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its just story line about how my life might portrait in the Real word

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A timeline of my life


God allowed both my parents, Guillermina Lorenzo and Amando Velazquez, to meet in America and create a family. Thus is how I also partake in this whole family stuff, without me I don't think there was going to be a family. I Maleny Velazquez Lorenzo was born in Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, in Camden. From those 9 delightful months, March was the month that I had to leave my mother's womb and had to step out in the world which took place in the year 1999. Both my parents are from a very beautiful place called Puebla which its located in the center of Mexico. Before them, all go my family was born in Mexico. However, my parents and my aunts and uncles decided to change the game. I and my other family members are the First generations to be born in America. Believe me or not none of them wanted to create a family here, they were just only teenagers that decided to take a risk to come to the united state to work because there was nothing that they could provide to their family back home. But, Surprise Surprise I and my little sister came along in their future without knowing that they were going to stay a little bit longer than they expected.

  What are the circumstances of your beginning and how are they significant to your life? 

Having a Mexican background and being an American citizen is truly a huge blessing. Probably with what I dealt in my childhood made me realize as a kid that the world is not all butterflies and sunshine. As a kid, I dealt with rejection with loved ones, felt so insecure, and dealt with a situation that happens to me that is honestly not a pretty story to tell. However, I am really grateful for having those situations happen in my early stages of life because I grew up knowing that the world is a huge mystery. It helped me to develop myself as a human to always appreciate the small things that seem so insignificant have a huge matter in life. It helped me to have a strong faith in God even if I dont understand what is going on. Also, it helped me to not relay always on people because they make mistakes and sometimes you have to do things for yourself. Also as a kid, I knew that life is a struggle but whatever you put I the world negative or positive you get what you give. I am not perfect and I am not a holy child I am still growing and I can be stubborn but I know deep down that I am valid and that I always have to be true to who I am.

My parents before I came along the way in their life.

Preschool: 3 years old 

Infancy: 1 year old

trust vs mistrust vs autonomy vs guilt

Celebrating my 2nd birthday with my family and there is me trying to blow candles. But my dad was like be careful to get to close to it.- And my mom helping my put me with my coat for the winter because I didn't want to wear it.

My first time doing my first catholic baptism. Following along on what they are reading in the book. 

Elementary School: Learning and attended tatem elementary school in  collingswood

By the age of 18 I will head to New York and study criminal justice. A passion that I had for so many years to fight for the true justice and investigate any crime.

identity vs role confusion vs isolation

Adolescence- senior in collingswod high school,2018. and working all these years to graduate from highschool to head into college.

Challenge myself to change my lifestyle to a more healthy state. To challenge myself that I could discover other foods that are plant based food for my body.

At the age of 22 I will graduate from a criminal justice major

In my late 20s I will attend quantico and train to become an FBI agent and become the person I always wanted to become as a kid.

At the age of 20-30 I will live in a nice small apartment in New York city. Independently doing me own thing in this world.

I will now open up myself and search for people out there i will meet people along the way in my mid 20s but still haven't settle in with anyone yet.

Adulthood:intimacy vs isolation

Age 30 finally I Maleny Velazquez Loremzo has become an FBI agent. Agent Lorenzo at your service fighting and investigating crime issues, your welcome.

- At the age of 30 I will start to settle in and try to construct a family of my own now.

- Learn the Hebrew language

-Get married at the age of 35 and move to Florida and develop a Nice family there


once I settle in Florida with my lover we will have 3 kids of our own, then adopt kids from the latin countries

one child from each country 

- Age 50 I will see my children graduate from highschooland support them on what they want to construct in their life

- Search kids those in the latin countries who are studying to become chief. Give them a visa and will have them to work for my restaurant in Chicago. 

Middle adulthood

- At age 55 I will still work as an investigator in the FBI but I will also own a huge Hispanic  restaurant

-In my mid 60s I will see my children graduate from college

-Hopefully in my 70s I will see my grandchildren

Late adulthood

- In the Early stages of my age 60s my restaurant will prosper

- In my 60s I will still work as an agent to investigate crime

- help out and investigate how to make a difference here for future girls to be safe here

-i will ffight for the women in ciudad Juarez

- At the age 70 i will retire from my jobs and live in Mexico for 10 years.

- my children can come and visit

- In my 80s I will spend the rest of life in Israel and explore the country.

-will like to spend my life ffinding the beautiful mysterious of the Bible 

-discover the culture

-Learn and understand the studies of the Bible


If I hurt anyone through out my life I am deeply sorry for Ive never learned how to cure my stubborn ways. But for those that came along in my life thank you for making my life so interesting. To my parents thank you for holding my hand through out the beginning and even until the end. I know I probably did not change the world as much as I wish I could but I am truly blessed to help those people that needed a smile. Blessed to be a shoulder to cry too, to give them encouragement, and to make anyone them feel valid here in earth. Life is beautiful always be grateful and always have a strong faith. Explore and always be true to yourself, authentic is the key, grow and never be self conceded. God bless you all and thank you. 

- Maleny Velazquez Lorenzo