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Like me, some of you may have heard Billy
Fuccillo and his repetitive ad to join him in
Mexico all expenses paid if you buy a car from
one of his KIA Dealerships. He closes each
commercial with his noxious tag line "It's
HUUUGGE!". The way he drags out the word
HUGE is a type of ear worm that one can not
shake even if you tried. But the bigger question
for me is why he chose this line to set himself
apart from his competition? Regardless of its
high annoyance factor, it has become an integral
part of his brand. His oversized attitude and the
way he talks over Caroline, seems to break all
the rules regarding marketing focus and staying
on message but has yielded him a successful
business and a net worth in the 100’s of millions.
Which reminds us how successful marketing and
branding can be even if unorthodox.
Some of the most successful brands in
history have the ability to stand the test of time
using simple tag lines that tie directly to their
product and core business. Nike "Just do it",
Verizon "Can you hear me now?", Publix
"Where shopping is a pleasure.", GE "We bring
good things to life.". A strong brand is critical to
generating referrals or viral traffic. It keeps
customers loyal and it reminds a business to stay
in it’s lane. For example, I am not really sure
about what other “good things” GE is bringing
to life, I DO know that if I need a light bulb or a
dishwasher they will be a top brand I will be on
the hunt for at my local store.
An April 2016 article on
stresses that “Solid customer service can turn a
bad experience and customer issue into a
positive one that will encourage them to come
back and try your brand again”. As
professionals, we have all heard about the
importance of happy customers. But did you
know that bad customer service can not only end
relationships with customers, it can destroy your
reputation for years to come? I know, I know,
some of you may be thinking “What does this
have to do with a Property Appraiser’s Office?
Well believe it or not, yours is a brand. It
operates a little differently than say Apple, but
you still want your residents and constituents to
value your office and what it does. You want to
attract new residents and businesses to your
county. You want to make sure that your office
handles the Homestead Exemption and other
statutes it is responsible for in such a way that
should there be a problem your customers know
that it will be handled professionally and
completely. They will be given all the necessary
and proper information to move forward and
come election time your Appraiser will be
rewarded with re-election.
As owner of Name2Homes I understand
that many Property Appraiser Offices and
revenue departments don't have the luxury or
the budget to develop a multi-million dollar
branding and marketing initiative. But branding
is none the less important. Think about the
small ways in which you can build and reinforce
your brand to your customers and you will be
well on your way to make a memorable
experience for your customers, your employees
and your county.
Name2Homes is a Florida
based small business focused
on helping counties reclaim
revenues lost through
improper Homestead filings.
To sign up with Name2Homes:
1. Establish an account with
2. Contacting LexisNexis and
creating a trial XML account
3. Sign LexisNexis’ “Schedule
A” form and get 1,000 free
records to be used within 30
4. Converting your trial XML
account to Production
5. Uploading all or part of your
Homestead database. Do as
little or as much as you wish.
Did you know?..
Florida is the only state to have
an “Embassy” in Washington,
DC and is called “Florida
With over 1,300 courses,
Florida has more golf courses
than any other state in the
by Name2Homes
Judy Abel Tiner
Nassau County
Reports to:
Michael Hickox, Property Appraiser
Kevin Lilly, Chief Deputy
Exemption Supervisor
How long with Department:
15 Years
Personal Stats:
Married 37 years
One son and two grandsons
Motorcycling, Geocaching, Reading
Things that she enjoys about the job
I enjoy the people I work with, the
investigating side of the exemption
approval process, helping the seniors
who are living on a fixed income get
help with their property tax and
working with our military, veterans and
first responders to insure they are
getting the property exemptions that are
eligible for.
Adjectives describing her:
Reliable, ambitious, compassionate,
intuitive, persistent, resourceful
Keeping up with the increasing number
of fraudulent exemptions in a growing
Life Quote that gets you by:
Keep the faith and enjoy life’s journey
because our time here on earth is short.
After all our attitude toward life is what
brings us joy in living.
Last book you read – (Florida Statutes
volume 1 - but on a serious note) :
The Love Letter’s by my favorite author
Beverly Lewis.
As an owner of a small business, both past and present I am very proud to have had several exposures to
multiple industries. This has allowed me to really think broadly about how small business work to
(grow, of course) but also to support mid-sized and larger companies in their mission. It is a unique
partnership and I say to anyone who will hear that you will never just have one job. Nor should you
seek to have one job your entire life. You should taste the rainbow of possibilities. It is what makes our
country and our very diverse economy the envy of the world. My last small business was EdgeTech
Document Shredding. It was a mobile, on-site shredding and imaging company where we literally held
the life’s blood of many organizations in our bins until our trucks did the job of destroying all sensitive
material to a size that rendered it useless to dumpster divers (which is legal), criminals and even
In one instance my Sales Manager worked on an in-home health aid company for many weeks. She
extolled the virtues and common sense of having a service such as the one we offered. They did not
budge. She contacted them on a cycle about every 6 weeks and even offered a free trial where they can
see the service at work and literally do the math on how much more productive their 4 offices would be if
salaried staff did not have to be in charge of shredding every HIPAA relevant paper. In particular she
pointed out what could happen if someone used even one piece of improperly destroyed information.
She sent white paper and even offered to visit at a future staff meeting to discuss ways that staff can
safeguard information. Because for me it sometimes did not matter if we got the account as long as the
customer was doing something to keep their business safe. At long last we relented, because in sales
there is only so much you can do to turn a no to a yes. Several months later that business was on the
news because their cleaning staff (an independent company) went through the trash and stole social
security numbers, names, addresses of both client and staff and re-sold them to other individuals who
used them to establish false identities, open credit cards, and commit other illegal activities. About a year
after that, the entire company was out of business. It was an unrecoverable error. As Property
Appraisers, you face the same challenges but on a much greater scale. You are responsible for thousands
and sometimes millions of bits of information that make up the details of your constituents. Are you
prepared? Does your office have a comprehensive system in place for all data as well as backup data? Is
your staff trained in how to process, handle and eliminate any threats to who sees and has access to this
data? Do you understand the state and federal guidelines and laws governing how your data is to be
handled and what the outcome are if you are found to be improperly routing that paper through your
office. Do you have important safeguards such as passwords, restricted log-in access for every layer of
staff who might come across data. Is your staff trained? Where is your backup of information kept? Do
you have a hurricane readiness plan in place that will safeguard all your technology? Is it kept off-site
and out of state or in an equally tenuous place where a hurricane or natural disaster could disrupt
operations for days and weeks. These are important things to think about and no matter if you are a
small county or a large one. It may be time to take a strong first step and hire an *NAID AAA certified
document shredding company.
*NAID - National Association for Information Destruction. Name2Homes is not endorsing any particular document shredding company.
Look for Name2Homes at the these upcoming conferences.
November 14- 17 - Florida Association of Property Appraisers (FAPA)
Hosted by Duval County Property Appraiser Jerry Holland
at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront
Keynote Speakers: President-Elect Mike Hickox
November 16 - 18 - 113th Property Appraiser Association of Florida (PAAF) conference
Hosted by Osceola County Property Appraiser Katrina Scarborough
at the Embassy Suites Orlando-Lake Buena Vista South in Kissimmee
Keynote speaker: Dr. Maurice “MO” Gogarty, FL Department of Revenue, PTO Director
Lessons From A Small Business Owner...