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Tyler Wilson

MADD is an organization that stands for Mothers against drunk driving. Mothers that have lost innocent children due to a drunk person behind the wheel of a vehicle. The organization saves thousands of lives per year, and also collects donations for a successful foundation.

What Is  M A D D 

In 2015, About 10,625 people lost their life due to drunk driving/drivers. Nearly 1/3 (29%) of all traffic death in the US. Out of all the traffic deaths, Children 0 to 14yrs old in 2015, 16% (209) involved in an alcohol-impaired driver. 

People Injured

more than 2,500 teens die in car crashes every year. Texting and driving is one of the main reasons.Drinking and driving also has a big affect on the world.This really should come to an end.  families should not have to loose loved ones due to these such things. 


To get all of this information for my book I used many different sites. I used google for my pictures and I gathered information by using the MADD website and also google.