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These are some of the experiences our class has had since the start of the year!

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Our Class Journal, February 2017

On Valentine's Day we wrote a letter to a parent, grandparent, or other family member who we love. Everybody wrote 5 complete sentences! Then we made hearts and glued our letter to them as a Valentine. They are currently on our wall, but you should expect to see them very soon in their take-home folders. We then had cookies and exchanged Valentines. I think it was a huge sucess!

Valentine's Day!


We have been doing great work at regrouping lately! They are experts at carrying over in addition, and we've now moved on to borrowing from the tens in subtraction. We even learned a new chant to remind us how to regroup in subtraction: "If the top is smaller than the bottom, we have to go next door and get ten more!" This may help your student if they need help on their homework this week. The next unit is money, so we are looking forward to that!


As always, if you have questions or concerns, you can reach my through email or my phone: or (993) 667-1234 .         I look forward to hearing from you!