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MOTL 2022 Campaign Kit

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The 2022 International March of the Living #KeepTheMemoriesAliveThe International March of the Living will take place in Poland on April 28th, 2022, to mark Israel’s national Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah, following a two-year hiatus during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Eight Holocaust Survivors will lead this year’s March, most of them believing that this year might be the last time they will be able to attend. Therefore, the theme of the March will focus on the importance of passing the responsibility of Holocaust remembrance and education to the next generation. The survivors will be joined by more than 2,500 participants, both Jewish and non-Jewish, from diverse backgrounds. The 2022 March participants will include delegates from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Holland, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, France, Canada, Ukraine, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and others.MOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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Join the International March of the Living 2022 Campaign #KeepTheMemoriesAliveAs time marches on, the stories of Holocaust survivors are at risk of becoming faded memories. Help us prevent history from being rewritten. Help us fight against Holocaust denial and distortion, antisemitism, and all forms of hatred, by joining the 2022 March of the Living’s campaign to #KeepTheMemoriesAlive.CLICK TO WATCH CLICK TO WATCH MOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveHow to ParticipateShare a MemoryWe have created a unique memorial site with the stories of hundreds of Holocaust survivors – all of whom had participated in the March of the Living over the years. We invite you to keep their memory alive. | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveHow to ParticipateCreate your own Virtual PlaqueCreate your own Yom HaShoah virtual tribute in honor/remembrance of a Holocaust survivor or with a message of hope (Personal messages should be of 300 characters or less). https://nevermeansnever.comShare OnlineAfter submission, you will be able to download and post your memory on social media and share a personal message about why this survivor’s story is important to you. Use the Hashtag: #KeepTheMemoriesAliveMOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveShare Our Campaign Graphics: Download all campaign graphics MOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveShare Our Campaign GraphicsHolocaust survivors Download all campaign graphics MOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveShare Our Campaign GraphicsVictims of antisemitismDownload all campaign graphics MOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveJoin Our Live Broadcaston the MOTL Website and FacebookHOW TO WATCHWEBSITEmotl.orgTo embed to your web site:DOWNLOAD EMBED CODESFACEBOOK Crosspost to your Facebook, email ariana@motlmail.orgMOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORGADD TO CALENDAR ADD TO CALENDARDOWNLOAD PROGRAM GRAPHICS

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About the International March of the Living #KeepTheMemoriesAlive, Uruguay and others.Since its inception in 1988, the International March of the Living has become one of the world’s most prominent organizations focusing on Holocaust commemoration and the ongoing struggle against antisemitism, hatred, and racism. Throughout the year, the organization holds educational activities around the world, culminating with the organization’s flagship seven-day educational trip to Poland attended by a diverse demographic of people from countries around the globe. The main commemoration in Poland is the March itself, which takes place on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, and is a symbolic march that contrasts with the Death Marches that took place in 1944 and 1945 towards the end of WWII. This 3.2km march from Auschwitz to Auschwitz-Birkenau concludes with a moving ceremony at Birkenau, close to the camp’s crematorium, where more than a million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.After the March, many of the participants continue on to Israel, to mark Israel’s national Memorial Day and Independence Day, in a journey symbolizing the rebirth of the Jewish people in their ancient land.MOTL.ORG | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG

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#KeepTheMemoriesAliveSupport March of the Living When you donate to IMOTL, you will have a powerful effect on thefuture of Holocaust Education around the globe.We are a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) classification, IDnumber 22-3261085, with the Internal Revenue Service.Your support will ensure that we will keep thememories of the Holocaust alive. | MOTL@MOTLMAIL.ORG