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 Anne Frank Jourdnal Entries- The Dreamer

By; Sara Markley and Amira Mustafa













       If I was Mr. Frank I would of returned to the hiding place because not only would it make me feel like I was at home but also it would make me feel like I was with them and bring back good memories. Going back home could bring back all the good and bad times I had with them. Seeing their stuff would make me feel like I was with them. Not only would it help me cope with the tragedy of their death but would also help me move on with my life. Going back to the hiding place also was good in Mr.Franks case cause if he didnt he would of never found out about Anne's diary. In this case his daughter's diary would of never of changed lives of many. That is why I would of returned back to my hiding place.

August 1, 1942

August 6, 1942

       I would be able to be a protector like Miep and Mr. Kraler even though I know I would suffer the same fate as the Jews. I wouldn't mind because I rather at least try and make a change in  our country instead of sitting around and watching others suffer. No one deserves to live or be tortured the way the Jews were. I would do anything in my power to try and make a difference no matter what consequences come with that. That is why I would become a protector like Miep or Mr. Kraler even though I know I would suffer the same fate as the Jews.

August 31, 1942

    At the end of scene four Anne list several things that each person would like to do again. She said stuff like riding her bike, seeing her friends and more. If I was stuck in hiding like Anne I would want to just go outside, see my friends, and go to the beach. Going outside because after being stuck inside for such a long time I would have to get some fresh air. I would want to see my friends because I would miss them and what to know what has been going on. Finally I would want to go to the beach so I could try to get rid of all the bad memories of hiding. Thats is some of the things I would want to do during hiding.

Febuary 9, 1943

    In the beginning of the play Anne is rather annoying. She has many loud, random outbursts. Also she look for any little reason to start an argument with someone. As the play goes on Anne gets more calm and starts the realize she is acting immature. So she starts to get used to the situation they are in and adjusts to it.  For example during these seen she is acting very sweet around Peter, she is acting like a whole new person. In my opinion I think she is growing up and getting more mature.

May 12, 1943

     At the very end of the play Mr. Franks says “she puts me to shame.” By she he means Anne, and when he says this it is taken place after the war. Yes, i think it is an appropriate thing to say because he is not offending his daughter at all. What he is saying that he is ashamed that he couldn't say that himself. In my opinion I think he was very proud of his daughter when he said this. He said this after reading her diary, and I don't think he ever realized that his daughter could write like that until she was gone

June 5, 1944

    If Anne Frank still were alive today it would be an absolute honor to have a conversation with her. I would have so many question for here! I would ask her stuff like, did you ever think the whole world would know who you were. I would also ask her specific questions about what it was like in thee 25 months of hiding. I would specifically ask her when people started to get on her nerves and also who was the hardest to live and who was the easiest to live with. Then i would tell her how amazed I am at everything she has gone though. That is what I would say Anne Frank if she was still alive today.

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