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My life through it all 

By Bob shwingleburg


Hi my name is Bob Shwingleburg. I workin the field as a loborer, I hate it. It's the hardest thing to do ever. I am the father to a child his name was Josh Pablo Shwingleburg. At birth he was found with a bad case of addiction to tobacco along with a defective heart. He later died at a week old. I had a secret lover. I meet Ariel Barra when I was delivering goods to the owner of the property. I feel in love at first sight. Her eyes were beautiful they were dark brown. I saw her watching me as I walked by standing as proud as I  could with my badge on my shirt. I am very proud of my military time and the time I spent there. I was in trainging and help when fights and civil wars errupted. I was born in Africa in a family of ten. I have ten siblings who are named Mia, Chris, Tye, Rhianna, Jennifer, Jacky, Kevin, Stewart, Sall, and Michelle. I have five sisters and five brothers. I left them behind when I was fourteen since I was looking for a job. When on the look for a job I ran into a teacher who taught me how to read and write. One down side from that is that since I learned I've had to keep it hidden from everyone. I am very strong willed which comes with it's strengths and weaknesses. I personally believe that if I put in a lot of effort on my work and don't cause problems I will go to heaven and be rewarded.

Alittle about myself


 I have just got notice that they have drawn the line at the appalachine mountains. I'm so happy I finally don't have to worry about having to move alot for work since I never knew if they were going to expand their territory. The proclamation of 1763 is a law prohibiting the expansion of the appalation mountains.  The line of 1763, beyond which white settlers could not advance, extended across the western border of North Carolina. I am actually happy that they finally did this. They finally started thinking about why the indians and natives were attacking them. I personally think that it's about time. The indians in my opinion had a reason to rebel im obviously not going to say anything in person but I honestly think that. Like do y'all not learn from things like this. It also brings calmness to my mind knowing that I will not be called to duty because of my personal history with the military. Well until next timejournal I don't quiet know when I will be able to write on you again but see you buddy make sure you don't tell anyone your here or even written on.

Stamp Act and Stamp Congress

HOW DARE THE GOVERNMENT!!! The government thinks that they can just come in and tax us on paper. NO. Us as people we refuse to pay you more money thana we already do. We already pay you and we aren't even represented in government. We have no say at all. We need some sort of representation in government. I heard a few of those from town talking about the stamp ACT congress and how they are gathering to discuss the issue of the stamp act and how the colonists really are having problems as a whole. A republicanisum government sounds amazing but i doubt that that will happen so until that happens good bye journal.

The publication of Common Sense

Today I had to write in here it was a must. I saw the most shocking thing today someone under the name of Thomas Pain is finally speaking out for the people and is encouraging them to support the seperation of the 13 colonies from Great Britian. I agree with him we should seperate from Great Britian we should seperate and create our own government that will work for everyone including me because I am a farmer and here the good beneficial laws that they have don't benefit me they just bennefit those who are rich and have alot of money. That also goes with representation because those who are rich are part of government and not those who are not rich and don't own land. For example I can vote which is unfair to me but to be able to vote I must own land. I personally dont get paid enough for that which sucks because I would love to be able to have at least a say in that way.

Sorry for not writing on you for so long buddy but I was called to duty. I really didn't want to go but due to the background that I have with the military. Us here in the colonies have been keeping in close touch and we finally decided that we wanted to go against the British. So here we are at what they are calling Battle at lexington and Concord. We have managed to drive the british troops back so we've won this battle but I know this isnt all. I will add to you when there is finally some improvements for us the people of the colonies.


July 1776- Finally something good is finally happening. We have officially said that we are seperating from Great Britian and we will finally be able to overthrow the gov if they are not allowing us a say in government or are not governing the colonies equally. This document says that we are all equal and that we inaliable rights which consist of the rights to liberty,life, and the pursuit of happiness. I am so happy things are finally changing for us. The fourth of july is now a day that I would say goes in the books as one of the most glorious days of them all.

Battle at Lexington & Concord along with the Declaration of Independence

General George Washinton has come in too lead us to a military camp 18 miles northwest of Philly. I am not looking forward to this. I have a very bad feeling about this winter. We will be spending the winter of 1777 and 1778 here. From the looks of it now I dont think many will make it threw but I will try my best to so I can keep writing on you so that you can later tell my story. 


Mid-way through my time here- We have had so many casualties lately its so cold alot of us are getting frostbite and there isn't enough food for us all. I am so hungry all the time but have to stop myself from thinking about it because I know it will bring me down and I will not get threw this. Well I will write you by the time this winter is over if I make it.


End of the winter here- This is devastating me. We have had about 2,500 casualties all around us. I am absolutly starving and my immunity is down. I am afraid that I will catch one of these diseases that is going around it is terrifying I cant wait to get out of here so I can finally get enough food and will get medical help. I dont want to die. Until next time diary hope I survive.

Winter at Valley Forge

Failure or what? I think so. Heres to catch you up on whats been going on diary. So they have tried to create a new government that in my opinion was a failure. It created Economic disorganization or in other hand the economy had no way of being organized. It also created a lack of leadership. We have to create a government  that's fair, includes everyone and work well when in terms of power equality. I think that the whole goal of one branch not having more power than the other was a great idea. With that idea it was made so that then we didn't have one person in absolute power which also prevented the one person in charge not to become power hungry and derail this country.

Articles of Confederation?

There have been may amendments that actually make it into the actual constitution. but there has been on average when you do the math one every thirteen years. It crazy when I think about it. I have been able to see this all happen and evolve into what its become. Through all of the failures and successes. I think this is the end of my journey with you diary. I am way to old to hold up a pencil. Hope your reading all of this in the future. If you are please tell my story for me. Goodbye.

The Proposal of the Constitution