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              Monkeys and Apes of the world

Written & Illustrated by:  High Tech Elementary Chula Vista

2014-2015 Second Graders


   Monkeys and Apes of the World by Jami Saville's 2nd Grade Class

   High Tech Elementary Chula Vista 2014-2015

   Inspired by Slithering Snake Stories by The Conservatory Lab Charter School

   Photos by Jami Saville and Desiree Powers

   Audio Recording by Gabe Ogilvie

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The Mother and Her Baby

by Paola Martinez



The Orangutan in the Borneo Rainforest

by Carlo Olivera



An Orangutan Makes a Nest

by Piero Valdez


Orangutan in Boreno's Rainforest

by Mia Valmidiano




Contents Section 1



The Gorilla in Eastern Africa

by Lily Johnson



The Gorilla in the African Rainforest

by Camila Alaniz



The Gorilla and the Leopard

by Eneas Paredes


The Female Gorilla in the African Rainforest

by Abigail Farias



The Gorilla in the Rainforest

by Andy Garcia




Howler Monkeys


Howler Monkey In the South American Rainforest

by Marley Keifer



Baby Howler Grows Up

by Alyssa Chou



The Howler Monkey and the Central American Rainforest

by Chauncey Hogg


The Howler Monkey in the South American Rainforest

by Sofia Estrada




Contents Section 2



Mom Chimpanzee and Baby Chimpanzee

by Diego Montoya


The Chimp Builds a Nest

by Ryder Blalock


The Chimpanzee Searches for Food

by Maxwell Lazo


The Lonely Chimp in Central Africa

by Heiress Stewart


The Newborn Baby Chimp

by Lola Vega








The Baboon in Africa

by Giovanni Nelson



The Chase

by Ashton Ricks



Two Little Baby Baboons in the Savanna of Africa

by Alessandra Vela


The Curious Baboon

by Itzel Lemos







The Mother and Her Baby

By: Paola Martinez

On a cold day in Borneo, it was raining in the rainforest.  Orchid flowers were swinging on the wet bushes. The sound of water was crashing down into the river.


A male orangutan was covering himself with big leaves to stay dry.  One female orangutan was finding a comfortable place to give birth.  She was slowly swinging on the big trees to find some big sticks and some big leaves to make a nest.  Then she was slowly and carefully crawling into her special nest to give birth.  The sun was going down and the sky was turning dark blue. The female orangutan gave birth to a baby. He was small and weighed 3.5 pounds.


The mother fed the baby some milk as soon he was born.

In the morning the female orangutan went to get some fruit.  The baby was grasping onto her tummy. The mother orangutan will start to teach him how to eat by himself.   In the Borneo Rainforest, it is still raining and now the mother and her baby are dry under the big leaves. 

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The Orangutan in the borneo Rainforest

By: Carlo Olivera

It’s a warm day in the Borneo Rainforest and leaves are crunching and birds are chirping.  It is hot and wet.  The leaves are moist and floppy. The sun reflects on the lakes making it blue and glittery.  The wind whistles through the leaves, as birds fly while chirping.


A 4 feet long reddish orangutan crawls out of his habitat. His head is aching and his stomach is growling.  He knows it’s time to eat.  He swings to a tree with bright yellow bananas hanging on a big brown branch.  He crawled on the branch to pick one. As soon as he was about to, the bananas fell on the leafy ground. He swung down there and he made a crunch when he landed. He was about to pick one when he heard a prrr and there it was… a 9 feet long tiger!   


The tiger tried to strike when the orangutan swung quickly up the tree again.  The tiger tried climbing it too and the tiger slid as he tried to climb it.  The orangutan got to the top of the tree and made a loud noise from his mouth.  He scared the tiger away.  He swung to the ground to make sure he was safe and he was.  He ate a banana and took a nap in his nest. It had been a long day in the Borneo Rainforest.

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An Orangutan Makes a nest

By: Piero Valdez

One early morning in the Borneo Rainforest there lived an orangutan.  The rainforest was filled with waterfalls and lots of green trees and lots of rivers.  The air was warm and the leaves were swinging around and around on the trees.  There were lots of orchid flowers on the wet bushes. 


One orange haired orangutan was leaning on an old wet tree.  She grasped onto the bark of a really tall tree in the Borneo Rainforest.  She reached for twigs and sticks with her long arms.  The mommy orangutan twisted them all together to make a home for her baby.


The orangutan was done making her nest. The baby started to snuggle up in the nest.  It was getting dark and the baby orangutan was starting to get tired and the mommy was getting tired also.  Their eyes started to close a little bit.  The mommy started to hug the little baby and they went deeply asleep at night in the Borneo Rainforest.

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Orangutan In borneo's forest

By: Mia Valmidiano

It is a hot day in Borneo. Birds are chirping and rain is falling silently. The sky is painted blue and big fluffy clouds move all around the sky. Leaves crunch as rain falls.  Bugs go back and forth.  Crickets chirp and scatter all around the leaves that fell from the trees.


A reddish brown orangutan crawls out of its nest after he was asleep. He feels a rumble in his stomach and he starts to look for something to eat. He finally finds a spiky durian in a tall tree. He carefully thinks about how he will get the juicy looking durian.  He climbs up the tree with his long and hairy arms.


The durian gets closer and closer as he climbs up the tall tree.   When he is very close he grabs the durian with one of his big hands and carefully climbs down the tall tree. When he gets down he starts to eat the custardy durian. Birds are chirping as he walks through Borneo's forest.  Leaves fall and crunch as he walks through the rainforest.

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The gorilla in eastern africa

By: Lily Johnson

One sunny day in Eastern Africa, birds are chirping as water splashes down from a cliff.   The rainforest looks busy as fish swim in the deep blue river, as leopards are looking for prey, as tree frogs jump from leaf to leaf. 


One big gorilla hungrily pops his bottom out and crawls out of an umbrella made of leaves.  The silverback male feels a rumble in his stomach. He gallops through the grass and he spots a bush of big juicy flowers across the rushing river. He searches for a long stick.


After he finds the stick he tests the water and it's two feet deep so he knows he can cross the river to get to the bush of juicy big flowers.  When he crosses the river, he gallops to the bush of juicy big flowers.  As he eats them, he sees that behind the bush there are some birds chirping and the waterfall is splashing down from the cliff.

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The gorilla in the african forest

By: Camila Alaniz

In an African Forest colorful flowers were blooming and many bugs were crawling.  The slimy tree frog stopped on the branch and searched for a juicy insect.  The tree reached as high as the sky.  The branches were moving slowly.


A hairy mom gorilla was slowly moving on the hard ground.  She had a big stomach.  She had twins inside her.  She felt tired, so she was crawling on her four legs.  She saw some leaves on the ground next to some sticks and some vines.  She was crawling to find rocks and branches.  She collected them all and brought them together.  She started to connect them with her soft black hands to build a nest.


Then when she woke up her stomach hurt because she had two babies inside.  The twins were going to come out of her stomach.  She started to cry a lot.  Then finally, the twins were born.  They were girls.  They were crying a lot.  The mom gorilla was so proud that she had two lovely babies and she fed them her milk.  They will live together as the flowers were blooming in the African Forest.


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The gorilla and the leopard

By: Eneas Paredes

On a glowing morning in Eastern Africa a leopard is jumping for flying birds to eat.  There are tall trees and beautiful shiny flowers.  A huge waterfall is splashing on the skinny flat rocks.  The dirt is wet.  A snake slithers around the tall grass. 


One huge gorilla gets out of his nest and turns his head.  He sees every part of the beautiful forest, like the big red flowers and the splashing waterfall.  He sees two dark eyes.  The open-eyed black scared gorilla nervously eats a yellow banana very slowly.  He also sees a long tail and he freezes and wonders, “what is that?”  Then he drops the banana and starts to run and rumbles the floor.


A big leopard with black and orange spots starts to run for the gorilla.  The gorilla stops to grab a heavy rock and throws at the leopard.  The heavy rock goes right to his face and the leopard tries to run as he wiggles around.  The gorilla is still hungry so he goes back to his banana to eat.  He is eating his tasty banana in Eastern Africa as birds are still flying above.

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The Female Gorilla in the african Rainforest

By: Abigail Farias

One glowing morning in the Eastern African Rainforest there lived a troop of lowland gorillas. Birds were chirping and tree frogs were jumping. A canopy was blocking the shining sun from hitting the ground.



The young female gorilla’s hair was very dark and coarse. She was looking for a place to sleep for the night. The young female gorilla was slowly starting to climb down the tree and walked to the left to scan the surroundings. Then she walked to the right and scanned the surroundings. Finally, the gorilla spotted a pile of soft green leaves and sticks to make her nest.



The young female gorilla was grouping piles of soft green leaves and sticks with her smooth hands. She started to build the bottom of her nest, but she ran out of stuff to make her nest! It was almost dark and the female gorilla didn’t have enough green leaves and sticks to make her nest. Finally, the female gorilla spotted some more piles of soft green leaves and sticks to make her nest and walked to get them.  At last, the gorilla finished her nest and went to sleep comfortably.  Back in the Eastern African Rainforest, the young female gorilla was sleeping and listening to the troop of lowland gorillas stomping all around.




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The Gorilla in the rainforest

By: Andy Garcia

It is a hot sunny afternoon in the African Rainforest.  The bright sunlight is coming through the trees. It is green everywhere. The trees are big and tall.  You can hear the sounds of birds chirping and snakes slithering through the leaves and sticks on the wet ground.     


The female gorilla is happy and excited she is about to deliver a baby.  She is big, about four and a half feet tall and weighs more than 200 pounds.  She has fur all over her body except her hands.  Her hands are a light black color, soft and feel like leather.  Most of the time she walks on all four legs but sometimes she walks on two.  The sun goes down.  The big, strong, hairy, heavy, gorilla gives birth to her first baby.


An hour later the gorilla has a baby in her hairy arms.  The gorilla licks the baby’s black fur to clean him.  The mom stays with the baby.  The mom will give it milk until its 3 or 4 years old.  She will carry it on her back or stomach and teach it to get the right food. The baby will learn how to live in the hot African Rainforest.

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Howler Monkeys 

Howler Monkey in the south american Rainforest

By: Marley Keifer

One rainy day in the South American Rainforest leaves are blowing all around where fresh fruit is growing.  Fresh tall green grass is blowing side to side. Harpy eagles are flying through the clear sky looking for prey.


After an hour of searching for prey, the harpy eagle spots an orange furred animal and dives in for a closer look. The harpy eagle notices the animal's big nostrils and cave-like mouth and realizes it's a howler monkey.  The harpy eagle flies as fast as he can towards the howler monkey but the howler monkey hears the eagle and swings to another branch to avoid the eagle.   The howler monkey feels a rumble in his tummy and he looks and looks for food.  He looks under leaves and looks on rocks.


Finally he discovers something on the big forest floor.  It is brown and big has small bugs falling into it.  It is a rotten banana with plump juicy maggots! The hungry howler monkey grabs them in a leaf and takes them high into his tree to eat them. Finally howler monkey can rest after a long day in the South American Rainforest.


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Baby Howler grows up

By: Alyssa Chou

One hot sunny day in Central Africa birds are chirping and grass is swinging side to side. The bright green colors of the trees are sprouting. Crickets are chirping. The sun is shimmering on the bright green leaves and the waterfall reflection is a rainbow.


On top of the rainforest canopy, a female brown howler monkey is swinging from tree to tree with her hands, feet and long tail.  She begins to make a howl like a big loud roar of a lion.  The female howler monkey is about to give birth.  She’s feeling exhausted and ready to rest. So she slowly swings from branch to branch and crawls into a pile of leaves. She puts her head down and curls up her tail.


A baby male howler monkey with big eyes has been born.  It is huggable and fluffy and it has a black golden fur.  Its ears are as black as night and his body is as big as a watermelon.  As the baby male howler monkey is drinking its mother’s milk it clings to its mother’s warm belly as she is looking for good juicy leaves.  He has to be 1 month old to swing and at 2 months he will ride on its mothers back.  He will hear the birds chirping and see the grass swinging from side to side as he grows in Central Africa.

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The Howler monkey and the

Central American Rainforest

By: Chauncey Hogg

On one hot rainy day in Central America howler monkeys are swinging tree from tree. Howler monkeys are howling.  The sun is peeking through leaves.  Other monkeys are swinging back and forth though the rain.  Raindrops are falling on the leaves, which are making them more juicy for the howler monkeys to eat and drink. 


A young blackish-brown furred howler monkey is grabbing on to its mom’s fur as his eyes are closed.  While they’re sleeping, a light brown puma is scanning for howler monkey prey.  It is trying to creep up on them by going very slow.  Its paws are moving quietly.  The howler monkeys are still snoozing high up in a tree, but the puma roars and wakes them up. 


They wake up and the puma roars again.   Now the baby is scared.  The mom is trying to protect the child, but then she realizes that she can howl.  She howls, but only one other howler monkey hears that she’s in danger.  So that howler monkey howls too and 6 howler monkeys come and scare the puma away!  Now the baby and mother howler monkey are safe in the spooky Central American Rainforest.

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The howler Monkey in

the South American Rainforest

By: Sofia Estrada

One glowing morning, snakes are slithering and jaguars are roaring in the South American Rainforest.  There are so many big trees and animals like capuchins, harper eagles and pumas.  Trees have tall vines that swing very high. 


A baby howler monkey is playing with a stick.  It has thorns and leaves and it is muddy and small.  She throws the stick up and catches it.  She is by herself.  Then she sees a peach puma with razor sharp teeth and the baby monkey runs.   The puma hears a sound and smells howler monkey meat.


The baby howler runs to a tree and is scared.  The puma cannot see the howler because the baby is high up.  So the puma goes back to where she came from.  The baby howler monkey runs to her home, finds a leaf and falls into a deep sleep as the jaguars are roaring and snakes are slithering in the South American Rainforest.

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Mom Chimpanzee And Baby Chimpanzee

By: Diego Montoya

On a windy hot day in the rainforest of Central Africa the trees are moving with the air. Long skinny sticks are all over on the ground and are making crunching noise.  The air feels wet and sticky and birds are flying around and singing.


A large black chimpanzee is walking through the forest with her eyes wide open for a lot of food because she is very hungry. The chimpanzee is tired because it is hard work to pull on the plants to find food.  As she looks for food she thinks about her baby crying because he is hungry. 


The chimpanzee opens her eyes and sees a tree full of mangos. She pulls on some of them and wraps her hand around the mango.  She pulls the mango off and she shares her mango with her baby. The happy chimpanzees are in the trees enjoying the food that they found in Central Africa.      

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A chimp builds a nest

By: Ryder Blalock

It is a dry and sunny day in the rainforest.  The birds chirp and the trees blow around.  Fresh green leaves grow on the trees and on the bushes.  There are twigs all over the ground.  Water splashes from the waterfall and makes a sh sh sh sound. 


A big black hairy chimpanzee is tired after a long day.  The chimp’s eyes are getting wet and droopy.  His body is moving slowly. With his human like hands, he picks up sticks and twigs off the ground for his nest.  Now that he has his materials to build his nest he uses his brown wide eyes to look around to spot a tree to build his nest in.  He spots a tree in the distance.


The hairy chimpanzee starts to walk to the tree and he wobbles around with the twigs and leaves in his hands.  He is walking on his back legs.  He gets to the tree and he starts to climb with the materials in one hand.  He climbs with his other hand.  He finds two long branches.  He starts to build his nest in the two branches, while the birds chirp and the treetops blow around in the rainforest.


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The Chimpanzee searches for food

By: Maxwell Lazo

It was a sunny day in the African Rainforest and there was a river moving quickly.  A waterfall splashed down the hill and hit against the rocks below and went into a pond.   Next to the pond was a mound of termites and big trees.  Termites were crawling around next to the pond.


A young chimpanzee with black fur was under a leaf and it was raining hard.  He used his hand to move the leaf and he peeked out.  Then it stopped raining.   His stomach was growling like a lion because his stomach was empty and he was starving.  He used his 4 fists to climb down the tree and moved slowly towards a wall of trees. Then he grabbed a stick with his hairy hands.  It wasn`t a strong stick so he picked up a stick from the ground again and it was strong the second time.                           


He had to keep the stick he got because he could get termites out of a hole.  It started to get dark so he had to hurry.  So he scanned everywhere and then he looked behind some rocks.  He looked behind a tree and he saw a termite hole. He got the stick and jammed the stick in the termite hole. There were a lot of termites on the stick. He ate all of the termites quickly next to the river with tall trees around him in the African Rainforest.

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The lonely chimp in central africa

By: Heiress Stewart

It's a sunny day in Central Africa. There are birds chirping and waterfalls are twinkling down on the wet ground.  Trees are swinging from side to side. Red tailed monkeys are swinging from tree to tree searching for food.


A young female chimpanzee with furry hair and pinkish skin is peeking out from under a banana tree. She starts to scream like a dog.  Her eyes are scanning around for a chimpanzee in her community to groom with.  She swings to one banana tree and looks around. Then, she swings to another tree and looks around again.


She spots a lonely male chimp next to a banana tree and she swoops down and sits next to the male chimp. She starts to pick bugs off of it’s hairy back. A couple hours later, it is now dark and foggy. The female chimp swings back into the branches in the trees.  It is night and the sky is dark blue. Birds are quieting down and the termites are finishing their hole in the Central African Rainforest.



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A newborn baby Chimp

By: Lola Vega

It is a hot and wet afternoon in the African Rainforest.  The grass is moving from side to side.  If you listen closely you might hear hyenas howling. You might hear birds singing away.  On the ground you will see big green plants that are still wet from the last rainstorm.


The pretty black medium female chimp is climbing the really tall tree with a lot of leaves.  She grabs the yellow squishy banana and quickly peels it.  Then she opens her mouth wide and quickly eats the banana.  The chimp is finally full.  She needs to find a place to give birth.  She will have other members of her troop comforting her during birth.  Mama chimp just gave birth to a new baby girl.


The mother chimp will feed her baby and will care for her alone.  She will groom her baby girl by picking bugs and dirt off of her fur and the baby will stay close to her mom.  She will learn how to find food and how to act from copying her mom.  They will be happy together in the African Rainforest learning each day.


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The Baboon in Africa

By: Giovanni Nelson

It is a dry and warm afternoon in the African Woodlands. There are birds chirping and singing in the tall trees. The tall green grass is swaying slowly as big brown furry bulls wander in the open air. The sun is high in the sky and is shining down.


The male baboon is searching for big nuts hanging from a plant to eat for his lunch.  He has two legs and two arms that he uses to climb a tree.  He also has a long tail for hanging from branches.  The brown furry baboon begins his long walk for food.  The baboon climbs up the tree.  Once he is at the top he finds all kinds of nuts.                                                                  

The baboon breaks the nuts open and quickly pops them into his mouth.  He will continue to eat the tasty nuts until he is full.  After he is stuffed the lazy baboon takes a nap.  He sleeps quietly on the hot grass of the African Woodlands.

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The Chase

By: Ashton Ricks

In the afternoon, it is raining and leaves are falling down in the African Rainforest. It is hot and wet.  The bulls are sprinting in the really tall grass.  There are huge open grass areas. There are lots of bugs and many different spiders crawling around.  


A pair of baboon eyes dart across the forest, nervously searching for a big yellow lion.  He spots a giant lion with sharp shiny teeth.  The lion slowly crouches behind the anxious cherry faced baboon. He runs away and the lion runs too.  The baboon runs faster and faster.


Before the fast lion can catch up, the baboon uses his long and strong arms to quickly climb up the smooth trunk of a fruit tree.  The lion tries to climb the tree too, but the tree is too high up.  The furious and frustrated lion gives up and retreats back into the trees. The baboon finds fruit and eats it.  He is safe and full as leaves are falling in the African Rainforest.

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Two little Baby Baboons in

the savanna of africa

By: Alessandra Vela

One happy morning in the Savanna of Africa, the sun was shining while two little baby baboons were playing in a grassy area.  The sky was painted blue. Birds were chirping while five baboons played in the sun.  Three long trees were around the baboons.


Two rare baby baboons with thin black fur and sunburn pink faces got up and swiftly walked to another grassy open area. The female baby baboon tripped and fell. The male baby baboon wanted to help her and put his hands out. The female heard something with its big ears!  She stretched her hands in front of her sunburn pink face and pushed the grass to the side.  She saw four legs with black spotted paws coming closer and closer.


The two little baby baboons looked up with their brown eyes.  It was a cheetah!  The cheetah got ready to eat them!  The male baboon started to bark out loud.  The female baboon saw taller grass and tried to tell the male but it was barking too loud.  So she dragged him to the tall grass by his arm. The cheetah did not know where they went so it went back home. They got out of the long grass and climbed a tree to snuggle in. The two baby baboons took a long nap while the sun was shining in the Savanna of Africa.

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The curious babOon

By: Itzel Lemos

It’s a sunny day in the woodlands of Africa and there are lots of lizards scurrying around.  Birds are chirping loudly in the bright sun.  Dry grass is crunching as the baboons are walking in a troop. 


A small black baboon comes out of a tree.  It is hungry. It wants food and night is falling.  The baboon searches the grass for a stick so it can make a hole and find bugs.  Once the baboons belly is full of the delicious bugs.  His eyelids start to get heavy. The baboons close set of eyes spot a cliff nearby to sleep.


The baboon walks with his four feet and his tail goes up as he walks up the cliff.  At the top of the cliff the baboon sees a big green tree and the branches are big and brown.  The baboon climbs up the tree because the baboon feels safe from predators and can sleep well.  The baboon falls asleep peacefully in the African Rainforest.

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  Our journey


  Second Grade ThankS

The San Diego Zoo for helping us observe some real life monkeys and apes.

The San Diego Public Library for allowing us to borrow many books about monkeys and apes.

Mrs. Saville for giving us encouragement when we worked on writing and drawing.

Mrs. Desiree for helping us write and type our stories.

Mr. Gabe for helping us record our stories in his studio.

Mrs. Ratha and Mr. Romo for allowing us to borrow their laptops.

Our 11th grade buddies for helping us edit and revise our stories.