formed a moderate sized land mass. These three continents converged south of the equator making a mixture of climates (also due to ocean currents). Over millions of years Mountains started forming in the middle of the three converging continents and still to this day earthquake contently occur in the mountainous side of Narnia.  On the south-east side of Narnia is the Off-White Delta; this was formed by the Off-White River running down from the Mocky Rountains Mountains due to snow melting and running off to the base of the mountain where it meets up.

The climate of Narnia is mostly affected by the ocean currents surrounding the continent which vary because the north of narnia is closer to the equator but to the south is the southpole.

This makes Narnia a very diverse when it comes to way of life and cultures. To the south there are desertlands but to the South-East it is more wet and humid. To the North there are farmlands with very arable land. Finally to the North-West there are the Mocky Rountains Mountains, very rocky with forests, making these people more reliable on a Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle which differs from the farming lifestyle.

The Mocky Rountains Mountains are all inside of one huge continent. Not much live in the mountains but one species can thrive like no other within the forests on and at the bases of the mountains. Using wood logs they get from surrounding trees the native “mountlanders” make teepees in order to keep themselves warm and safe. They usually form colonies around the Off-White river but some will go further and use irrigation systems. The natives call their area Grtyey mrrs, which translates to “Rockyland” in english. The mountlanders pretty much made their own language and hasn’t spread much do to seclusion from other regions.

The Mountlanders are a hunter/gatherer group with a very complex medical system. They are very skilled in the art of Alchemy, they make the best healing ales and potions out of berries and herbs they find in surrounding areas. Rockland is bordered by two regions. Mountlanders usually stay away from what seems like to be their neighbors which is why their is little or no relation in language throughout all three regions.

Recently many mountlanders have been wanting to go out and explore due to overpopulation they know they will need more land. So far there has not been a known success but they are a determined group.