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This simplebooklet contains information about Thanksgiving and parent information for the party.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

In the 1600s, a group of people in England wanted to pray and worship God in their own way. The king of the Church of England ordered that everyone have the same religion and attend the same church. Anyone who disobeyed this law would go to jail.

The group of people who wanted to free the Church of England and make it "pure" were called Puritans. To escacpe the King's rules 100s of men, women, and children set sail on a ship named the Mayflower to the New World. 

These travelers were called Pilgrims. They landed in Plymouth in 1620. The Native Americans provided them with food and seeds to make their stay easier. Several Pilgrims died due to the hard Winter.

The Pilgrims used the seeds from the Native Americans to plant crops and they were able to have a feast of Thanksgiving. The Native Americans were also invited to the feast. 

This harvest feast in 1621 is called the First Thanksgiving. In 1941, President Franklin Rosevelt made Thanksgiving a national holiday. 

Please read the information on page 1 with your students nightly to help prepare them for their quiz this week! We will be spending the week learning about why we have Thanksgiving. 


Now for party information!

The class will be having a thanksgiving party to feast and give thanks as a class.

When: November 20th

Time: 12-1:30pm

What to bring: Any snack or treats for the kids, paper/plastic products, and drinks.

The students are also allowed to dress up as Native Americans or Pilgrims on this day!

Thank you!

Ms. Stout

Thanksgiving Party Parent Information!

Homework for this week for this subject is to go onto the website below and do the Thanksgiving challenge activities!