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Happy Belated Birthday!

These birthday wishes were sent by just a few of the many friends and family who love you

Martha Ehrhart:


I don't remember the first time we met. We probably just slowly became friendly over those months and the couple of years Eric, Kevin and several others were at Methodist. Then, off to Corpus Christi with Connie Loef and the group. The beginning of many adventures, and the beginnings of our little children's grade school lives. >>>

Somehow, you and I became very intertwined in the workings of Corpus Christi. We both volunteered frequently for so many things. In the classroom, in the school itself, out on the playground, as room Mothers and as members of the Sisters of St. Louis League…O yes, and later there was the St. Patrick’s Day Auction and Fund Raiser. And I know there was more.

You and I have had a lasting friendship for all these years. I do not have one specific story at this moment. However, my memory is filled with many things about you…all forever consistent and present. Your beautiful smile…which is almost always present, your kind blue eyes, and your always present open and listening heart. Your faithfulness as a friend is unequaled…always available in whatever way needed.

We were united by many things…our red hair and freckles…although over the years mine became more strawberry blonde, but never gray. Not a good color for us. I loved your beautiful color. We were together in faith…in a beautiful women’s prayer group that we joined together…that brought us solace in difficult times. And only solidified our friendship more deeply. We were together in birthdays, in luncheons, in adventures with our children, New Years Eves and all the events that come and go in a lifetime of raising children, growing into later years, marriages and so much more. The ebb and tides of life. Listening, learning, loving, crying, laughing and forever talking…sharing ideas, and so often trying to make sense out of the many puzzlements of life. Even into our later years…sharing the questions…sometimes, often…without answers. But choosing together to take the road of Faith, of Love, of joy…even through hardships.

You and I have often commiserated about our physical health. Maybe it is a red-head thing. But we have both suffered with physical struggles…yet, we can get together and speak openly and honestly…often with both laughter and tears. I guess you might say that God put us together so many years ago, to be faithful and ever present loving friends on this journey called Life.

We are both quite certain our journey will not end here. We will be in Heaven together…seeing dear family and friends...many others we once shared adventures with here. Of course, we have talked about all these things. Have a peace about all these things. Are comfortable knowing that our friendship will never die…it will always live and even grow deeper and deeper as the years pass by. Sometimes with answers given to our puzzlements. Sometimes no answers. But a complete comfort in the faithfulness of our friendship and the forever Faithfulness of the God we so adore. I am sure you would agree…both you and I would say…After all these years…”All is well! Very well”.

You are a gift from God into my life. And it was only yesterday that you were here in my home as we shared a happy afternoon together. Doing what we always do…Talk, share, listen, laugh, try to solve dilemmas…and then, after all…it is all ok. We are well. We are Blessed. Our lives are good.

Love to you,

Martha Ehrhart




Dear Eric,


My friendship with your mother began when your sister, Julie, started Corpus Christi with our daughter, Kristin. Over the years we have shared happy and sad times together. Looking back over the years I remember you mother as a loyal and supportive friend.


We've helped each other in good times and in bad. I will always treasure her special friendship and consider her an angel in my life. When I count my blessings your mom is on the top of my list. 


Wishing her lots of love on her 77th birthday,


Jo Ann Klein

Maria Kelly:


About forty years ago I was at Sunday Mass and I looked over and saw a lovely red-haired woman with two little children.  I thought that they looked about the same age as my children and I hoped that we would become friends.  Well, we did become friends, and her son and daughter, Eric and Julie, were classmates of my children, Dominic and Sarah, all the way through high school.  Even though they live miles apart they are still friends to this day. >>>



Sue, you and I became part of the "Breakfast Club" and we have been meeting for breakfast regularly for the last 40 years.  We've shared good times and bad time, illnesses and happy occasions along the way, and you have always brought laughter and positive feelings to any group.


Over the years I have come to think of you as one of the most positive people I know.  You always seem to bring the right tone to any situation and have a wonderful way of drawing out the best in people.  If someone can't get along with you, they can't get along with anyone!  You have lost family members, had some serious illnesses and some painful surgeries, but you has never lost your faith and your joyful outlook.  I regard you as a very positive force in my life and I feel blessed to be her friend.  


Marea Kelly

Dear Sue,

Over the years we have seen each other at family gatherings, especially in our 'younger' years when all our family lived close to each other.  We had as many as 75 at some of the traditional Christmas parties that have been going on for about 75 to 80 years, although much smaller now.  


You and I had a memorable lunch on the Santa Monica pier several years ago, and it was full of fun and laughter.  Your smile is what catches my heart, warm and happy.  We have emailed each other and prayed for each other.  You, I believe, have great faith in God and prayer.  Even though you have been through so many surgeries, you are always positive and I contribute that to your faith. 


So Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Sue. You are the best! 


God Bless Lou and Caroline

Dear Sue, 




Do you remember that last day at Village? Limo, lunch, et al. Oh, my such a terrific high for all of us.

How about Santa Fe? We had so many laughs, so much fun. Both of us were in a unique place and both of us knew what we wanted and both of us pursued that end and were successful. I'll never forget looking for your missing ring....and finding it!

You are the best of friends....always thoughtful about staying in touch.

You have great love for your family and share your love of them with all of us.

You have had more than your share of health issues and you have always had the most positive attitude toward recovery and healing.


Love you Sue.....and your terrific smile!!    

Judy Roth

Dear Eric,

I met your mom shortly after I retired almost 15 years ago.  We were on treadmills and began a conversation that led to a friendship .


It was the best thing that happened to me because we found a lot of common ideas and have laughed our way through good and bad times.


I am enjoying being with your mom. She is a barrel of laughs and we have some great times together.


Please know that your mom has brought me a lot of happiness.


Bette Rosenbaum

I hope you had a great birthday - and have a Merry Christmas!