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Moms Against Drunk Driving 


What is it?

It is a nonprofit organization that was started in September of 1980 in California. It is in the United States and Canada that seeks to stop drunk driving, support those affected by drunk driving, prevent underage drinking, and strive for stricter impaired driving policy, whether that impairment is caused by alcohol or any other drug.

Important Events and Laws

  • Each year, MADD has an annual 5k race to honor the victims lost in drunk driving accidents and to raise money for the cause.

How you can help...

You can donate money to different organizations or you can volunteer for many different things that they have. You can find all of these things on their official website under the Volunteer tab.

How has MADD helped...

MADD helps not only victims of these crimes, but also those who commit them. They feel it is also important to offer help to those who have a drinking or drug abuse problem. They have helped many teens, adults, and many others throughout the years in hopes to end the problem for good.