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this is a book about the top 10 most annoying pet peeves

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Pet Peeves Nobody Loves 

Maya  Stein




Pet Peeves nobody





           Pet peeves that nobody loves !!!! 

loud chewing 


nail biting  


throat clearing 




washing hands 




nose picking 


knuckle cracking 


lip smaking 


nails on chalkboard  






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Did you know that someone's bad habit can affect someone's life? Do you hate horrible sounds that make people go crazy? This book is about pet peeves that many people dislike. Some of pet peeves are problems. Some are habits. Some are strange because they are disgusting.


Many of these pet peeves are well known and hated by people. It's likely that you have not heard the real truth about these peeves. Some pet peeves aren't as bad as you think. They are just weird. People that have pet peeves aren't weird or crazy they're just average people.


You may never liked when someone picks their nose, cracked their fingers, or chews with there mouth wide open, but they do it, and sometimes do it because they can't stop. Respect these people for who they are and help them.


  Have you ever sat next to someone who’s munching and crunching on their food? Cracking their gum? Yes, it's annoying, but to some other people it's really really annoying!!!


  Somebody who hates the sound of loud chewing can be so affected by it, it can turn into a life affecting problem. If you're one of those people, in some cases you can’t eat with anyone else, sleep in the same room, can't  go to work and depending on how bad this pet peeve is, there might be other things you will miss out on. This person might have something called misophonia, “hatred of sound.”Misophonia was discovered and given it's name in the early 1990s, a condition like this is rarely diagnosed.  


Why do people chew so loud? There are different reasons why people chew loud. The main reasons are that they chew with their mouth open or are chewing to hard. Chewing with your mouth closed is good etiquette, it's polite to others around you.


  loud chewing 




   Keeping your mouth open this will allow noise to escape your mouth, but if you are chewing with your mouth closed it muffles the sound. Sometimes even chewing with your mouth closed can still be loud, try and chew more gently! That's the best you can do.  Nobody should ask more than that.


  If you're one of those people that hate the sound of loud chewing, noises in this category might affect you and people with misophonia. Lip smacking, slurping, throat clearing, nail clipping, chewing, laughing, snorting, swallowing, burping and more.   Are you the loud chewer? You might think other people are annoying when they chew loud but it's just as annoying to them as it is to you!

Do people invite you out to lunch? Do people stare at you when you're eating? Has anyone told you that you're a loud chewer or do you hear it yourself?  Think about this problem. Ask someone to tell you the truth if you're a loud chewer and if they say yes just use these simple tips to try and change the way you chew and hopefully it works.



    Do you chew your nails; bite them down to nothing? Well I can't exactly tell you it's good to bite your nails but I can't really say it's horrible. People bite their nails everywhere and everyday. I bet you don't know how many germs and gross things are really under such a small nail. A LOT!!


In fact, nail biting occurs in about 45% of teens and some adults that don't admit they do it. I bet you would never think this but artificial nails are the worst. However, more germs are found under artificial nails that under real ones. Nails like this look cleaner from the outside but under them they are really dirty! Especially with artificial nails poor bathroom hygiene and raw meat can be under there. You might not see it but it's most likely there.


Many girls get manicures but boys don't (well most boys). According to experts, men actually do have more germs under their nails than woman. Researchers found enterobacteria under 24% of men and 15% of woman. Enterobacteria is a large family of green negative bacteria. Enterobacteria does make you sick. For instance, it causes vomiting and stomach aches.

   Nail biting




  Meanwhile, there is some good news?  Nail biters actually have cleaner nails. Why do they have cleaner nails? Nail biters only have cleaner nails because you ingest most of the germs under your nails. Visualize this, your biting your nails and all the things you've touched have germs on them, you're basically eating those germs!!



   Nail biting is caused by different things OCD,stress, anxiety, or you just do it because your nails are a weird shape. A true but real name for nail biting is called onychophagia. [on-i-kah-fey-jun].  Next time you go to bite your nails just remember the gross things you digest. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to eat that stuff.



Throat Clearing


  Were you ever in a silent room and there is always that one person whose clearing their throat? Making noises that seem that there are thousands of things stuck in their throat?


  Throat clearing is usually a habit.  There are different reasons why you clear your throat, it’s not just a habit.  Have you ever wanted someone's attention when you don't want to make it obvious and you give them a “ahem” that's an intentional throat clearing. There can be more than one type intentional throat clear. When you start saying something you shouldn't be saying and a friend does a phony throat clear, that's usually a social clue to change the subject. I’m sure you've done it to someone else too.


  A real throat clear is much different. It's a throat clear that has a reason. One reason is mucus. Mucus often happens during a cold, flu, sinus           infection, an allergy flare up, and rarely it can be a sign of an asthma attack.


  The worst symptoms of throat clearing is that it’s annoying to friends and family then to the patient.  If you did have other symptoms they might include a dry cough, globus (lumps in throat), tickle in throat, mucus sensation, hoarseness, and a wet voice. But one bad VERY VERY rare thing it can cause is vocal cord trauma.


  There are many ways to break the habit of throat clearing. First is drink lots of water, your throat will stay moist. Second is when you feel the urge to clear your throat take sips of ice cold water, ice cold water has shown to be the most effective. Lastly try a gentle cough try humming laughing or talking your way through the moment.  




 Taking a test, reading a book or just taping for fun is annoying to many people. The people that are sitting around the individual who is either tapping their feet or their pencil is way more annoyed than the person doing it.


Pencil tapping usually occurs during a class presentation, class discussion or test. Students in a class have said, “it can be so distracting taking a test that I can’t even finish.” People usually tap their pencil when they're stuck on a question, they're bored just doing it for fun.   


 When professionals ask kids who are annoyed with pencil tapping one kid answered, “It's like whole world shuts off ”. One problem about pencil tapping is that in the middle of a test you can't talk. Therefore you can't ask the person to stop tapping. In addition to not being able to talk other problem is that you can't get up during a test either. But if we're talking about regular days just sitting in class it depends on the teacher and if she lets you talk or not. Which many do not.   The most common reason why people get annoyed during a test is that the room is dead silent. All you here is the tapping tap, tap, tap, tap and it's is very distracting.


Foot taping can be equally as a annoying as pencil taping. Foot tapping can relate to pencil tapping and it does differ. Do you tap you feet and don't know why?  Maybe I can answer that question. Foot taping usually gives a signal that means one is uncomfortable or nervous. Most of the time it's a habit. If someone has a habit where they tap their foot it's very hard to determine if they are nervous or uncomfortable.


 Foot taping can be one other thing, a generalized anxiety disorder, “worry tension that is unfounded or much more severe than the normal anxiety most people experience.” In conclusion there are people that tap all the time and it means absolutely nothing. If you do tap your feet you can still do it, but be considerate of the other people.



 Hand Washing


There has probably been a number of times when you didn't wash your hands. You probably think no big deal.  But I bet you, you don't know how many things you put your hand on a day that have so many germs.


  As a result an average person washes their hands about six seconds! According to the Center for Disease Control it takes about 15-20 seconds of washing to really clean your hands, and to remove the bad bacteria from fingernails, palms and dorsum,the back of the hand; surface of hand opposite the palm. One other handwashing strategy is actually singing the “happy birthday” song twice.


  You might wonder if there is a specific type of soap for hand washing.  There is not really one better than the other but antibacterial soap can sometimes be a little more effective. Antibacterial soap vs. Plain soap: Which is better? Antibacterial soaps are no more effective than plain soap and water for killing disease. There really is no evidence showing that antibacterial soap is better for killing infection at home or in public places. Therefore, plain soap is recommended in public, and at home unless a doctor recommends antibacterial soap.

    Are you at a baseball game walking around smelling the smell of hot dogs, french fries, and cotton candy, while drinking a huge cup of soda? Eventually you're going to have to go to the bathroom. A cooperative of researchers, healthcare professionals, and writers reported hand washing rates at high as 97% in their study of restroom patrons in several national ball parks. Researchers at University of Michigan found that only about one out of twenty Americans will wash their hands after using the bathroom.  Of all the things you’ve touched in one day what do you think is the most germiest? You might think bathrooms, but water fountains, keyboards, and door knobs are the best answers.  You get more germs from a doorknob than a bathroom. Not only are doorknobs so dirty, they carry many diseases. Surprisingly dirtiest place in your house is the kitchen. When you cook and leave raw meat and dirt on counters you might clean it but  most likely you will leave a small amount left over (not on purpose).

Who do you think has dirtier hands men or women? Surprisingly women do.  They fiddle with their hair and touch things around them.  Sometimes the makeup that they are using is germ carrying.  


Something that we should know is that all germs aren’t bad for you.  In fact, some germs are good for you.  They protect against disease and give people an immunity to disease.  So don’t be a germaphobe. Just remember to wash your hands to protect yourself from the worst germs and diseases.  A little dirt can not kill you.  It may be good for you.




 Snoring is not an illness. Basically, just as a cough is a symptom of a cold, snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea.  Most of the time snoring is really nothing to worry about.  Infrequently it could be a serious signal to watch out for.


 Snoring can be triggered by many things.  Some of the triggers are colds, swollen tonsils, pain and sleep medications, drinking alcohol and smoking.  Snoring is common.  Half of all Americans snore at some point in their lives.  Unfortunately snoring is very annoying to others who are sleeping near the snorer.  Snoring is more common in adults than in children.  However, more kids than expected do snore.  About 90 million adults snore and approximately 37 million kids snore on a daily basis.  Overweight men make up the largest group of snorers.


 Snorers can reduce the effects of snoring by turning on their side, using a nasal spray or by placing a humidifier in the sleeping space.  For the most part snoring is not dangerous.  There are severe conditions that must be treated by a doctor.  Connected to snoring is a condition known as sleep apnea.  This is more than a pet peeve.  Sleep apnea is a real medical problem that can be dangerous to the person suffering from this disease.



Nose Picking


 Most people do it but few will admit to it.  You know you have done it.  We have all been nose pickers. This is one of people’s worst pet peeve because people are disgusted by other people pickings but not by their own.  


 The formal medical term used to describe an individual picking their nose is Rhinotillexomania.  Nose picking behaviors is most common among kids and teens.  That does not mean that adults don’t do it as well.  Sometimes a child picks their nose out of boredom because they are not doing enough with their hands.  


 Nose picking would be harmless if it would not be for the germs on your hands and fingers.  When those fingers go up your nose so do the germs.  these germs lead to various illnesses in particular the common cold.  In extreme cases nose picking can lead to more serious things like a nose infection or sinus infection.


 Nose picking is not a sign of anxiety but a signal that something doesn’t feel right.  Mucus may have hardened in the nose.  This causes much discomfort that a person tries to get rid of.  A Canadian scientist is encouraging others to pick their nose to see if their habit has any health benefits.  He believes that eating the mucus from the nose may boost the immune system!!!!  


This pet peeve might actually turn out to be a good thing.  As good as you think this behavior is, it is disgusting to those watching you.  


Knuckle Cracking


  Sometimes you might not feel right until you pull bend or push your fingers. The pop the sound makes may make someone feel grossed out and disgusted.  This knuckle cracking may make you feel good but it is hated by those around you.  This is a habit that is poorly understood.


 That popping sound that is actually caused by the collapse of air bubbles in the fluid that surrounds the joints. You have to wait twenty minutes until your able to crack again.  Knuckle cracking isn’t bad for the average person.  Some people do it so often that it decreases their grip strength and causes swelling in their hands.  


 For some people knuckle cracking is a stress reliever.  It then becomes a nervous habit. Some people don’t feel better until they hear a pop. Unfortunately the people around hear the pop as well and feel disgusted by it.  Some doctors worry that too much pulling or the hands and fingers could lead to a condition called arthritis.  


 Knuckle cracking doesn’t do much good for the people who do it.  It does damage relationships with friends and family who are upset with the twisting of hands and fingers and the crazy cracking sounds that come from those moving hands and fingers.  It may be better to sit on your hands if you have developed this nasty habit.  If you don’t you could lose friends.



Lip smacking


What do you do when your friend smacks their lips so loud when their eating you can't concentrate on your own food?  When a person lip smacks other people have tried to avoid going to meals with them. Some people insist that they are not doing anything wrong. They start to become angry about this habit.  These kids are not lip smacking because the food on their lips taste good.  They are lip smacking because they have developed a habit that they may not even know that they are doing.


Tardive dyskinesia is the name of a difficult to treat disease that involves  repeated actions like lip smacking. Kids might get this condition because of medicines they have to take. People get annoyed at those kids. Just the ones who have an extra bad habit because they're bored or stressed.  When kids have this disease they should get medical help.  Good treatment from the doctor or changing medicines usually goes along way in curing this type of lip smacking.


Just like other pet peeves it is best to point out to your friend or family member that what they're doing is annoying. Maybe by knowing about their habit they can work to change it. If they do it will make going to eat with them a lot more pleasant.

Many pet peeves are solved when people work together to deal with  problems.  A good friend, brother or sister or caring parent can help lip smackers deal with an issue that annoys others even though they like the feeling of lip smacking.  If  kids don’t change their habit, they might find themselves eating alone instead of with friends and family.

   Nails on a chalkboard  


 The chill going through your body as someone drags their nails down the chalk board can make you cringe just thinking about it. Most people hate this sound but what's to blame for it why do we hate this sound? It's because the shape of our ear canals.


 The shape of our ear canals as well as our own preceptors are to blame for our hate of such shrill sounds. People's hate of that sound can be completely harmless and to most of us it is!! In a study a professor recorded  the sound of nails across a chalkboard and played for the people in the study.  He monitored their reaction to the sound.  He found that increased stress levels such as faster heart rate, higher blood pressure and skin sensitivity was felt.    The sound of nails on a chalkboard actually causes a physical reaction to the sound.  No wonder it is a pet peeve of so many people.  


 The is a scientific explanation for this pet peeve.  Our ears are an amazing sensory machine.  The ears capture sound and amplify them.  The sound of nails on the chalkboard are made loudly by our ear receptors.  It seems that the reaction is most our ears fault.  Some individuals have a much different reaction.  the sound of nails on the board reacts to their skin and sweat glands.  They sweat and the hairs on their arms stand up.  


 Many schools have worked to eliminate this pet peeve.  They are using whiteboards and smartboards instead of chalkboards.  These new boards can be controlled by computers or markers.  With no chalk, no more nails on the chalkboard.  Everyone is happier.  No chalk dust to clean. Best of all no more ear breaking sounds that makes people in the classroom uncomfortable.


     In conclusion, most people do have pet peeves. All people have their own opinion on which are the worst, but some have really unexpected side affects and some are just plain annoying. 


     I hoped you learned more about peet peeves and possibley helped you identify some of them that you may have and make you more aware of them so that you can take the proper steps in trying to curb some of these annoying and potentially harmful actions.


   Drivers who don't use a turn signal. 

People who read out loud what they're typing in an email or letter. 


Kids who tease dogs through a fence. 

People who drink directly out of the milk/orange juice container. 

Couples who sit on the same side of the booth when there is no one on the other side. 

Parents who bring their young kids to R rated films.

People that don't use coasters. 

People who blame anything but themselves for THEIR failure. 

People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available. 


Students who prolong class by asking the most inane questions. 


 30 other hated pet peevs  

       Women who wear jewelry that clinks and makes noise when they're at their desk or keyboard.

When people take 20 napkins, use one, then throw them all away. 

Going through the drive thru, then having to go back when they screw your order up.

People walking around in ridiculous 'fashionable' shoes that are clearly hurting their feet. 

Whenever anyone says "Ya, know what I'm sayin"... 

Using speaker phones in public areas at work. 

Roadmaps that aren't folded correctly. 

Finding a shoe and not finding its mate next to it 

Made up car names that are not even real words.

People who are mean to animals. 

     When a person makes a sucking noise with a straw when the cup becomes almost empty. 

People with bad table manners. 

People that snoop. 

People who read the paper while driving.

People that interrupt you when your telling a story and then they continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking. 

Drivers who won't turn right on red. 

Vulgar talk at the dinner table. 

People who chat online (instant messaging) while I'm on the phone with them. 

Not having enough quarters to do laundry. 


Amplify- to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend.


Anxiety- distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune


Artificial- made by human skill; produced by humans (opposed to natural)


Coined- Discovered, given a name


Dorsum- the back or outer surface of an organ


Enterobacteria- a green rod-shaped Gram-negative bacteria, normally in the intestines of humans and other animals


Etiquette- conventional requirements as to social behavior


Generalized anxiety disorder- An anxiety neurosis or state characterized by an overall anxious mood lasting at least one month and including such symptoms as jitteriness,sweating, feelings of catastrophe concerning one's family or self, and irritability.


Globus- any sphere like structure


Humidifier- a device for increasing the amount of water vapor in the air of a room or building, consisting of a container for water and a vaporizer.


Hygiene- the science that deals with the preservation of health.


Infection-  an infection with germs of disease, as through the medium of infected insects, air, water, or clothing.


Misophonia-  literally "hatred of sound"


Mucus- a viscous, slimy mixture of mucins, water, in the throat


OCDobsessive-compulsive disorder


Onychophagia- the practice of biting one's nails, especially when done habitually and as a symptom of emotional disturbance.




Patrons- a person who is a customer, client, or paying guest, especially a regular one, of a store, hotel, or the like.


Receptorsan end organ or a group of end organs of sensory or afferent neurons, specialized to be sensitive to stimulating agents, as touch or heat.


Rhinotillexomania- Compulsive nose-picking, insertion of finger into one's nose.

Shrill- to make a very loud, high-pitched sound


Sinus- a curve; bend.


Sensation- the operation or function of the senses; perception or awareness of stimuli (something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling,thought) through the senses.


Tardive dyskinesia-a disorder characterized by restlessness and involuntary rolling of the tongue or twitching of the face, trunk, or limbs, usually occurring as a complication of long-term therapy with antipsychotic drugs.


Tension- The act of stretching or straining


Trichotillomania-  a compulsion to pull out one's hair


Unfounded- not established; not founded