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This is a notice to inform you that we've moved.

We have moved from classrooms that have:




-math drills


-a focus on independent work


to our new address.




We have upgraded!


Our new facility offers the following




-Collaborative approach to learning and


problem solving


-Technology that enhances and engages




-Daily math talks


-Wait time for student thinking


and so much more!

We had to move!  Students were not understanding the math concepts being taught and they were unable to share their thinking.  In this new space, they have the opportunity to talk, to share their thinking and work together to solve problems and learn new concepts.  Our new home also has more technology that allows the students to touch and use their hands to help them with their thinking.  Time seems to stand still when we are in our new classroom.  There is plenty of time to wait and hear what each student thinks about the math they learning.


Please feel free to come and visit us and see for yourselves!