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Unit shown with multiple options The innovative MTS Dino Series suction excavator is purpose built for dry from the ground up to powerfully and safely excavate without the use of water Utilizing patented technology and the highest quality components each unit is engineered and manufactured specifically to optimize performance and throughput Spend less time in the shop and more time working No leaving the jobsite to refill or dump wet spoils No costly slurry disposal charges No overweight loads Unrivaled productivity Decreased costs Uncompromising safety Environmentally responsible

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Why Suction Excavation When you eliminate water you eliminate limitations slurry and weight When you dig dry with air you deliver productivity versatility and value DRY WORKS MTS The patented technology that was engineered into the MTS Dino Series ensures that every component and moving part optimizes performance and works flawlessly when introduced to dry materials The majority of vacuum excavation equipment might be able to contend with the 24 000 CFM twin fan power but as exposure to dry materials increases the MTS Dino Series increases throughput while every other piece of vacuum excavation equipment decreases in productivity and even heads toward breakdown optimizes the use of air to increase project throughput beyond the standard limitations of the vacuum excavation industry all while providing solutions to the most common and costly obstacles created through the use of water The MTS Dino Series Suction Excavator is capable of replacing multiple pieces of equipment on a job site which eliminates logistical planning and coordination Digging dry keeps excavated materials unaltered so removal disposal and the need for new backfill materials can all be avoided and the equipment associated with those tasks wouldn t be required The combination of those decrease your overall project costs

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GET OUR TEAM PULLING FOR YOU MTS GmbH has been manufacturing suction excavation equipment in Germany for over 20 years Today there are thousands of suction Advanced dry suction excavation technology is not simply another non destructive excavation method for projects involving underground utilities it also places a priority on mitigating overall asset risk on any given project The MTS Dino Series creates clean dry work environments for operators and utilises innovative sensory equipment to worldwide and it is commonly referred to as the safest method of excavating around dense underground infrastructure Combining their years of engineering excellence with their commitment to innovation the MTS Dino Series has established itself as a world leader in the vacuum excavation industry is also non conductive reducing risk to operators Being built for dry means being equipped to tackle a wide variety of environmental factors without compromising on productivity The MTS Dino Series Suction Excavators reduce the carbon footprint of any project by eliminating the need for water which means there s no material waste or disposal there s no hauling during the project and there s no need for backfill or restoration equipment Building these Suction Excavators gives them a clear advantage in the industry Ox Equipment is the exclusive North American partner for MTS GmbH Suction Systems The combination of German engineered and manufactured equipment bundled with 5 Star North American complete peace of mind allowing you to bring top notch supplied service into your marketplace Ox Equipment will optimize the performance of your suction excavation equipment through proactive fleet management services based on expertise and innovation The Ox factory trained team is driven to get your business performing better than ever Our regional partners operate in the utility industry delivering innovative and responsive service to their respective markets Working better together involves creating a synergy between innovative technology and practical business operations The Ox Strategic Partner program is a path to long term success

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APPLICATIONS Pipeline Working in areas with existing pipelines identified or unknown Underground pipe repair Inside the fence contaminated spoils Electrical Distribution Safe non conductive air excavation process Safe excavation around utility lines identified or unknown Electrical underground fault repair Contaminated impacted spoils removal Utility Distribution Safe exposure of all buried infrastructure gas electrical telecom water etc Emergency repairs

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Rail Ballast removal cleaning Undercutting Safe excavation of rail signalling systems Spills derailments Industrial Emptying boilers bunkers silos etc Emergency spill clean up Filter Sludge removal Environmental Road Contaminated impacted soil remediation Emergency spill clean up Work on overhead areas and bridges

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MTS CITYDINO CONTAINER VOLUME 4 5 yds 3 5 m TRUCK DIMENSIONS 25 x 7 5 x 11 5 VACUUM SYSTEM Patented twin fan technology AIR COMPRESSOR Single 160 CFM 116 psi Optional Single Large 360 CFM 185 psi FILTRATION SYSTEM Automatic self cleaning system SUCTION HOSE CARRIER Telescopic Boom Optional Power Arm shown SUCTION HOSE 8 Diameter REMOTE CONTROL Wireless Remote Control TIPPING Onsite Rear Tip CHASSIS Western Star 4700 or suitable alternative

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MTS DINO4 5 CONTAINER VOLUME 6 yds 4 5 m TRUCK DIMENSIONS 29 x 8 x 12 VACUUM SYSTEM Patented twin fan technology AIR COMPRESSOR Single 160 CFM 116 psi Optional Single Large 360 CFM 185 psi FILTRATION SYSTEM Automatic self cleaning system SUCTION HOSE CARRIER Power Arm Mega Arm shown SUCTION HOSE 10 Diameter REMOTE CONTROL Wireless Remote Control TIPPING Onsite Side Tip CHASSIS Western Star 4700 or suitable alternative

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MTS DINO8 CONTAINER VOLUME 10 5 yds 8 m TRUCK DIMENSIONS 36 3 x 8 x 12 VACUUM SYSTEM Patented twin fan technology AIR COMPRESSOR Single 160 CFM 116 psi Optional Single Large 360 CFM 185 psi FILTRATION SYSTEM Automatic self cleaning system SUCTION HOSE CARRIER Power Arm Mega Arm shown SUCTION HOSE 10 Diameter REMOTE CONTROL Wireless Remote Control TIPPING Onsite Side Tip CHASSIS Western Star 4800 or suitable alternative

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MTS DINO12 CONTAINER VOLUME 16 yds 12 m TRUCK DIMENSIONS 34 x 8 x 12 VACUUM SYSTEM Patented twin fan technology AIR COMPRESSOR Single 160 CFM 116 psi Optional Single Large 360 CFM 185 psi FILTRATION SYSTEM Automatic self cleaning system SUCTION HOSE CARRIER Power Arm Mega Arm shown SUCTION HOSE 10 Diameter REMOTE CONTROL Wireless Remote Control TIPPING Onsite Side Tip CHASSIS Western Star 4800 or suitable alternative

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STANDARD FEATURES REMOTE CONTROL Radio Controlled functions for all Suction and Tipping Operations Manufacturer Controls ABITRON Boom and Tipping Operations Umbilical console Charger Boom to Tip Switch Emergency Shutdown Motor Start Stop Reset Motor 3 Stage Speed Hydrostatic Drive if optioned 32 ft 10 m Yes in cab Batteries Two 2 STABILIZERS Safety and Control Driver Dump Side Passenger Powerarm Side Operation Type Two 2 One 1 Hydraulic Compressor Type Flow Pressure Oiled Air Connection Non Oiled Air Connection Rotary Vane Single 160 CFM 116 psi Dual 320 CFM 116 psi 15 Gallon 60L Yes 2x Rear Yes 2x Rear HOSE REELS HOSE Conveniently Positioned Ease of Access Rear Mount Oiled Yes one 1 Hose Length 33 10 m Auto Re coil with brushes Yes Rear Mount Non Oiled Hose Length Auto Re coil with brushes Yes one 1 33 10 m Yes TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES Productivity and Versatility Air Spade LIGHTING One 1 Air Spade 4000 Utility Series 4 extension 150 CFM 225 CFM Nozzles Safety and Visibility Rotating Safety Beacon Rear Flashing Safety Lights 12V Power Socket Optical Light Tower Machine Status Indicator AIR COMPRESSOR Power and Performance Yes Cab Mounted Yes 2 Rear Yes Yes HYDRAULIC SYSTEM DUAL CIRCUIT Two 2 Circuits for Independent Operation Hydraulic Circuit 1 Power Arm Hydraulic Circuit 2 Air Compressor One 1 60 inch IKE digging tube One 1 Vogt Pneumatic Shovel Tool Length 5 1 5 M with 5 5 Spade Air Hose Length 24 6 7 5 m Jackhammer One 1 20kg with Spade and Chisel Safe Excavation Suction Tube Yes Rubber Reducer Daylighting Yes 6 diameter Technical Tool Kit In field adjustments repairs Extension Tubes 6 Flexible 4 Rigid IKE Power Shovel STORAGE Organization and Accessiblity NTZ Bypass Fine Filter Yes Return Filter Yes Replaceable Cartridge Side Mounted Toolbox Yes Passenger side Hydraulic Oil HLP 46 Toolbox Lining Rubber Mats Hydraulic Oil Tank Temperature Sensor Steel Powder coated Yes Toolbox Lift Mechanism Gas Springs Lockable Doors Yes Yes Suction Tube Carrier Front Yes 3x Tube Slots 500 hr service intervals after initial break in period Suction Tube Carrier Rear Yes 1x Tube Slot Oil Level Indicator Fluid Change Interval NOISE REDUCTION Air Exhaust Sound Silencer Air Outlet PAINT EXCLUDING CHASSIS Long Lasting Protection Sandblasted Machine House Anti noise Foam Plates Pre finish Surface Prep Decibel Rating 85 dB 50 Ft rear of unit Multi Layered Yes Paint Type 2K RAL Colors custom colors available LUBRICATION Reduced Lubrication Maintenance Automatic Lubrication Twin Fan System REVERSE CAMERA GROUNDING DEVICE Static Discharge Point Retractable Reel System 33 10 m cable pincer earthing screw spike Easier Truck Maneuvering Rear Mounted Camera 180 view In cab LCD monitor subject to change

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POWER ARM Precise Positioning Virtually Maintenance Free Mounting Location Rear 5 point articulating Length 18 5 5m 23 8 7 2 m with extension E ective Reach w dig tube 30 9 m Swivel Radius 180 Construction Steel Welded Bolt Powered Yes Hydraulic Remote Controlled Yes Suction Hose Diameter 10 TWIN FAN TECHNOLOGY PATENTED Industry Leading Power and Performance MTS F 2 x 18 000 Type Power 295 HP 130 kW Max Air Volume 24 000 CFM Max Negative Air Pressure 30 000 Pa Fan Drive Split shaft PTO with processor controlled clutch engagement Fast cut shut o down Yes MTS FES Fuel Economy System Yes Automatic Central Fan Bearing Lubrication FILTRATION MTS High Capacity Filter System Self Cleaning Number of Filters 42 Quick Change Filter Style Cone Filter Material Polyester washable HEPA compatible Yes Filtration E ciency TI 15 90 2 5 m 98 4 m Filter Cleaning System Automatic Reverse Pulse System patented CONTAINER DEBRIS On Site Productivity Capacity 4 5 yds 6 yds 10 5 yds 16 yds Construction Side Wall Steel of compartments Two 2 Primary compartment Gravity separated Lead Edge Steel Secondary Filter Compartment Finer material from filter Tip Direction Side Driver City Dino Rear Tip Tip Mechanism Hydraulic All North American MTS equipment is built to DIN Standards and certified by TUV

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ADDITIONAL OPTIONS EQUIPMENT UPGRADES MEGA ARM Rear mounted 26 7 9 M extended boom for increased range stability and power 180 swivel rotation for easy positioning 5 point articulation for unsurpassed accessibility Class leading 10 diameter heavy duty suction hose Robust welded bolt construction Virtually maintenance free IKE EXCAVATION SYSTEM For use in all clear excavations only Rotating turntable dig tube attachment for enhanced excavation performance Continuous rotation or oscillation REMOTE HYDROSTATIC DRIVE SYSTEM Operator remote control for drive reverse and steering functions 2 5 mph 4 km h max speed Front bumper mounted sensors for auto stopping SUCTION HOSE VIBRATOR SYSTEM VIBRATORS CONTAINER MOUNTED SET OF TWO Pneumatic powered vibrators Prevents clogging of suction hose Facilitates removal of spoils during dump tipping operation LARGE AIR COMPRESSOR AIR COMPRESSOR COOLING 360 CFM 185 psi Increased productivity Desert package additional hydraulic cooling fans for operation in extreme warm climates EXTERNAL HYDRAULIC SUPPLY AUTOMATIC AIR HOSE REEL STAINLESS STEEL For operation of hydraulically power tools Includes hose and hose reel Two 2 air reels in stainless steel boxes with brush system HIGH TIPPER CONTAINER AND LID IN STAINLESS STEEL Allows for two 2 tipping heights for emptying spoils 7 10 2 4 m or 9 11 3 0 m Eliminates corrosion and increases durability Eases dumping process higher dump trucks EX ZONE II CERTIFIED ARBITRON REMOTE CONTROL FULL PANELING COVER HI RAIL CAPABILITY DECANTING VALVE After market high rail system One decanting valve One decanting filter box Explosion Proof CSA Certified Sides of suction box covered in full paneling Allows for truck wrap

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SAFETY UPGRADES LIGHTING PACKAGES MULTI GAS DETECTOR SYSTEM Enhanced lighting for safety and proximity 3x LED Lights Positioned on Truck Frame 2x LED Lights Middle Segment Power Mega Arm 2x LED Lights Inside Toolbox 1x LED Light Power Arm Shaft 1x Reel mounted work light extension Tripod with LED Lights Continuous monitoring of LEL levels within suction box EX Zone I Approved Audible alarm and red light at rear of vehicle RETRACTABLE STEEL LADDER ON FRAME TOP MOUNTED SAFETY RAILS Truck mounted allows for safe access Hydraulically actuated safety rail system mounted on top of unit GROUNDING DEVICE CONTROL CONDUCTIVE HOSE Certified grounding system with grounding wire Equipotential bonding of all components Continuous self monitoring system Suction dig hose grounded to truck and grounding system For use with grounding control device CUSTOM CONFIGURATION Our factory has the ability to custom build equipment to meet client weight specifications in compliance with regulations and truck sizes for every usage and industry need Dino Series Suction Excavation units can be configured on either an Ox Equipment Inc provided chassis or on a customer supplied preference vehicle model Class 8 MTS Track Series also available Please contact our business development team to discover solutions to your specific needs HI RAIL CAPABILITY

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