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Mo's Story


By: Max Hoffman

Mo and his brother, Russell, were fixing the pipes in one of the many chemical plants located on the outskirts of Boston. They were the co-owners of the Zaddiny Industrial Piping and this job was like any other job, in fact they did around two of these of plants a month. At this plant they had been hired to fix some of the piping linking the vats of chemicals together. As Russell was turning the lever Mo shouted, “Hey you got this I gotta grab some water?” “Ye no problem your good,” Russell yelled in response. Mo went to go get a glass of water from the chemical plants employ lounge, but as he was about to enter the door to the lounge he heard yelling and what could only be interpreted as gas flowing from a pipe. He immediately sprinted back to his brother who he found obviously struggling to turn the lever he had previously seen him with. “Help help I can close the valve its jammed,” screamed Russell. Mo ran over to his brother to assist but right when he did the gas that was leaking case and explosion which sent them in opposite directions. Russell was thrown into a vat of chemicals and Mo was slammed against a wall and knocked unconscious. When Mo awoke his thought instanty went to his brother. He saw chemical workers arguing about where Russell had gone. There were two vats in the room, one filled with molybdenum and the other with an unknown substance. Although everyone knew he fell into one of the vats no one could decide which one it was. Mo could wait, he sprang to his feet and made his way to the molybdenum vat. He stood on the edge thinking about his decision. People were yelling at him not to do it but he could barely hear them. He needed to help his brother, so with a big sigh and a shrug he jumped.

It was hot, really hot. Mo couldn’t see anything and it tough to move around. It felt like he was stuck in a blob of jelly. He spread his arms out to try to find Russell. After a minute or two of looking he came to the horrible realization that he had picked the wrong vat. Fear struck his body not only for his brother but for himself as well, he discovered he could not get out. His mind started to race, heart pumped fast and fast, and his head started to buzz. He blacked out.

Mo sat straight up in his hospital bed. He didn’t know where he was, what day I was, and he barely remembered he was, or so he thought. “Russell oh Russell you’re ok thank God!” Mo’s mother screeched. “What,” Mo said, “what are you talking about I’m Mo not Russell.” “No you’re not sweaty oh my, you still must be dizzy from your ordeal, that’s ok I’ll leave you alone for now.” Mo was so confused he didn’t even respond. After she left he just sat there.  Why would she think I am Russell, and where is Russell? He turned to his left to look out the window. He couldn’t believe his own eyes, He was Russell! At least his looks were. He didn’t understand he knew he was Mo but he looked like Russell. His brain was overloaded and all he knew was he couldn’t stay at this hospital. So he ran out as fast as he could and didn’t look back.


As he was on the run he learned a lot about his powers. He learned that whatever he thought of he could turn into. He learn that his body was now 90% percent molybdenum and that he was extremely hard. Nothing could damage him, or so he thought. Although Mo wanted to go back to the city and his family he knew never could. He would never be excepted there, he was different now. It was around May when he heard the news talking about an incredibly strong super human who was terrorizing the city of Boston. He looked at the TV and he could swear he knew the monster. He did it was his brother! The video was blurry but he was sure of it, yes that was him. Right there and then he made the decision, he must go back to stop his brother.


When he got to the edge of the city he looked out from a hill and saw smoke. It looked like a bombs had gone off all throughout the city, however he knew that was the product of his brothers destruction. He contemplated turning back. It wasn't really his problem he didn't live there anymore he thought. Nevertheless, it was his brother and so he swallowed his fears and began the final stretch of the journey to the city. When he got to the city he turn his outer shell completely into molybdenum and made a shield and a sword for a hand. Now he was nearly impenetrable. 


When he got to the city his brother was not hard to find at all. “Russell what are you doing!” Mo yelled. “haha little brother, what do you think I’m doing, I’m taking over the world.” “I can’t let you doing this!” Mo replayed. With that phrase they did battle. The battle raged throughout the city for days. Mo could not beat Russell because Russell was made completely out of a gas form of molybdenum. All Mo could do was keep up with his brother. Then he had an idea he form his body into a sphere and contained Russell inside the sphere. Once he did this he rolled to the nearest military base to keep Russell contained. Mo had stopped his brother but the soldiers in the base still looked at him differently. All he wanted was to be accepted. Then it happened, as he walked outside there was a huge group of people cheering and yelling thank you Mo. He finally got what he wished for, acceptance.