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My 6-Figure Journey

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Minovet LLC Minovet LLC 650 Warrenville Road Suite 100 1008 Lisle IL 60532 www minovet com

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PROLOGUE I am on my journey to becoming a 6 figure business I actually am planning to make my first million but I wanted to share this milestone with you all first as I am actively building to reach that goal along the way I want to share my journey with anyone willing to listen I plan to share my experiences what I learned what worked for me and what didn t work There are so many guru courses and buyable content out there that may work for some but they may not work for all I m not too fond of the idea of paying for something that you aren t sure will be a good fit for you I want to be transparent about my journey so that others who are on a similar path can follow along take notes and implement what is relevant to them Anyone can follow along and see if the steps that I take are beneficial This showcase can also be used as a guide to determine if working with us along the way or in the future is ideal All that we will be providing here is something we are freely giving as it is happening We do plan to turn this into a form of revenue in the digital asset column later We want to show you how we convert our journey content into billable content You can do that as well Follow our steps to create this for yourself This wealth of information that we will provide over the next segment of our lives will always be available and free to the do ityourselfers out there that don t mind researching gathering relevant information and implementing it needed For the future entrepreneurs that would like everything laid out in a step by step guide with mentorship and or reference tools to build a plan specifically for them we will be providing a course or some form of digital content that can be purchase to remove the tedious task of researching what you need Everyone on any growth venture with their business uses our free content or paid content to reach new heights We hope to be one of the resources that shows you how to be everything you wish to be and how to build the most profitable business along the way Let's become bigger, better bosses together. I want to see you win!

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DAY 3 START ADDING DAILY SALES GOALS I said I would hit my 6 figures this year easy and I started planning for my first million instead How do you plan for this Well the first step is to actually know what you need to do to hit your mark To make 100k you only need to sell 275 worth of product a day For me that is only one small wholesale order For the first two days of the year I have passed that by quite a bit because I sell wholesale If you don t sell wholesale think of it this way Sell twenty eight 10 items a day to cross your 275 day threshold You could also sell six 50 items a day You could also do a combination of both and cross sell to reach your goals This tactic gives you something realistic to shoot for This also gives you an easy way to adjust your goals if you fall short at any point When you are short do more Promote more call and sell more offer incentives sales coupons etc Short term goals help you to keep pushing forward and can keep you on track Look at your sales funnel alongside your analytics and determine where the train stops and then recouple the carts to put your train back into full motion Don t worry We ll talk more about sales funnels and how to set up and use analytics more in the next few chapters I will also provide some direct tactics that you can start implementing right away to catch up since this is day 3 s advice We will make day 1 and 2 s daily financial goal back From this day forward we will be filling out our daily goals and comparing them to our realistic totals to get

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us in the habit of planning and executing I will share an example of how a day with this tool will look like You can always come back to this page for help if you forget what to do I will also leave words of encouragement for you daily to keep you motivated Take a look at your new daily finance tool chart Add it to the top of your goal sheet every day to keep you on track You can fill the chart in here as well to always be able to come back and see how far you have come from the beginning of this journey we are taking together When filling out the chart make sure to list items that are relevant to what you are selling today Thing of your top sellers and what s in style These items are the key to meeting your daily goals Items that don t sell as often are bonuses when they sell You don t want to include these in your must sells unless you have a plan to ensure sales at that time Make sure to adjust the items you choose to add every day according to your inventory changes supply and demand changes or changes in daily trends You don t want to list anything that is out of season out of stock or not a hot commodity

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Item Price Qty Total Bonnet 30 5 150 Edge Wrap 15 5 75 Sample Pack 85 1 85 310 Daily Goal Amount On the lines below the chart list the steps you can follow to ensure these items are sold Promote items via my social media stories Create a Reel and or Tik Tok video to showcase how these items are used with direct links to buy and a cutoff time for an exclusive deal Contact previous buyers with an incentive to buy again Promote items in business support groups Plan a flash sale with email marketing After filling in your chart and steps to achieve those daily goals analyze your progress at the end of the day Acknowledge your progress good or not as planned and adjust as needed And remember a slow sales day is not a bad day it is just a day that could have been planned for or planned better Days that you do very well on can offset the shortages on slow sales days So on big sale days set your goals higher to plan or to catch up 105 00 Catch Up Amount YTD Goal minus sales 720 00 Actual Sales Amount to Date year to date 825 00 Goal Amount to Date 275 x 3 day of the year 310 00 Actual Daily Total what did you actually sell Example

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Daily A rmation Daily Financial Goal Item Price Qty Total Daily Goal Amount Actual Daily Total what did you actually sell ___________ Goal Amount to Date 275 x 3 day of the year 825 00 ___________ Catch Up Amount YTD Goal minus sales ___________ Actual Sales Amount to Date year to date ffi Date

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Join our group here Bigger Better Bosses and add your friends Please leave a note We would like to know what you need help with and we d like to know what you suggest we add We will try to add your concerns or questions to our daily posts along the way ChimeIn www minovet com biggerbetterbosses We will be posting daily to help you all stay on track along with many sales and marketing tips to get those goals checked off Make sure to subscribe to our blog to get notified when any new info drops Also follow our business support group to chime in and chat with us anytime about any info you see You can also push and promote your business there as well Did I forget to say that it is free

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Minovet Krissy A seamstress with a passion for fashion natural hair business development community support as well as mental health and self care I am the owner of Minovet LLC which is a handmade traveling boutique that specializes in natural hair care accessories and custom fashion wear for the entire family Minovet LLC also provides business services that include business branding solutions and strategic business planning to new and upcoming businesses at an affordable rate My satin bonnets have been seen on WCIU Chicagos The Jam thanks to an opportunity with Then Look Chicago I have been interviewed on The Russell Price Jr Show Washington D C Purposely Awakened Magazine Los Angeles CA Scene Chicago Chicago IL Que Radio Chicago IL ESM Radio Lisle IL and on Tell the Wold with Stephen Jahseed Elgin IL I have also previously hosted BAB Radio with Scene Chicago powered by Urban Broadcast Media Chicago IL and a host of On The Scene Chicago IL As a business owner that started with very limited resources but still managed to consistently move forward on my journey to success I use my blog and platform to show others the way I was able to find a path forward with limited funds limited resources and very little support all while struggling with chronic illnesses and financial misfortune due to my health conditions I take my life experiences the good the bad and the ugly and share them with the work in hopes of inspiring others to also go for their dreams In the face of adversity I am still a light blessed and highly favored I Inform I Impact and I Inspire Inspired by all Intimidated by none The thoughts of me NoThemeAttached Mesmerizing InnovationsNaturally Outstanding simplyMINO Facebook Instagram Twitter Clubhouse Minovet Minovet Minovet Minovet Bosses In Love Bosses In Love Bosses In Love Free business support group facebook com groups biggerbetterbosses

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