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Naomi Neon has always felt left out and unimportant. Maybe it is because she is colorless and does not react to anything. Or maybe it is just because she never mixes with anyone else. Throughout the story, Naomi Neon goes on a journey to discover herself and her uniqueness.

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Naomi Neon's






Writen and ilustrated by Kailey Hampton


In a plain house on Hickory 


Lane, lived Naomi Neon. 


Naomi Neon never mixed 


with anyone or ever reacted


to anything. All in all, Naomi


 thought she was not 


unique, but most of all, she 


thought she was boring. 



One day, while at school,


Kelsey Krypton,  Hailey


Helium, Litsy Lithium, and 


Cathy Cessium invited Naomi


on a road trip because she


never did anything.


However, Naomi was not


sure if she should go on the


trip. After all, she had never


went on a trip, especially


one that was at night




Nonetheless, when Kelsey, Hailey, Litsy, 


 and Cathy showed up at the plain house


on Hickory Lane, Naomi decided she would


be adventourous and try something new.


Naomi hopped into the car with her 


newfound friends and off they went to their


destination: The City That Glows


The whole ride to the City that Glows,


Naomi Neon was nervous even though


Kelsey and Hailey 


kept telling her that everything was


okay. Deep down, both Kelsey 


and Hailey knew that Naomi


 would love The City that Glows,


because she was exactly like whether


she knew it or not.


When they arrived at The City that Glows,



Naomi was amazed. There were glowing




lights absoultely everywhere.



They were in the trees, the sky, the 



ground, and even on the buildings.




Everyone walked around gazing at the



lights in awe.


After walking around for a few minutes, they


all came across a small garden with even


brighter lights than the rest of the city. Both


Kelsey and Hailey led Naomi to bench 


that was situated in the very center of


the garden and sat down.


“Naomi Neon, you


aren't boring, in


fact you are much


more than that,”


Kelsey stated.


However Naomi did


not believe that one


bit, “No I am not, I


can't react to


anything, I do not


mix with anyone,


and I am colorless! ”


Naomi shrieked in




You have so much potential, you just


don't know it yet.” Hailey replied while


reaching for a glowing light. Hailey


abruptly poked Naomi with the light,


startling her.


All of a sudden, Naomi's


colorless clothing


began to glow a bright


orange and blue. In


addition to that, her hair


grew highlights and her


eyes turned different


colors. Naomi shrieked


in utter joy. She had never


been this happy before;


she was finally unique!


Kelsey and Hailey laughed with excitement,


satisfied by knowing that Naomi was finally


happy with herself.  However Litsy 


and Cathy were not happy one bit.


In fact, they were enraged. In their


minds, they were supposed to be the only


unique people since they both were shiny.


Because of this, Litsy and Cathy decided


that they must get rid of Naomi Neon.


However, in order to to do this, they would


need to cut off Nomi's new life source: the




Both Litsy and Cathy suddenly began


to run around the City that Glows, ripping


down each and every light, one at a time.


Naomi , Kelsey, Hailey, were shocked


when they realized what Cathy and Litsy


were doing. Soon, there were barely


any more lights left and Naomi,


Kelsey, and Hailey knew they had


to do something. They all jumped into


action and began to chase Litsy


and Cathy around. However, no matter


how hard they tried, they could not catch


up with them.


Suddenly there were only 10 more lights left.


However these lights were the most important



of all, they were the Connector Lights. If these



lights were destroyed, all of the electricity


would be gone forever. Not only that, but


Naomi  would cease to glow and would


become sad again. Naomi, Kelsey, and Hailey


knew that they would do everything it took to


prevent that very thing from happening.


They all now knew that they would have to


destroy both Litsy and Cathy.


Glowing as bright as possible, Naomi jumped


in front of  Litsy and Cathy blinding them.


Quickly, Kelsey and Hailey grabbed the hose


they found in the garden and turned it on.


Water sprayed from the nozzle and landed


on Litsy and Cathy. Both Litsy and Cathy  


shrieked in fear, for water was extremely


fatal to them.



Litsy started sizzling and popping, all while


shrinking. On the other hand, Cathy exploded


into millions of tiny pieces and disappeared.


Naomi, Kelsey, and Hailey looked where Litsy


and Cathy were standing just a few seconds


ago with despair. They all bowed their heads in


respect for a minute or two. Slowly, they turned


around and left the dimly-lit City That Glows.


By the time they arrived at Naomi's home, Naomi


had come to a realization: she was special all


along. It didn't matter whether or not she was like


anyone else. She was non-reactive, she was


colorless and odorless, but most importantly, she


was Naomi Neon.


The End