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Is sex the main thing?

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Don't fool yourself, some of the things you pass by are more important than what you think. 


Are you being the victim, even more than you are now, of capitalism?






Years pass by, generations are removed and welcome others to make their path, but... Are we improving? Sorry, let me reformulate the question: are we identifying our real necessities?

Sex. I don't know your age, but you will probably experience it someday, people is willing to have it and sometimes they see it as a necessity, but is that really it? Making the "dirty act" comes along with a price: we have to take care of ourselves. We have to avoid children and, of course, HIV and other STI but, think it twice: YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE SEX. You are the only one who wants it, so let me ask you again, is it really a necessity? No, no, no, no and a millions of no. I mean, I get it, you like it, you won't stop doing it and I'm not against it but, please, please, please, make an impact! Let the governament know that sex is not the main thing in life.

Now, you are probably wondering why I am saying this... Lets talk about napkins.

Women all around the whole, wide world have their period (unless you have some type of miracle) and have to deal with it once a month. We, girls, don't choose to have a leaky faucet, but they do choose to make the act. So why, if it is not something we have a say in, we can't have free napkins? Why can't governament give us, at least, cotton? Why would governament give free condoms but not something that is really a necessity? It will make life a lot of a hell easier. See, in every corner of the world poverty is an issue, and not everyone can provide their own selves the things they need in order to have a comfortable life. And don't tell me that we choose to hide our blood because if our culture accepted it, I would be glad to not have to spend my money in napkins.

So, now that you read this, think again (yes, once again till' you get it) is sex more important than napkins? Don't we deserve to be cozy in our body? Don't we want something that is, clearly, and without a doubt a necessity?

"Count on us, but don't forget her: Suuupernapkin!"

- Supercondom.