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MTS Dino 4.5 LT

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1 3 2 4 6 5 7 MTS DINO4 5 BUILT FOR DRY BUILT FOR AMERICA After assessing the requirements of the North American vaccuum industry Ox Equipment has worked closely with our partners in Germany at MTS and together we have selected a mix of optional equipment which has been integrated into a standardized configuration all built around their class leading Dino 4 5 structure 1 HYDRAULIC POWER ARM 2 IKE EXCAVATION SYSTEM 3 STAINLESS STEEL BIN LINER SIDE PANELLING 4 MATTEI M135 COMPRESSOR 5 TWIN FAN TECHNOLOGY 6 CONTAINER BOOM HOSE VIBRATORS 7 AXLE WEIGHTS Added safety and precision Increased excavation versatility Enhanced durability Maximized productivity Class leading air conveyance Eliminates clogging Legal and compliant 888 290 4044 ox equipment com PERFORMANCE DRIVEN

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MTS DINO4 5 STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS INSTALLED OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Structure Container Stainless Steel Lid and Liner Design Paneling Stabilizers Mudguards Rear Bumper Productivity Features Fan System Fan Drive System Filtration System Air Compressor Power Arm Suction Hose IKE Excavation System Convenience Options Boom Vibration System Container Mounted Vibrators Air Ends Hose Reel Ladders Hydraulic Electrical System Hydraulic System Electrical Interface Control Panel Remote Wired Pendants Battery Charger Storage Tools Box Tube Storage Pictured with Mega Arm upgrade 5 8 cu yd capacity Anti corrosion lining in debris hopper and lid ease dumping Flat panels Entire structure Customer specific designing wrapping available 2x Drivers side 1x passenger side Aluminum Rear bumper with integrated receiver and wiring package MTS F2 900mm High Performance Twin Fans 42 000 m3 h 24 000 CFM air volume 30 000 Pa Max Negative Pressure Split shaft PTO with OMSI transfer case and processer controller clutch engagement with fast cut system fuel economy system automatic lubrication system MTS high capacity with 42 polyester cartridge filters with auto pulse cleaning system Mattei M135H Rotary Vane Compressor 360 C F M 185 P S I with Desert Hydraulic Cooling package Mechanical precision dig tube positioning and operator strain reduction 10 diameter high abrasion long life boom hose Rotating turntable allowing for mechanical excavations in all clear situations Pneumatic boom hose vibrators set of 4 with PLC integration Pneumatic vibrators to ease dumping process Oiled and non oiled rear mounted output 2X static ports Automatic x1 non oiled High pressure with positive lock connections Cabinet Fan housing access Roof access Dual circuit fully proportionate hydraulic block electric over hydraulic SPC PLC technology with remote diagnostics Siemens Touch screen with full system readout and system status diagnosing Wireless remote pendant all functions cabled secondary back up pendant Cab mounted with spare battery Passenger side Passenger side ground level access

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Safety Compliance Lighting Package I Lighting Package II Lighting Package V Back up Camera Equipment Status Light Tower Noise Reduction System Grounding Device Emergency shut down Fire Extinguisher Paint Structure Certification Tools Accessories Accessories Tools Spare Parts Air Spade Tooling Chassis Western Star 4700 SB Engine Transmission Axle Fuel Tank Tires GVWR Scaled Weights est Certification 3 x LED lights positioned on truck frame 2 x LED on middle segment Power MEGA BOOM 1 x LED on Power Arm shaft Dash mounted screen Visual indicator monitoring of systems status Air exhaust sound silencer less than 85dB 15 feet rear of unit Earth pipe with spiral grounding rod and grounding reel with clamp Emergency shut off 2X Truck Mounted 1x Pendant 6 Kg Mounted in fan enclosure 2K paint standard RAL color white T U V Approval Certification DERKA Suction tube with steel crown steel extension tube reducer 10 to 6 with flexible dig tube Plastic flexible suction hose extension Safe dig neoprene capped suction tube 45 10 steel adaptor suction tube hose clamps x 4 air hoses laydown high pressure 20 Kg jackhammer Vogt pneumatic power shovel fully equipped toolbox equipped for emergency repairs pipe scraper crowbar safety device to block lid x2 Emergency spare parts kit relays and valves 2x high temperature grease Air Spade 4000 Utility series with 4 barrel 5 extension Equipped with 150 CFM 90 PSI 225 CFM 90 PSI 280 CFM 180 PSI rated nozzles 4700 SET Back front axle chassis 229 Inch wheelbase Back of cab to rear susp C L CA 165 69 in Detroit DD13 12 8L 505 HP 1625 RPM 1900 GOV RPM 1850 LB FT 975 RPM Eaton Fuller FO 20E318B MXP Ultrashift Plus transmission Detroit DA F 16 0 5 18 000 FL1 71 0 KPI 3 74 Drop single front axle RT 40 160P 40 000 R Series Tandem rear axle 125 Gallon 473 Liter aluminum fuel tank LH Michelin X Line energy Z 315 80R22 5 20 Ply radial front tires 50 Michelin X Multi D 11R22 5 14 Ply radial front tires 58 000 lbs Rear tandem drive axle empty 33 000 lbs Front steer axle empty 15 000 lbs U S and Canada Dual certification

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MTS DINO4 5 The compact design of the MTS Dino 4 5 LT includes a variety of features that increase dry material excavation volume The MTS Dino 4 5 LT combines over 30 years of proven engineering with premium upgrades like the Mattie M135 compressor delivering 360 cfm at pressures up to 185 psi When paired with the appropriately designed nozzle for optimizing the air stream and its corresponding focal point dry excavation in the toughest soil conditions is no longer an issue Also included are the MTS Power Arm which allows for precise positioning as well as the IKE excavating system for increased versatility in all clear scenarios The MTS Dino 4 5 LT stainless steel bin liner and side paneling allow for a longer life of the container by limiting possible corrosion issues and its pristine exterior surface creates the perfect canvas for our customers to apply their own custom branding Extra tooling lighting and accessories all come standard including the Air Spade air lance The vibrator system allows for easy offloading of materials from the side tipping container and Ox Equipment s unique boom hose vibrator system effectively prevents clogging issues often associated with sticky and dry vacuum materials The MTS Dino 4 5 LT addresses concerns around axle weights allowing for additional carry capacity when on site dumping is not available and also ensuring that when the unit is empty it remains legal The MTS Dino 4 5 LT suction excavator brings the highest level of engineering that MTS has to offer so that this purpose built package can stand alone in the North American vacuum excavation industry Known for its unmatched power the MTS Dino 4 5 LT will allow your company to deliver higher throughput on dry vacuum excavation processes all while eliminating slurry over weight fines and unnecessary trips to the dump site and water filling station BUILT FOR DRY BUILT FOR AMERICA 888 290 4044 ox equipment com PERFORMANCE DRIVEN