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How to make a box

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Morgan Makes a Box

Diana Thorpe, Kylie Martek, Morgan Scholz

Morgan went to school, and her art teacher told her that the assignment of the week was to make a project of her choice. Morgan decided to make a box for her mom. 

Morgan grabs 4 pounds of clay.


She then has to wedge her clay so she doesnt have air bubbles. Air bubbles can cause her box to explode.

Morgan makes sure there are no air bubbles in her clay by cutting it in half with a wire cutter.

She then takes her clay to her seat and roles it out on her table.

She grabs the measuring rods to make sure the clay she roles out is 1/2 of an inch and than cuts the clay to the size she wants as her base.

She then cuts out equal slabs for the walls with a fettling knife for her box.  

She then slips and knits her walls and base together with a fork and needle tool. This brings all of the walls and base together.

Morgan then takes the modeling spatula and modeling liner to help make her box look more clean and less bugary.

After she is done constructing her box she remembers she needs a top!

 she takes the measuring rods that measure an inch and roles out her clay. she then cuts it and adds a cute top.