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“The Muktamar” – The 1st Indonesian Islamic Convention 2016 in Australia which aims to bring Indonesian Muslims Community in Australia together to highlight how Islam and Indonesian Muslim play a positive role in the Australia harmonious society.

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The Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria (IMCV) is proud to present:
"The Muktamar” – The 1st Indonesian Islamic Convention 2016 in Australia which aims to bring Indonesian Muslims Community in Australia together to highlight how Islam and Indonesian Muslim play a positive role in the Australia harmonious society.

About IMCV

IMCV (Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria) Inc. is non-profit religious society dedicated to the promotion of the Islam amongst Indonesian residents in the State of Victoria, Australia.


The mission of IMCV is to assist Indonesian Muslim Community in Victoria in its quest to advance its intellectual and spiritual capacity for the benefit of Indonesian society at large both in Australia and Indonesia.

IMCV was founded in 1997 by six Islamic study groups in Victoria with the support from Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Melbourne.


Currently, IMCV has twelve registered Islamic study groups and three main centres to accommodate Indonesia Muslim community religious activities in Melbourne area: Clayton South, Coburg North and Laverton.


For more detail information about IMCV, please visit our website at:  

Pre-event Activities

As part of the activities leading up to Muktamar 2016, we have organised two events for local attendees and participants: Blood Donation and Feed the Homeless. These events are supported by Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) and Community Care Network (CCN).

The Islamic Museum of Australia shares the rich artistic heritage and historical contributions of Muslims in Australia and abroad through the display of various artworks and historical artefacts. The museum is located just 10 kilometres outside Melbourne's city centre in the inner northern suburb of Thornbury.

This stunning contemporary building backs onto the famous, leafy Merri Creek Trail. The onsite cafe, Modern Middle Eastern, serves delicious breakfasts and lunches and is run by Masterchef finalist, Samira El Khafir.

The museum holds regular events, screenings, lectures, exhibition openings, workshops and the monthly unique Artist Salon. Visit the IMA website or join the mailing list for the latest museum news and events. The museum features five permanent galleries and a visiting exhibition space.

The Islamic Museum of Australia collects, preserves and showcases original art pieces which reflect the museums vision in sharing the Australian Muslim experience. These include unique objects, information and other crafts sourced from Australia and around the Muslim world, as well as an exciting collection of contemporary art by Australian Muslim artists.


Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA), 24 September 2016


Guest Speakers:

Bell City Hotel, 24 September 2016

Br. Zachariah Matthews - He was born in Bosmont Johannesburg and attended Chris Jan Botha Senior Secondary School CJB, South Africa, where he studied Qur’an and Islamic studies as well as secular subjects. Matthews’ secular education was in Pharmacy, in which he completed B.Pharm, BSc (Hon) and Pharm.D degrees in South Africa and the United States before migrating to Australia, where he now lives. For two years he was Head of Religious and Leadership Studies at an independent school. Dr Matthews actively focusses on leadership mentoring and development. He writes and publishes on subjects ranging from the ethics of disagreement to spirituality in the post-modern world.

Brother Drew has studied in Madinah after his conversion to Islam and is very well sought after to give speeches at Islamic centres and events around the city.  As a native Australian, he delivers the message in a funny and clear way, making him well-liked and memorable. Qualifications: B.A. Honors Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.  Master in Islamic Banking and Finance.  Diploma in Arabic from Islamic Unversity of Madina. He is currently a Primary Teacher (Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Qur’an Recitation) at Al-Taqwa College, Melbourne.

Sheikh Moustapha SARAKIBI was born in Lebanon to Syrian parents. He completed a Masters in Islamic Banking & Finance at La Trobe University in 2012. Moustapha has been intensively involved with the Muslim community as a sheikh, prison chaplain, a member of the Board of Imams and a member of the Family Arbitration Council which acts as a Shariah Court in Victoria for Marriage Affairs.

Gala Dinner - Dine & Donate

Bell City Hotel, 24 September 2016

Mr. David Tyson and Mr. Tristan Lanarus (Principal of Westall Secondary College) have been awarded by Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria.

IMCV Awards 2016

Awards presentation at Westall Secondary College on 14th September 2016.

It is with immense disappointment that I heard later in the day the words of Senator Pauline Hanson and her offensive reference to Muslims in the Australian community.   Her ill- informed comments made me feel deeply sad and angry, that such evil words  were directed to my friends in the Muslim community.
I want to assure you and all the wonderful people that will attend the Gala on the 24th September that Pauline Hanson’s damaging views are not those of the majority of Australians.   It is vital that we come together and make sure our collective  voice is heard over Pauline Hanson and her supporters, that Australia is a multi-cultural society that values all people who live within its shores.
Let’s show Paul Hanson what great friendship and good citizenship real means.

A Letter from David Tyson (Westall Secondary College Principal 2009-2015)

I am deeply honoured to receive such an award and it now sits in a prominent place on my mantel place at home.   I see our relationship as a model of how all Australians should live, our strength and deep friendship comes from our deep respect and trust for each other.


1st Indonesian Islamic Convention Muktamar 2016

Agenda - Friday 23 September 2016

Agenda - Overview

23-25 September 2016

Agenda - Saturday, 24 September 2016

Agenda - Sunday, 25 September 2016


  • Conference: East Wing Conference Room (6)
  • Morning/ Lunch/ Afternoon Break: Marquee Area (7)
  • Praying Room: New York Room (4)
  • Gala Dinner: Ballroom (3)


Committee of the 1st Indonesian Islamic Convention Muktamar 2016

The Indonesian Islamic Convention “Muktamar” 2016 aims to provide a single communication platform amongst Indonesian Muslim Community across Australia. In addition, the Indonesian Muslim Community of Australia will play more positive role as a part or Australia society.


Thus, Indonesian Muslim Community of Victoria as a host of this event believes that the Muktamar 2016 can provide the greatest benefits for the participants and partners through any available support.


Therefore, we invite your institution to join and participate in this historical and full of opportunities event