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Modern Worktruck Solutions December 2020

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We are in the last month of the year 2020, if you can believe it! And what a year it’s been. I imagine this year has stretched you in more ways than one. I imagine some of you have implemented new business strategies. I’m sure your offices and truck yards are now socially distanced. And I bet you’ve conducted at least one Zoom meeting this year. Whatever your year looked like, I confidently believe you and your business learned to adapt, rolled out innovations beyond what you ever thought you could muster, and perhaps even your outlook on business (or life in general) has shifted in a positive direction. It’s been a tough year for all of us, but in that struggle, I’m inspired by all of the hard work I’ve seen in the industry. I’m inspired by those who have pressed on regardless of the struggle. I’m inspired by our readers. I’m inspired by YOU. If Modern WorkTruck Solutions has done one thing this year, I hope it has provided you with meaningful content that might have inspired you as well. As we bring you the 2021 Buyers Guide, this issue also marks the fifth anniversary for Modern WorkTruck Solutions! Although the magazine has seen different editors, different styling, and many different kinds of articles, we have always strived—and will continue to strive—to bring you the best light-, medium-, and heavy-duty work truck solutions you can find. To commemorate the achievement, we would love to hear from our readers. What is the most valuable tip you’ve read between the pages of the magazine? Have our reviews helped you make a decision on a product? What was your favorite article so far? Let us know by tweeting (@mwsmag) or emailing me at When you’re done sharing your thoughts with us, browse through the pages of this issue to help you plan for the coming year. Our 2021 Buyers Guide starts on page 35. But we’ve also got solutions for fleet safety with AI video technology starting on page 32. You’ll learn what some service techs deem as service truck must-haves on page 28, and you’ll find out the final steps a fleet can take to ensure success on page 22. As always, we hope you enjoy the issue. And from all of us here on the MWS team, we want to wish you a very merry holiday season.Jade Brasher EditorEDITOR’S NOTEJade BrasherOUTSIDE THE CABIT'S MWS' ANNIVERSARY ....................72Serving the industry for 5 years and P.O. Box 660197 Birmingham, Alabama 35266DONNA CAMPBELL Editor in JADE BRASHER Editorjade@mwsmag.comRANDY MOON Associate Publisher randym@mwsmag.comVAL CARRIER Media Consultantval@mwsmag.comGARY BARKER Media Consultantgary@mwsmag.comTIM O’HARA Media Consultanttim.ohara@mwsmag.comLISA AVERY Art Director lisa@mwsmag.comCRISTELA TSCHUMY Graphic DesignerSETH SAUNDERS Digital Media SpecialistINGRID BERKY Office ManagerNo part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage-and-retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. The views expressed by those not on the staff of Modern WorkTruck Solutions, or who are not specifically employed by Highlands Publications are purely their own. All Industry News material has either been submitted by the subject company or pulled directly from its corporate website, which is assumed to be cleared for release. Comments and submissions are welcome, and can be submitted to INQUIRIES OR CHANGES CALL:205.380.2048CHRIS GARMONCFO DONNA CAMPBELLVP, 312 Lorna Square Birmingham, AL 35216866.251.1777TIM GARMONCEORUSSELL HADDOCKPresidentTONYA BROWNINGVice President

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 20208INDUSTRY NEWSLIGHTNING EMOTORS TO LIST ON NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE THROUGH Lightning eMotors, provider of complete electrification solutions for commercial fleets, and GigCapital3, Inc., a technology, media and telecom (TMT) Private-to-Public Equity (PPE)™ corporation, announced a business combination that will result in Lightning eMotors becoming a publicly listed company. After closing, the combined operating company will be named Lightning eMotors, Inc. It will list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ZEV.Lightning eMotors is a high-growth electric vehicle manufacturer focused on urban commercial zero-emission vehicles. Lightning eMotors currently has a range of Class 3-7 battery-electric vehicles as well as fuel cell electric vehicles in production. Additionally, the company’s modular architecture, software-enabled platform, and integration capabilities provide a cost-effective solution to a segmented and customized market. Lightning eMotors’ solutions cover medium- and heavy-duty vocational vehicles including delivery trucks, bucket trucks, food trucks, and others. For more, visit ATW ACQUIRES DAKOTA BODIESATW® recently announced the purchase of custom truck body manufacturer Dakota Bodies™. The acquisition expands the ATW Truck Equipment business unit, adding to its growing flatbed and service body manufacturing capabilities. “For years, ATW has partnered with Dakota Bodies on custom service and utility bodies,” says Steve Courreges, president of ATW Truck Equipment. “By bringing them into the ATW portfolio, we can more effectively combine their experience and technology with ATW’s scalability and commercial expertise.”Since 1997, Dakota Bodies has designed and manufactured utility and service truck bodies, while investing in new technologies and techniques. The company currently manufactures out of its state-of-the-art facilities in Watertown, South Dakota, and Liberty, Missouri. Further, Dakota Bodies enjoys a reputation for exceptional quality and quick turnaround times. “Joining forces with ATW affords us the resources and expertise to further grow what we’ve built at Dakota Bodies. We’re excited about the partnership and the many opportunities it presents,” says Jeff Orthaus, CEO of Dakota Bodies. For more, visit OPTRONICS INTRODUCES LED COMBINATION ID LIGHT BAR WITH INTEGRATED UTILITY AND SCENE LIGHTOptronics International, a leading manufacturer of vehicle harnesses, electronic control systems, and LED lighting

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202010INDUSTRY NEWSfor the global transportation industry, announced the introduction of its MCL80RCB LED Combination ID Light Bar and Utility Light. The lamp enables a vehicle’s light bar to serve as a utility and scene light, whether mounted high or low. With a high, rear mounting position, the lamp illuminates a wide area below and behind it with white LED light. Mounted close to the ground, the lamp provides greater visibility and safety with a tighter, more intense beam pattern. Using the ID light already required for vehicles measuring 80 inches or more in width as a platform, the MCL80RCB LED Combination ID Light Bar and Utility Light incorporates two seven-diode white LED utility lights. The thin, streamlined body of the lamp measures 15.5-inches long, 1.313-inches wide, and 0.75-inches thick. This also includes its attached, closed-cell foam gasket. For more, visit DOUBLES COMMITMENT TO HELP MEET INCREASED NEEDFood insecurity in New England could increase by nearly 50% in 2020 due to the pandemic. In response, Advantage Truck Group (ATG) announced it will double its commitment to fight food insecurity through Haulin’ 4 Hunger. ATG’s annual program, Haulin’ 4 Hunger, brings together employees, customers, and sponsors to help provide meals to those in need. ATG and Haulin’ 4 Hunger will help provide 6,000 meals as well as expand support to 12 food pantries. The food pantries stretch across communities near ATG locations throughout New England. Since its launch in 2012 and including this year’s donations, Haulin’ 4 Hunger has provided more than 22,000 meals. For more, visit ALSCO UNIFORMS NORTH AMERICA LAUNCHES FLEET ELECTRIFICATION PROGRAM WITH MOTIV POWER SYSTEMSAs fleets nationwide transition to all-electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries, Motiv announced the deployment of four all-electric step vans with Alsco, a global uniform service company. These zero-emission step vans are built on Motiv’s EPIC F-59 Ford eQVM-approved chassis and will serve routes in Sacramento and Los Angeles, with dozens more planned for next year. Alsco selected Motiv after successful demonstrations where Motiv-powered trucks impressed Alsco drivers and depot managers with their performance.Ideal for Alsco, Motiv’s EPIC F-59 chassis incorporate its fifth generation electric powertrain technology, AdaptEV software, and BMW battery packs. These all-electric step

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202012INDUSTRY NEWSvans will reduce operation and maintenance costs by up to 85%. As a result, operators experience lower total cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle. Annually, the four electric vans will offset approximately 100 metric tons of CO2 versus diesel-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. They also provide drivers with fatigue-reducing features such as hill hold and regenerative braking. Alsco works to make its processes more sustainable and sources products from vendors who prioritize eco-friendly options. By introducing zero-emission all-electric step vans into its fleet, Alsco is taking concrete steps to decrease its carbon footprint in the communities it serves. For more, visit MACK DEFENSE PARTNERS WITH XPER FOR SPARE TIRE CARRIER AND HEAVY DUMP TRUCKMack Defense and XPER partner to provide a Spare Tire Carrier (STC) and armor for M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck (HDT). XPER is a worldwide leader in transparent and opaque armor solutions, LED lighting, and vehicle accessories. Since 2000, XPER has produced a variety of products for the US military. The partnership brings XPER’s expertise to the M917A3 HDT program through the STC and transparent armor. Each component had a requirement to meet specific demands, including the STC’s location and ability to handle the spare tire. For more, visit TOCO WARRANTY CHOOSES HONK TO MANAGE ITS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMHONK Technologies, the platform connecting drivers, towing professionals, and insurers, announced it will manage roadside assistance for Toco Warranty starting early 2021. Toco’s services include roadside assistance, and the company wanted to make the process as simple as possible for its customers. Its previous roadside service partner required customers to request service via phone with their Toco contract information at the ready. In addition, customers may have had to pay the provider out of pocket, for which they were later reimbursed.Unlike other solutions, Toco was able to customize the setup of its roadside assistance program. HONK clients choose how they want customers to request service: either from their insurance app/website or a call to HONK. If calling, customers will speak with HONK’s Virtual Voice Assistant, a HONK Contact Center Specialist, or with their own representatives. This flexibility empowered Toco to have a voice in its customers’ roadside experience, one that matched company goals. For more, visit

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202014INDUSTRY INSIGHTAQA lot has happened in 2020. record-breaking hurricane season. Now with the hustle and bustle of the holidays as well as a vaccine to ship of effect can we expect from the supply chain and shipping on a national scale? Dr. of a national supply chain mapping and analysis science 2020’s Effect on the Supply Chain WHAT’S HAPPENED AND WHAT’S TO COMEDR. BENJAMIN RUDDELLMWS: ARE THE GULF STATE COMMUNITIES STRUGGLING TO RECOVER FROM THE BUSIEST HURRICANE SEASON ON RECORD? WILL THE HOLIDAYS AND A MASS VACCINATION CAMPAIGN DISRUPT OR AID IN RECOVERY?RUDDELL: Although there were many hurricanes this season, none were historically damaging and powerful. There is a big difference in damage capacity between a Category 4 (like Hurricane Laura) and a High Category 5 storm; one can damage homes while one destroys whole cities, ports, and manufacturing centers. The economic damage from a direct hit of a High Category 5 is much deeper and longer lasting. If you have half your city evacuate and never return, that’s a different kind of damage than replacing a billion dollars of roofs and drywall.With that being said, it is always a struggle for communities to recover from hurricane strikes; recovery can take years. The coincidence of this unusually severe season with the COVID-19 crisis is a mixed blessing. It is harder to recover with the whole system and supply chain slowed by COVID-19, but on the other hand, and especially in tourist towns, COVID-19 means that there were fewer customers coming, so there is less money lost during the prolonged recovery. A mixed bag.I have no reason to believe that the mass vaccination campaign will affect recovery. It won’t take a large amount of logistics capacity to distribute vaccines because vaccines are small and light. MWS: WHAT OBSTACLES SHOULD DELIVERY FLEETS EXPECT TO SEE WHEN MOVING THE VACCINE FROM POINT A TO POINT B? RUDDELL: The main problems with vaccine distribution are going to be speed, safety, and security. These vaccines are small, light, time-critical, extremely valuable, and need unusual cold-chain equipment and safety training. Handling dry ice requires special hazardous materials training. Also, pay attention to operational security. Organized crime has already demonstrated an acute interest in knowing exactly where vaccine shipments are warehoused and delivered. MWS:HAVE YOU SEEN SUPPLY SYSTEMS AND WHICH OF THESE CHANGES MIGHT BE PERMANENT? RUDDELL: There was a massive drop in freight volume early on, then a massive spike in freight volume, a large drop in exports, and then a large increase in imports from China to the US. At the March lockdown there was a massive shift in distribution logistics and contracting for food and essentials from the restaurant and hoteling sector to grocery retail. Since then, things have been slowly getting back to normal.

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 15The main permanent changes I expect to see are: (1) an acceleration of the “re-shoring” trend bringing manufacturing back to the United States; and (2) an increased emphasis by businesses and the government on supply chain resilience and continuity. We have learned a hard lesson about the cost of relying on foreign countries for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and about the risks created by lean and lowest-cost practices. There are several kinds of critical supply chains and expertise that must be concentrated in domestic suppliers. We are not being responsible as private or public leaders when we lose control of the supply chains that support our basic health and security—or when we fail to take steps to ensure that these supply chains are resilient and that continuity can be maintained during a large crisis. Expect a wave of reform, starting with large business, but eventually reinforced by new federal regulations. MWS: WHAT ARE THE MOST OBSCURE OR SURPRISING THINGS YOU’VE SEEN MOVE EN MASSE THROUGH THE SUPPLY CHAIN IN  RUDDELL: To me, the most interesting things have been the switch of the airlines to carrying cargo in passenger cabins, and the ramp-up of the grocery stores and the online retail deliveries to flat-out 24/7 operations. I see brown package deliveries in my neighborhood at nearly all hours, sometimes coming to my house five times in one day, and they’re using all kinds of rented trucks and vans, basically anything they can get their hands on. At the grocery store the staff restock shelves at a dead sprint, even in the middle of the 5 pm rush. You can see the system flexing; the private sector is using all the tools it has to meet demand and adapt to rapidly changing trends.The hand sanitizer and mask shortages have been interesting but not surprising because demand rapidly ramped up above the production supply.The toilet paper hoarding has been surprising and disappointing. There has not been a shortage of toilet paper at any point this year based on supply and demand, but people keep hoarding it, so there is a perception of scarcity. It’s time for Americans to stop doing that.The most impressive thing I’ve seen this year is the brave effort of the people in the medical, public safety, logistics, and fresh food (produce, meat) sectors to stay on the front lines and work twice as hard to take care of the rest of us at the risk of their own health. This was especially brave in March and April when there was a lot of panic and we didn’t understand the dangers of the virus. The police, firemen, nurses, and doctors have gotten some recognition, but the truckers, warehousers, shelf stockers, pickers, and packers are really the unsung heroes of this crisis. MWS: WHAT’S THE INSIDER’S VIEW ON WHETHER HOLIDAY PACKAGES WILL MAKE IT ON TIME THIS YEAR? WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR  RUDDELL: I expect that things will go OK; the online retailers and logisticians look like they’re really working hard to stay on top of this. If there is a glitch, those waiting to the last minute will be the ones to suffer. MWS: AS TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY GIFT DISTRIBUTORS AND OR COMPANIES FORMED FOR SHIPPING OF GOODS AND WHICH MAY CONTINUE?RUDDELL: Mostly I am aware of a rapid hiring expansion, increase of shiftwork, and more use of rented equipment by the existing large logistics operations rather than new systems and companies emerging. This crisis has been a great opportunity for the logistics sector to innovate and expand, and it’s mostly the big fish who have been able to take advantage early on.I expect that the real disruptive changes will emerge in 2021-2022 in the aftermath of the crisis, as we understand the permanent changes in the US economy. My expectation is a permanent shift in work locations from corporate offices in city centers toward satellite offices and work from home in suburbs and rural areas, a surge in growth in the “zoom towns” (desirable living locations far from city centers), and a permanent decline in business air travel. FOR MORE INFORMATION Dr. Benjamin Ruddell is the director of the FEWSION Project, a naonal supply chain mapping and analysis science project funded by the Naonal Science Foundaon and operated out of Northern Arizona University where Dr. Ruddell is a professor.866.251.1777 • 205.824.9796 randym@mwsmag.comREACH KEY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS get your media planner mwSmAg.COmLOAD ING AN D UNLOADI NGRAMPS PROVIDE A SECU RE PATHOBTAINING EQUILIBRIUMQUICK ROUTE TO BR INGING WHEELS IN BALAN CEOCTOBER 2017LIGHT-DUTY2018 TOYOTA TUN DRAMEDIUM-DUTYFORD CUTAWAY E-450 DRWHEAVY-DUTY HINO 338THE MORE THINGS CHANGESOMETI MES STIC KING WITH WHAT WORK S IS KEYICUEE Booth #L127 FEELING WARM INSIDECHOOSI NG THE BE ST AUXILIA RY HEATERTHE MORE THINGS CHANGEADVERTISING OPSREACH KEY INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202018If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that delivery is essential. Since the pandemic hit, the US saw an uptick in online shopping, receiving medical supplies via mail, and even grocery shopping through delivery services.If there’s another thing the year has taught us it’s that air quality improves when fewer vehicle exhaust emissions are pumped into the air. At the start of the pandemic when shutdowns cut passenger and commuter vehicle travel in half, areas such as San Francisco saw a reduction in CO2 emissions by about 25%.Will the increase in delivery volumes continue as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out and as life returns back to pre-pandemic normalcy? Some data has shown that, at least for grocery shopping, the delivery method is here to stay, according to Digital Commerce 360.With delivery volumes at their highest and with civil demand and government regulations calling for cleaner fuels, delivery businesses should get ahead of the game.PETERBILT’S ANSWERTwo years ago, Peterbilt unveiled its 220EV. The 220EV is Peterbilt’s answer for an electric medium-duty vocational vehicle. It’s ideal for pickup and delivery, it features a range of 200 miles on one charge, and it gives off zero emissions. The 220EV’s all-electric powertrain includes Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs that are mounted outside the frame rails and air tanks mounted inside the frame for weight distribution. Inside the 220EV’s power electronics cradle is where all the magic happens. It rests where a traditional diesel engine would rest at an easily accessible location. The cradle houses the on-board charger, vehicle software, battery disconnect controls, the air compressor, and the cab heater unit. The Class 6 E-motor gives owners 154kW (207 hp) of continuous power. It offers 250 kW (355 hp) of peak power. The Class 7 E-motor pumps out 259 kW (347 hp) of continuous power and 350 kW (469 hp) of peak power. There’s no need for a transmission in the 220EV, because this truck’s electric direct-drive motor provides power to the drive shaft.HOW IT WORKSThe functionality of Peterbilt’s E-motor is simple. The inverter converts energy from batteries to provide power to the electric drive motor. Then, as stated before, the direct-drive motor sends power to the drive shaft. The LFP battery packs are thermally controlled with the 220EV’s chiller (mounted inside the frame rails) to provide a consistent temperature for longer battery life. Finally, regenerative braking harnesses energy from the vehicle to maximize range.WHAT YOU NEEDDepending on the needs of your business, Peterbilt offers a Class 6 or Class 7 configuration of the 220EV. Other configurations include a 141 kWh energy storage with a 100-mile range or a 282 kWh energy storage with the 200-mile range.The truck is also available with AC charging or DC fast charging. The AC offering features a 19.2 kW power rating with a 7.5- to 15-hour charge time. This is better for fleets that run trucks only during the day and plan to keep trucks parked at night. The DC fast charge offering has a 150 kW power rating with a 1- to two-hour charge time. This is ideal for busy fleets with unpredictable schedules.The trucks also come in three different wheelbases (206, 218, and 274 inches) and three different body lengths (24, 26, and 30 ft). The front features a parabolic spring suspension, and owners have the choice between a Reyco mechanical, Hendrickson HAS210, or Hendrickson HAS230 Air Ride for the rear suspension.THE DETAILSWhat you need doesn’t stop at body length or battery power ratings. It goes as far as the cab, as well. The driver’s seat gets air suspension in the 220EV, while the owner has the choice of a two-person bench (standard) or another single air ride seat for the passenger. The truck features a center console with cup holders as well as cruise control, power windows, and power and heated mirrors. The cab also has a heater and air conditioning as standard features.For further customization, owners can request speakers and wiring for an aftermarket radio. If the customer chooses a Reyco suspension for the rear, they have the option of rear shock absorbers and a rear axle stabilizer bar. Additional options for the 220EV also include rear differential lock, rear mud flaps, a backup alarm, and orange or red seat belts.FUTURE READYThis time last year, no one could have predicted a worldwide pandemic that turned the world upside down. But no matter what happens in the upcoming year, make sure you’re prepared. Don’t fall behind in taking steps to ensure your essential delivery business is environmentally conscious.MEDIUM-DUTY WORKTRUCK SHOWCASEFOR MORE INFORMATIONFind out more about the Peterbilt 220EV, visit

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202020OPERATIONSFrom smartphones and tablets to cameras and data logging devices, the technology used by commercial drivers has advanced and changed every year—while the vehicles themselves have stayed relatively unchanged. This disconnect between the vehicle and the technology means that there is a serious need for some serious gear.ELD & HANDS-FREELike it or not, mandates involving Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and “Hands-Free” vehicle operation are here to stay. Thankfully, the benefits of these initiatives far outweigh the costs. Safer roads, faster service, and more efficient operations lead to a better overall experience for both the customers and the drivers. An ELD can synchronize with a vehicle’s engine to automatically record driving time for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording. Gone are the days of trying to track miles, fuel, and route status on a pad and paper. Acquiring the necessary devices, paying for the software, and then finding compatible hardware can get expensive. Thankfully, many companies have begun to see the cost savings of using existing technology in the form of smartphones and tablets.SERIOUS MOUNTSAnybody who has used a simple phone mount in their vehicle for navigation knows how much of a benefit it can be. Commercial drivers will also be quick to point out that the “consumer-grade” mount might work well for a family sedan, but fall short when put into a heavy-duty vehicle used for eight hours a day or more. Enter Bracketron. Bracketron provides universal device mounting solutions and accessories for the transportation industry. Companies like Bracketron specialize in the heavy-duty, working industries. On these built-for-work products, components that were once made from cheap plastic are replaced with commercial-grade aluminum. Small, “good enough” suction cups are replaced with heavy-duty cups that will hold strong and secure, even in the harshest of conditions, such as en route to jobsites that are off the beaten path or the logging industry going from the logging site to the open road.All of this, along with a strong emphasis on adaptability can give fleet managers a no-brainer solution for future-proofing some of the hardware in their fleet. The vehicles we drive and the tech that we use is everchanging in this industry. There’s already enough hassle in any driver’s daily routine, don’t let something as simple as a phone mount be one of them.Accessories for the Modern Commercial DriverHEAVY-DUTY JOBS MEET HEAVY-DUTY SOLUTIONS Sam HofstedtABOUT THE AUTHORSam Hofstedt is a product specialist at Bracketron, a leader in universal mounng soluons and accessories for many of today's most popular mobile and handheld technologies. Find out more, visit

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20211.27.2021 | 10a—4p_CSTSPONSORS: MCS is bringing the construction industry together again with its Virtual Expo! FREE VIRTUAL EVENTLIVE CHAT OR VIDEO WITH EXHIBITORSDOWNLOAD LITERATURE/BROCHURESSEE PRODUCT VIDEOS/DEMOSAttend safely from your home or office on your smartphone or laptop. REGISTER TODAY! highl ual-e xpo-register/ MMOODDEERRNN CCOONNTTRRAACCTTOORR SSOOLLUUTTIIOONNSS XPMODERN CONTRACTOR SOLUTIONS VIRTUAL EXPO 2021

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS DECEMBER 202022OPERATIONSIn the first two installments of this series on immediate actions fleet managers can take to address the pandemic’s continued impact on transportation, we addressed adopting new strategies for fuel cards, preventive maintenance, fleet safety, regulatory compliance, data analysis, and off-site audits. While economic and social uncertainty continue, we have an opportunity to prepare for the challenges of a post-COVID economy. As business leaders look ahead to a new year, now is the time to improve fleet culture and policies with these additional four steps. DRIVER RETENTIONConcern for the driver shortage is nothing new in our industry. In fact, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) identified the shortage as the industry’s top concern for the past four consecutive years. Despite the pandemic’s negative impact on freight demand in early 2020, industry analysts predict the demand for qualified drivers will increase as the economy bounces back, returning to the concerning levels of those experienced in 2018 and 2019. In response, fleet managers are tasked with ensuring talented employees are properly trained and retained for the long haul.Driver Retention, Work-life Balance, Maintenance, and Sanitary GuidelinesSPIREON’S 10 STEPS FLEETS CAN TAKE TO SUCCEED: PART 3 By Reza Hemmatilight-duty featureWWW.MWSMAG.COM

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 23When it comes to driver retention, it’s not always about money. As in any industry, retention for commercial drivers requires fleet managers to deeply understand their team member’s working habits to gauge engagement and productivity and address challenges head on. While often overlooked, fleet data can be an extremely effective tool to improve employee satisfaction and, ultimately, retain talent. The massive datasets generated from fleet telematics and electronic logging devices provide comprehensive analytics that offer ample insight into driver behavior. For example, data analysis enables fleet managers to identify drivers who fall short of assigned key performance indicators (KPIs) and take corrective action to ensure those drivers have the support they need. When incorporated into a fleetwide educational program, this data can also identify gaps in company education, where multiple drivers might need additional training and development in order to meet their goals.WORK-LIFE BALANCE The pandemic has shed light on the importance of prioritizing mental health and work-life balance in corporate culture. For too long, the culture of commercial transportation has deprioritized one important pillar of work-life balance: sleep. Not only do well-rested drivers have dramatically fewer accidents, studies find drivers with good sleep habits are 30% less likely to quit.ELD data provides a timestamp indicating when a driver stops to rest, offering a much-needed glimpse into driver REM cycles. This information allows fleet managers to evaluate and provide guidance on proper rest to achieve optimal performance along routes. We know drivers need at least two periods of night sleep per week to perform efficiently. Fleet managers should look at this data to evaluate evening rest hours and work with shipping partners to build schedules that are “biocompatible” to a driver’s needs and preferences. Even with these precautions, many drivers still struggle to fall asleep during the 10-hour rest window required under hours of service (HOS) regulation. To address this, fleets should consider offering educational programs and resources to teach drivers the importance of sleep and good habits to help achieve at least six hours of quality shut-eye over a 10-hour rest period. MAINTENANCE TEAMWhile drivers often take center stage, fleets are made up of many vital players including maintenance

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202024OPERATIONStechnicians. It’s important to recognize this team’s valuable contributions and crucial role in keeping vehicles rolling down the road by implementing a robust plan for both training and retention. Building a work culture that recognizes and respects maintenance technicians will pay dividends in the end. To ensure employee and customer safety, fleets are providing personal protection equipment, like masks, face shields, and sanitizers, to maintenance teams and other employees, accumulating additional costs. While these changes adequately address risk for on-the-ground staff like maintenance technicians, shipping customers might not have visibility into the revenue upside for these additional costs. Given this disconnect, it’s important for fleets to educate their shipping partners and ensure these necessary costs are adequately explained and billed over multiple contracts. LESSONS OF COVIDThe pandemic has taught the industry many important lessons and given us new best practices to carry into the new year. When it comes to sanitation and pandemic protocol, change is constant, and every shipper has different requirements. To manage this, it’s beneficial to assign drivers regular routes versus one-off deliveries. Not only does this allow them to build familiarity and consistency, but it ensures both driver and shipper understand each other’s sanitation policies. Trucking can be a solitary job; most drivers have been social distancing at work since they first earned their commercial driving licenses. The pandemic has further limited their already sparse social opportunities, so it’s increasingly important for fleets to improve and maintain strong channels of in-cab communication. These systems allow fleet managers to check-in socially and professionally to understand how drivers cope with the uncertainty of the times.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Reza Hemma is the vice president of product management at Spireon. For more insights on what steps your company can take to succeed post COVID, watch Spireon’s webinar, “Top 10 Steps Fleets Can Take Now to Succeed Post-COVID.” Find out more, visit

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202026OPERATIONSAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require precautions to avoid infection, truck drivers have come to depend upon the use of mobile electronic devices, such as cell phones and tablets, to substitute for direct in-person contact. An article in the September 2020 issue of Modern WorkTruck Solutions cites increasing driver dependence on electronic communications, cell phones, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that enable them to be directly and dynamically dispatched. The article also mentions the growing use of email and remote conferencing. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that drivers minimize or eliminate unnecessary contact with people in all aspects of their jobs. This recommendation starts by minimizing the time spent outside the cab. Recommendations include: • Using radios or phones for contact with dock managers and other drivers• Refrigerators for food storage to eliminate the need for eating in restaurants• Air conditioning to provide proper ventilationThe increased use of these accessories, including recharging batteries for mobile devices, increases the burden on the vehicle’s battery. This makes battery maintenance more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a battery that requires minimal or no maintenance can help the driver ensure sufficient power for the vehicle and electronic devices while reducing the time and attention that maintenance requires. Unscheduled service is another opportunity for unnecessary interactions, in addition to the normal lost productivity, which now Maintenance-free Battery Solutions Make a Safe and Productive FleetIMPROVE HEAVY-DUTY FLEET OPERATIONS DURING COVID-19 By Vicki Hall and Bryce Gregoryheavy-duty feature

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 27Maintenance-free Battery Solutions Make a Safe and Productive FleetIMPROVE HEAVY-DUTY FLEET OPERATIONS DURING COVID-19 By Vicki Hall and Bryce Gregorycarries the additional risks associated with COVID-19. MAINTENANCE-FREE IS KEYAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries offer the lowest maintenance option for drivers and fleets. Unlike conventional flooded lead acid batteries, AGM batteries contain fiberglass separators placed between each plate to absorb the electrolyte. This makes the battery leakproof with no additional water or electrolyte ever required. The plates and separators are also compressed, which provides the battery with better shock and vibration resistance. Furthermore, an AGM battery is less prone to sulfation, which is the accumulation of lead sulfate in the cell when the battery is left undercharged too often.TPPL TECHNOLOGYIn addition to virtually maintenance-free service, AGM batteries that feature advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology offer even more advantages. AGM TPPL batteries feature pure lead plates. The pure lead components do not corrode (unlike conventional flooded and standard AGM batteries). The TPPL plates can be made thinner than lead alloy plates, which allows more plates to be used. More plates mean more surface area. More surface area provides more power and higher cranking capability. PROPER CARETPPL batteries do not require the monthly electrolyte level checks and distilled water refills that flooded lead acid batteries do, but they should be properly installed, cleaned, and charged for reliable service and long life. It is important to keep the battery and battery terminals clean and the battery mounted securely in position.When batteries are in trucks sitting idle for an extended period, they should be disconnected from any electrical loads or connected to a trickle charger. This will keep onboard accessories from draining the battery. Remember that flooded and AGM batteries have different charge settings, so using the appropriate charger designed for the chemistry of the battery in question is essential. Batteries properly charged prior to storage or use help ensure optimal performance during next use. If the vehicle is on a calendar-based Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule, the PM frequency should be increased with more vehicle use. BATTERY TESTING Seasonal load tests can help assess the condition of the battery by its State of Charge (SoC). One method includes the use of a digital voltmeter to measure the battery’s Open Circuit Voltage (OCV). A voltmeter should be used at least six to eight hours after the battery has been charged to remove the surface charge and obtain an accurate voltage reading. The manufacturer’s specifications will provide the OCV that corresponds to 100% SoC, which ranges from 12.7 to 12.9 volts. If the SoC tests low, the battery may need to be replaced. AGM TPPL batteries can replace other batteries of the same group size. In the event of batteries in series or parallel configuration, all batteries should be changed together. Differences in terminal types and configurations can affect the battery cable connections; the same terminal type will facilitate the change. DEPENDABLE, RELIABLEAnswers to questions about installation and operation are usually available in the battery and vehicle user manuals. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery care and handling, and direct any questions to your battery professional.TPPL technology applied in batteries provide a longer life and more reliable service than conventional flooded lead acid chemistries. As drivers face increasing demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic, they need batteries they can depend upon to start their vehicles and power their accessories. With greater dependency on remote communications technology to maintain social distancing, the battery’s performance becomes all the more critical.ABOUT THE AUTHORS Vicki Hall is the director of transportaon technical soluons at EnerSys, and Bryce Gregory is the systems product manager of transportaon and specialty at EnerSys. EnerSys is a leader in stored energy soluons for industrial applicaons. Find out more, visit

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS What Tools Are Service Truck Must-haves for Technicians? REAL SERVICE TECHS SHARE THEIR OPINIONS AND INSIGHTA day in the life of a service technician can be unpredictable, presenting a variety of challenges throughout the workday. These in-demand workers often don’t know what tools or equipment they need until they get into the field and diagnose the repair. Hear from three service technicians who fill similar roles but get called to many different jobs. Josh Guzman with Lodi Truck and Equipment, Ashley Harden with Peterson Cat, and Jacob Marlette with Cobalt Truck Equipment discuss the challenges they encounter on the jobsite, what tools they use the most on their trucks, and what resources help them get jobs done quickly. Q: WHAT TYPE OF WORK MIGHT YOU ENCOUNTER ON A JOBSITE? JACOB: Every day is different for the most part. There's always something new and challenging and different locations to go to. That's why I like it. I usually get my schedule about 48 hours ahead of time. The day starts by traveling to the job scheduled that day. It could be service or inspection. Once the inspection is done, I submit any issues or follow-up to our office, then put together the quote and get approval for repairs. JOSH: A standard day starts with a pre-check, and then I head to the jobsite. I might be doing diagnosing or service work. I preform a wide variety of jobs. A lot of what I do is pre-planned with appointments, but it’s not uncommon to get a 911 job where I have to rush out and fix something. I gear up the truck, get the things I’m going to need, and head out. I use any downtime to catch up on things like shop maintenance and servicing my truck. ASHLEY: I usually start around 5:30 in the morning, sometimes earlier. I may work 12- to 14-hour days. We have dispatchers that organize everything. I’m usually racing around town getting machines up and running and swapping out parts.Q: WHAT ARE THE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT YOU USE MOST IN YOUR SERVICE TRUCK? JOSH: I use a lot of hand tools, diagnostic tools, lights, multi-voltage readers, amp readers. Nowadays my laptop is important. JACOB: Since we do a lot of service inspections, I use basic hand tools like wrenches and ratchets to pull the filters off and put new ones on. I use a power-program multimeter for troubleshooting a lot of electrical issues. I use more electric tools than air tools. All of my electric tools are battery operated, so I do use the inverter on the truck to keep the battery charged. ASHLEY: I rely on the electrical power and the air. I use the air compressor for large impact wrenches. I also do a lot of cleaning with the air compressor, cleaning out radiators that are clogged and blowing dirt off machines. I have to jump a lot of dead batteries. If I’m changing out cutting edges on buckets or pulling out transmissions or radiators, I use the crane. The crane on the truck could pick up about 12,000 lbs, so I use it for small and big jobs. Q: WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES FOR YOU ON THE JOBSITE OR THINGS THAT KEEP I prefer having an all-in-one unit rather than a PTO.”“

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202030TECHNOLOGYYOU FROM GETTING YOUR JOB DONE EFFICIENTLY? JOSH: Just trying to be as efficient as I can and as ready as I can. My biggest enemy is the time I spend encountering obstacles. I’m in the heat. I’m in the rain. I’m chasing down a truck. Getting the most information possible from the customer so I understand which problem is most important helps me gear up to take the right parts and supplies. ASHLEY: The hardest part of the job is that everything is just big and massive. And the technology with these newer machines is constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up with training on the new equipment. I try to be as knowledgeable as possible to do my job accordingly. JACOB: I would say my biggest pet peeve as a field technician is when I’m on a site in the middle of nowhere and there's no cell phone service. I’m trying to get resources like manuals or communication with a third party to walk through troubleshooting steps, but I can’t get what I need. I may think I have everything, but without cell service I have no way to get additional resources or communicate with someone else. Q: HOW HAS YOUR JOB OR THE EQUIPMENT OR TOOLS YOU’RE USING CHANGED IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS? JOSH: The way we communicate to vehicles is evolving. I’m using USB cables and flash drives and VPNs. I’m wired with either a mobile hotspot or wireless data to access PDF files online. Resources are more readily available at your fingertips via phone or laptop now. I think that has made some technicians better. I know it's definitely helped me provide better service for our customers. These trucks are their livelihood, and if they're not running, they're not making money. I want to do my due diligence to diagnose and get to the root cause of the problem quickly.JACOB: Battery-operated tools are more advanced and more powerful, and there are more options. Where before pneumatic was pretty much the only tool, now I can get most everything in a battery-operated tool.ASHLEY: The trucks are more comfortable. Since we work so many hours, my company is really focused on comfort of the vehicle and how to organize things better. We’re constantly getting new tools and truck updates. Q: HOW IMPORTANT IS TRUCK DO THE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT ON YOUR TRUCK HELP MAKE YOU MORE EFFICIENT? JOSH: I definitely want to know where all my equipment and tools are and have enough room for my stuff, so how the truck is set up is very important. I don't have the most storage, so I only carry the absolute necessities, and any extra stuff would be loaded in the truck bed. I'm a huge proponent of the Miller® EnPak® power system. I think it makes your truck that much better. There's nothing I have to come up to my cab and do, there's no switches I have to come flip. Everything is centralized right next to my toolbox. It definitely saves a lot of wasted steps. You’re really in control, right in front of you.ASHLEY: They give us the basic truck with a crane and welder, and then it's up to us to put things where we want. Having the proper equipment is very important because I never know what situation I’m going to get These trucks are their livelihood, and if they’re not running, they’re not making money.”“Having the proper equipment is important because I never know what situation I’m going to get into.”“

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 31into. Being in the San Francisco Bay area, if I’m on a jobsite and need a certain tool, sometimes it could be two or three hours for me to get back to our shop to get something. It's just a waste of time, so having all the proper tools onboard the truck is extremely important.JACOB: I believe if you can support the need of having a crane, it should be on your truck. If the equipment is justifiable, it’s cost efficient, and it will save you time and money. I prefer having an all-in-one unit rather than a PTO. An all-in-one is just convenient. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. And you don't have to worry about being stuck on the jobsite if you have an issue with your PTO. Q: WHAT FACTORS ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU AS A SERVICE TECHNICIAN? JOSH: Safety is the most important, but it starts with the individual. Making sure I’m thinking twice and double-checking things. I'm always thinking one or two steps ahead of what I’m doing.ASHLEY: Having a good, decent running vehicle that's properly set up. Safety is also a big factor. We do inspections on the trucks often, so they are maintained properly. JACOB: I've worked for companies before that used very dated trucks or ran them into the ground. They were not taken care of. Knowing the company is willing to invest in a good truck or good equipment is very important. TOOLS TO DRIVE EFFICIENCY Choosing reliable all-in-one solutions for service trucks can help address some of the challenges that service techs face on jobsites—and help keep techs productive and efficient. These solutions help save time and provide the air, power, welding, battery charging/crank assist, and hydraulic capabilities that technicians need to get a wide variety of jobs done quickly.FOR MORE INFORMATION Find out more about maintenance eciency, visit

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202032TECHNOLOGYDriver safety is integral to the operation of a successful fleet as drivers spend countless hours on the road. Fleet managers promote driver safety, but they cannot control unforeseeable risks like distracted driving, harsh braking, and other dangerous driving habits. To improve long-term driver safety, fleets should leverage video technology coupled with machine learning as part of their safety strategy.ACCIDENTS ARE COSTLYAccording to the American Trucking Association, 70% of all accidents are not the fault of the commercial driver, yet, in most cases, the company is deemed at fault, which can be highly expensive for employers. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) statistic that motor vehicle accidents cost employers $60 billion every year in lost productivity, medical care, legal expenses, and property damage. OSHA emphasizes that accidents also increase the cost of benefits like Social Security, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance. Moreover, the average cost of a vehicle crash is $16,500 for the Video Technology Improves Fleet SafetyLEVERAGE AI VIDEO TECHNOLOGY FOR DRIVERS, MANAGERS, AND THE COMMUNITY By Barbara Hernandez-Taylor

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 33employer, and if a worker is injured in the crash, the cost to their employer increases to $74,000. When a fatality occurs, the cost to an employer could be over $500,000. All of this increases the cost of overhead for fleets. Needless to say, fleets should prioritize the improvement of driver safety and reduce or even eliminate vehicular collisions.RISKY BEHAVIORSThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced its preliminary estimates for motor vehicle fatalities in the second quarter of 2020. The data suggests that since April, the fatality rate has increased along with a potential trend toward risky driving behaviors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, several early studies suggest that there has been an increase in risky driving behaviors resulting from changing travel patterns, including increased speeding, distracted driving, and decreased seat belt usage have been reported. VIDEO & SAFETYBecause safety is so important, it is no coincidence that there has been a dramatic proliferation in the number of GPS telematics providers adding video telematics to their solutions. The value of video telematics is that it allows a company to capture what happened. Now, with the inclusion of more precise location tracking, companies can use video telematics to identify dangerous driving behaviors, including harsh braking, accelerating, and distracted driving.Fleets can use telematics data to identify drivers that exhibit dangerous driving behaviors so they can work to correct them before the accident occurs. Having video documentation of dangerous driving behaviors can help in coaching and training drivers. Video telematics allows companies to obtain real-time video as evidence of an incident that often absolves the company and identifies the driver at fault in an accident. This essentially creates a highly accurate virtual eye witness at the scene of every accident with a documented view of both in-cab and road-facing events.MONITOR DRIVERSWith video technology, fleets can monitor all aspects of their vehicles. ARE YOUR RECEIVABLES FLAT?ARE YOUR RECEIVABLES FLAT?WATCH YOUR RECEIVABLES INFLATE WITH PRINT & DIGITAL ADVERTISINGHELP IS JUST A CALL AWAY 205.795.0223 | RUSSELL@MWSMAG.COM MWS Can help GIVe TheM a lIFT.

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202034TECHNOLOGYA forward-facing camera can record the driver’s road view and, in some cases, even analyze road and weather conditions. Fleets may also wish to monitor inside the vehicle’s cab. A camera placed inside the vehicle can monitor the driver for distractions and other bad behaviors, like not wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone while the vehicle is in motion. Rear-mounted cameras can record the road behind the vehicle. They capture incidents where the driver is rear-ended, in addition to situations where the driver is involved in a collision while in reverse. Some fleets choose to install video technology on the sides of their vehicles to capture sideswiping incidents that would be missed by the front or rearview cameras.Advancements in AI video telematics technology like Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) increase data accuracy. DMS enables fleet leaders to monitor activities such as eye movement, face ID head posture, and detect distracted driving such as phone usage, fatigue, and smoking. ADAS technology provides additional data including forward-collision warnings, early lane departures, and detects objects like road signs, traffic lights, and pedestrians. One company, Azuga, uses Cloud-AI technology with its SafetyCam to detect unsafe driving behaviors and provide managers with actionable insights to improve driver and fleet safety. When risky driving events are detected, Azuga SafetyCam captures video and processes them through its artificial intelligence (AI)-engine. Events are tagged by distracted driving behaviors to help fleets identify underlying causes of risky events. LEGAL BENEFITSVideo technology can also play an integral role in investigating and reducing vehicular accidents. Video telematics can capture data—video and audio—surrounding an incident to accurately determine who was at fault. Many telematics services automatically upload footage after a safety incident to the cloud for data protection. Fleet managers can identify if driver error was involved in a crash and can easily fight fraudulent claims with video technology. Drivers have proof when they are not at fault for an accident. Owning video technology-equipped vehicles can ultimately save fleets from frivolous, costly lawsuits. Companies report that having video proof of what happened saved thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in possible payouts and insurance claims.RESPONSIBILITYEnsuring driver safety is a challenge for fleet managers because drivers often engage in unknown dangerous or distracted driving behaviors. Some fleet managers have difficulty identifying which drivers are engaging in poor driving decisions before it's too late. Today, fleet managers can employ video technology to monitor drivers, promote safety, and train others on good driving habits. Furthermore, video technology captures the truth of an accident, assisting the company as well as the drivers. Fleet managers who aim to improve driver safety should explore purchasing video technology for their vehicles.Commit to safety as part of your company values and install durable systems to make safety a priority every day. Encouraging safe driving with transparency as implementing a fleet management solution should never be a surprise to the driver. Instead, telematics technology should reward safe driving behaviors so that everyone benefits, including fleet-based businesses, managers, drivers, and the communities in which they operate.ABOUT THE AUTHORBarbara Hernandez-Taylor is the head of product markeng for Azuga—a leader in eet management soware. The Azuga data science team has conducted intensive research with its install base and has conducted hundreds of customer interviews, which informed this arcle. Find out more about Azuga’s video telemacs technology, visit

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202036COMPANY PROFILESFor 30 years, American Omni Trading (AOT) has been a leading importer and marketer of high-quality, value-priced tires. From wheelbarrow to ATV, agricultural to OTR, touring to ultra-high performance, light truck to TBR, and everything in between, AOT provides its customers with the scope and flexibility needed to succeed. Its tires come equipped with AOT’s No Questions Asked, 25/365 Free Replacement Limited Protection Policy, so whether your journey takes you through downtown streets, corn fields, or backwoods trails, AOT helps drive your future. AOT prides itself on the quality of its tires and exceptional customer service team. The business is built on strong customer relationships and a dedication to its values: integrity, passion, and professionalism. These values set the tone, help create its culture, and are fundamental to AOT’s success. AMERICUS TIRESDistributed exclusively by AOT, Americus offers a comprehensive line of light truck, SUV, CUV, and specialty commercial tires. The Rugged A/TR is the next generation aggressive all-terrain tire designed for your everyday commute and your off-road adventures. With advanced 3D siping technology, rigid interior tread blocks, and an enhanced 3PMSF tread compound, the Rugged A/TR provides exceptional handling on wet and dry surfaces, while the massive and studdable shoulder lugs drive through mud, snow, and ice with ease. Carrying an upgraded 50,000-mile limited treadwear protection and the brand’s No Questions Asked, 25/365 Free Replacement Limited Protection Policy on all sizes, the Rugged A/TR is ready for whatever path you follow.The Rugged A/T is a premium all-terrain tire with a tread designed to maximize traction edges for excellent handling on- and off-road. A closed shoulder ensures confident handling in all conditions. Wide primary grooves and optimized siping technology provides maximum water evacuation for enhanced traction and stability. Carrying a 55,000-mile limited treadwear protection and backed by a Limited Protection Policy on all sizes, the Rugged A/T is ready to work. The Recon CUV is designed for today's crossovers, SUV, and light trucks. This all-season tire provides a quiet, smooth ride with confident handling and enhanced traction. The Recon CUV features multiple speed ratings and load carrying capacities for proper fitment. With a 60,000-mile limited treadwear protection and a Limited Protection Policy, the Recon CUV delivers the value and confidence you expect from Americus.The Rugged M/T is a maximum-traction on- and off-road radial with an aggressive attitude. The open and tiered tread block elements ensure maximum traction in extreme conditions. The Rugged M/T is available in sizes up to 37 inches overall with wheel diameters up to 22 inches. Carrying the load is not an issue as the Rugged M/T is available in 12-ply ratings (some sizes). Backed by a Limited Protection Policy on all sizes, the Trac Grip M/T is ready to conquer any terrain.The Commercial LT is a commercial grade light truck tire with multi-ply casing construction to handle heavy workloads. Its five-rib, highway-oriented tread pattern allows for maximum trouble-free miles while its beefy, solid shoulder design resists scrubbing. Double steel belted plies provide puncture resistance and durability. The CLT is backed by a Limited Protection Policy on all sizes.The ST Radial is the workhorse of the Americus lineup. Americus designed this Specialty Trailer tire with a micro-positioned fiber reinforced belt package for extra strength and durability. The tread design supports low rolling resistance and improved heat dissipation, enhanced hydroplaning resistance, and increased stability. The ST is backed by a Limited Protection Policy on all sizes.PROTECTION POLICYAll Americus tires are backed by a No Questions Asked, 25/365 Free Replacement Limited Protection Policy and an unbeatable mileage policy (where applicable). The policy fully covers (100%) all Americus brand radial passenger, light truck, and specialty trailer tires should one become unserviceable due to defective workmanship, materials, or road hazard during the first 25% of useable treadwear or one year from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.Find out more, visit Omni TradingAMERICUS TIRESBuilt For The American Road

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202038COMPANY PROFILESThere’s no question that GPS fleet tracking can significantly improve your bottom line whether you are in construction, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, telecom, or any other industry that requires service, sales, or delivery. Founded in 2012, Azuga’s award-winning GPS fleet management solution is used by thousands of businesses—from the small fleet of a few vehicles up to commercial fleets with several thousand—helping customers turn data from vehicles and their use into intelligence that improves operations and safety while reducing cost and risk. Azuga customers have saved on average $9,462 annually, reduced accidents by 38%, and reduced speeding citations by 57%.“Since day one, Azuga’s mission has been to develop affordable and easy-to-use fleet management technology solutions that both fleet managers and drivers actually enjoy using,” says Ananth Rani, CEO and founder of Azuga. AZUGA DIFFERENTIATORSAzuga telematics makes safe driving a fundamental part of fleet tracking by using a combination of award-winning GPS fleet tracking technology, data analytics, and driver-centric features that improve safety, benefiting drivers and businesses alike. SAFETY IN AZUGA’S DNA The Azuga Fleet safety-first solution is built with driver safety in mind. Azuga Fleet driver scores tell you which drivers need additional coaching and can also be used to reward the safest drivers to create a level of gamification within your workforce. With Azuga FleetMobile, drivers can see their own safety scores so they can self-coach and improve their own driving skills. Since scores are based on safety, a small improvement reduces fuel consumption and more importantly makes the fleet safer and reduces liability. Additionally, Azuga’s distracted driving technology allows employers to monitor cell phone use when vehicles are in motion and limit distractions, while Azuga Coach helps improve poor driving habits with personalized online video-based training solutions tailored to fit every driver. Azuga SafetyCam Cloud-AI technology detects unsafe driving behaviors and provides managers with actionable insights to improve driver and fleet safety. When risky driving events are detected, Azuga SafetyCam captures video and processes each event through its artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Events are tagged by distracted driving behaviors to help fleets identify underlying causes of risky events. DRIVER REWARDSThe only program of its kind, Azuga’s integrated gamification-based driver rewards program makes it easy for fleet managers to track driver safety and reward good drivers. It incentivizes drivers to stay on top of their game and makes it easy for them to cash in their rewards when they do. Go from a “Gotcha” to “Attaboy” culture. When drivers compete, everyone wins. FIRST OF ITS KIND PRICING & FRIENDLY CONTRACT TERMS Azuga’s smarter technology allows it to offer enterprise-grade vehicle tracking at a lower price including lifetime warranties on every device you purchase. Azuga contracts are flexible and coterminous—add vehicles at any time without extending your contract length with a clear understanding of when your contract ends for all your devices. We have the ability to create a custom package that fits your business’ needs.CUSTOMER SUCCESSAs a trusted partner of yours, the Azuga Customer Success team is driven by one goal: to ensure you get the most value from your relationship with Azuga. From onboarding and training to support, Azuga’s goal is to ensure that you have the best product, experience, and assistance. The company succeeds by ensuring its clients succeed. API INTEGRATIONAzuga offers a wide range of solutions and services for API. Azuga aggregates data from many different sources to enable customers to do more with the data collected. Now you can communicate with your CRM, ERP, HR, accounting, and payroll or other software applications to avoid re-keying data or maintaining separate and disconnected databases.Azuga Fleet can help reduce operating costs, improve driver behavior, save on fuel, improve customer service, and so much more.Find out more, visit, Inc. THE TECHNOLOGY YOU NEED AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202040COMPANY PROFILESWhether it’s a smartphone, tablet, GPS, or data logging device, we all know it can be expensive to have all of the right gear for the modern-day commercial driver. The past 20 years have brought an abundance of tech into the cab of your truck. Advancements in mobile networking, communication, and navigation have turned your driver’s seat into something that looks like the cockpit of a fighter jet. Once you’ve invested in the right tech devices, you’ll need the right gear to go along with it. Bracketron offers a full range of superior mounting solutions and accessories designed to work with all of the most popular mobile devices and technologies. Since the company was founded, its sold more than 10 million mounts to millions of satisfied customers. BRACKETRON XThe latest line of products from Bracketron is for those who need the toughest equipment to mount, protect, and charge their devices while on the road. These heavy-duty, road-tested mounting solutions and accessories are built to go the distance and protect your gear every mile of the way. Commercial drivers will also be quick to point out that the “consumer-grade” mount might work well for a family sedan, but fall short when put into a heavy-duty vehicle used for 8 hours a day or more. That’s where Bracketron X comes into the story. Components that were once made from cheap plastic are replaced with commercial-grade aluminum. Small, “good enough” suction cups are replaced with heavy-duty, butyl rubber cups that hold strong and secure, even in the harshest of conditions; so tough, they’re guaranteed for life. All of this along with a strong emphasis on adaptability can give you a no-brainer solution for future-proofing some of the hardware in your fleet. INDUSTRY-LEADING SUPPORTBracketron believes in the quality of its products. So much so that it guarantees them for life. And that truly means “for life.” If you somehow manage to break one of the components, Bracketron will send you a new one. Having trouble with installation? Bracketron is here to walk you through it. Bracketron is always happy to get feedback from lifelong users. In fact, it’s what drives the company. With a strong presence on social media—and through other online outlets—Bracketron is able to stay connected to its customers and ensure that it is always available for their support and feedback.Bracketron feels that the only way to stay ahead of the curve in this industry is to adapt to changing technology. Whether that means broadening compatibilities with the latest (and largest) models, or maybe even developing different mounting solutions to adapt to the latest hands-free laws. Either way, Bracketron has you covered. Its goal is to provide you with a product that you don’t have to think about. There’s already enough hassle in any driver’s daily routine, don’t let something as simple as a “dashboard mount” be one of them.Find out more, visit GEAR FOR THE MODERN DRIVER

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Products so tough, they’re guaranteedfor life.IntroducingPhone, Tablet And GPS Mounts Designed For – And With – Professional Drivers.Whether you drive fleet, transit vans, buses or big rigs – Bracketron X has you covered. We provide heavy duty mounts & accessories for every type of professional driver. From our military grade aluminum PRO metal mounts and customizable Gear RackTM, to our aramid fiber reinforced charge & sync cables – Bracketron X keeps you safe and connected. Delivered on-time, every time – all with a lifetime guarantee.For more information call 866.237.4443 or visit Duty Phone Dock PRO Heavy Duty Tablet Dock PRO Heavy Duty GPS Dock PROHeavy Duty Gear Rack PROno drive is too longwith gear that’sguaranteed for life.

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Genesis products was formed in 2002 with four people, oodles of passion, and principals of always finding better ways to serve customers with products and services. Genesis is known as the premier provider of wood-based interior RV components in the US.WELFORMEDWelformed was founded in 2013 and became part of the Genesis Company in 2015. The acquisition was driven by a multitude of customer requests for non-wood-based solutions for interior trim, thermal management, and noise reduction needs. In 2017, Welformed also acquired insul-coustics in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which added more expertise, manufacturing capacity, and materials science-based competencies in vehicle protection, thermal, and sound-related solutions. Welformed is a well-known provider of thermal and sound management products serving OEMs such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Onan/Cummins generator, Paccar, and Case New-Holland.The combined enterprises now include nine facilities, over 1,000 employees, and market penetration in over 12 categories in the US. One such category is vehicle protection systems, namely a cargo van protection line called Welfit™ Cargo Liners.Welfit cargo liners are engineered for maximum durability to prevent denting, preserving your vehicle’s paint and exterior graphics. They are moisture resistant to defend against rotting and designed for sound dampening to reduce road noise, creating a more improved driving experience. Welfit cargo liners are fiberglass free and ready made for one-person install without the need of a drill kit. Choose individual wall, floor, or ceiling liners or a complete kit.Welfit liner products are manufactured in the US with US-made materials and know-how at Welform’s Fort Wayne plant. This facility is located within an upcycled local International Harvester plant employing over 40 US workers.DIVERSE USEThe work/cargo/all-purpose van industry is growing and changing. A van can be an office, workshop, warehouse, toolbox, and billboard. Welfit works hard to help support this industry with products that help serve this diverse usage spectrum. One example of a diverse use is a new firm that launched a new product selling model that has arisen from the COVID-19 impact on face-to-face shopping for women’s clothing. This firm was tasked to design a modular, easy-to-install but distinctive-feeling mobile shopping boutique that could serve as a selection, try-on, and commerce site inside of a Mercedes Sprinter work van. Welformed used the standard profiles of wall and floor liner systems coupled with finishes well-known from serving the RV interior markets to develop a rich and inviting environment that would give consumers a comfortable place to shop, as well as an affordable and efficient upfit offering and a new use for work vans. Another example is an upfit kit for electric-powered work vans. These liners must be durable and lightweight at the same time. Welfit has developed a rugged floor system that is over 50% lighter than competition and is becoming popular with fleet companies using EV vehicles or those who use other fuels but want better fuel economy or added cargo capacity.Welformed is actively connecting with and signing up dealers across the US to become Welfit upfitters. Many customers prefer to buy American-made products in general, but many bring Welfit unusual challenges as “one size fits all” does not always suit customers.Find out more, visit MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202042COMPANY PROFILESGenesis ProductsWELFORMED FOR A DIVERSE INDUSTRY

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202044COMPANY PROFILESSince 1996, Go power! has been a trusted leader in the solar and inverter markets. This experience means Go Power! creates only dependable and affordable products, which offset costly downtime and battery failures in many applications and fleets of all sizes.Using quality components like solar panels, batteries, and pure sine wave power inverters, Go Power! offers multiple turnkey, one-stop solar solutions for: Improve company revenues and eliminate downtime due to dead batteries. Go Power! Heavy Duty kits offer low-maintenance, jobsite-tested kits made with the highest quality components to keep your equipment charged and ready to work. Go Power! turnkey solar solutions are designed to run equipment without the need for generators or truck idling. These solutions pair solar with heavy-duty power inverters to supply pure AC power, ideal for sensitive electronics. For any fleet of work trucks or service vehicles, Go Power! offers simple, customizable power systems that are easy to install and provide a great return on investment. Add compact, portable AC power inverters for tools and electronics and low-profile solar panels to charge your battery.LIFTGATES AND ELECTRIC PALLET JACKSDead batteries on liftgates and pallet jacks are a thing of the past with the smart 12/24-volt dual charging kit. Ideal for delivery and straight trucks, the low-profile solar panels allow this kit to charge the batteries anytime the light is out—whether you are driving or parked. Save your company time and reduce fuel costs by making deliveries more efficient.For any fleet of long-haul trucks, Go Power! offers simple, customizable power systems that are easy to install and offer a five-year warranty. Using low-profile panels, these systems generate power while unloading, at rest, or on the go. Stay compliant with idling regulations and be good to the planet. Extend the life of your APU, alternator, and batteries by adding solar. REFRIGERATIONKeep your trailer ready to roll. Go Power!’s solar-powered reefer solutions eliminate dead batteries—even after long periods of inactivity. For fleets with refrigeration trailers and power-hungry reefer units, there are simple, customizable power options that are easy to install and offer a great return on investment.SOLAR BENEFITS FOR FLEETSGo Power! customers across North America have already begun seeing the benefits of adding solar to their team. But how can adding solar benefit your business? INCREASE YOUR RUN TIMESolar charges while driving or parked. Adding solar improves your truck’s run time for the day. Go Power! customers from across the country have reported an additional three hours of run time with 300 watts of solar installed. IMPRESSIVE ROIGet more from your money. Go Power! Solar customers report a 6- to 12-month return on their investments. Many installations see the return on their solar installation after avoiding a single service call.EXTEND BATTERY LIFEIncrease the longevity and add years of life to your batteries by topping them up with solar. By adding solar to your fleet, you can triple the life of your batteries. NO MORE IDLINGReduce emissions and noise by using clean, silent, and renewable solar energy. Charge your batteries without idling by harnessing the power of the sun; solar panels produce usable power anytime the sun is out. Go Power! customers have reported that adding solar saved up to $40 per day in fuel costs. MINIMIZE DOWNTIMESay goodbye to dead batteries and power-related service calls. Keep your trucks on the road and moving freight reliably and efficiently. Go Power!’s purpose-built mobile power solutions help you avoid on-the-road battery replacements, jump-starts, and tows. See if your fleet qualifies for a free trial at out more, visit Go Power! FleetSOLAR AND MOBILE POWER SOLUTIONS

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202046COMPANY PROFILESToday’s contractors are always searching for ways to save time and money. Like a lot of businesses, they’re looking for ways to be more efficient while increasing profits and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. That’s quite a tall order and no mean feat. That old adage, “What you see is what you get” still remains true. Professional services should be delivered to a customers’ doorstep in a professional package, and often the truck is the first thing a customer notices upon arrival. That’s just one of the many reasons Isuzu trucks are so popular. But Isuzu trucks aren’t just about the physical, there are also a number of ways that an Isuzu truck saves time, maximizes labor, and generates additional revenue. Isuzu trucks are the full package.TIME-SAVINGAsk anyone who has driven an Isuzu truck with its low cab forward design, and the first thing they will talk about is its great maneuverability and visibility. The turning radius and visibility is the best in class. Whether you are parking or making a tight turn, those time-consuming, three-point turns are less frequent. The maneuverability and visibility not only saves time but also lessens the chance of bumping into unseen objects, especially on a crowded construction site.MAXIMIZE LABOR First, Isuzu’s quality is among the best in the industry. Isuzu trucks are known for maximizing a driver’s uptime, which keeps Isuzu trucks on the job and out of the repair shop. One breakdown can cost a business a minimum of two to three hours of a crew’s time and missed appointments. Secondly, Isuzu’s trucks are more capable than traditional trucks. When hauling equipment to the jobsite, Isuzu’s payload and body designs maximize the truck’s capability. This keeps your crew from making multiple trips and from having to pull an unnecessary trailer. REVENUE & PROFITABILITYA professional appearance enhances your brand and loyalty among your customers while attracting new ones. Isuzu trucks are known for their professional appearance and with a customized body, show they are built strictly for use by professionals. Isuzu trucks are also well known for their low cost of ownership and residual value. Great fuel efficiency, superb quality, a robust warranty, a preventive service maintenance plan, and special financing keep operating expenses low and fixed. Knowing your monthly costs allows you to plan accordingly and save over the long term.Find out more, visit CommercialTruck of America, IncTHE PROFESSIONALS’ WORK TRUCK

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202048COMPANY PROFILESLink has 40 years of suspension engineering experience. In that time, the company has collaborated with some of the most respected OEMs in the industry. Its suspension solutions have been tailored to meet and exceed the requirements of the vocational marketplace, creating a legacy of some of the best performing, most reliable, and rugged heavy-duty suspensions systems in the world.But designing and manufacturing great products is just a small part of Link®. Link’s Midwestern roots and work ethic have resulted in an unwavering focus on the customer in everything the company does. It’s Link’s passion and it’s what differentiates Link from others. From collaborative engineering support to providing tailored applications; from lean manufacturing to time-saving product improvements; from unparalleled customer service to 100% on-time delivery—Link prides itself on going the extra mile to meet customers’ expectations and guarantee their satisfaction. FULL LINE OF AUXILIARY SUSPENSIONSLink’s family of auxiliary axles accommodates the broadest range of aftermarket applications, offering self-steer and non-steer auxiliary lift axles for virtually any truck. With years of experience and innovation, dedicated engineers at Link have gained a thorough understanding of the dynamic suspension needs of the vocational market. Link strategically established a highly uniform offering of auxiliary axles made to enhance installation, performance, and uptime.PATENTED DESIGNS & INTELLIGENT ENGINEERINGLink’s family of auxiliary suspensions is very popular among bodybuilders and upfitters because of its patented Swift Mount technology. Traditional auxiliary axle installation can routinely take six to eight hours of labor. Link’s Swift Mount technology enables upfitters and bodybuilders to install one of its axles in one-third the time.The interchangeable Swift Mount ride height brackets incorporate improvements in the way the frame brackets attach to the suspension hanger. The brackets can be used to mount any Link suspension, and by maintaining four sets in inventory, installers can be prepared for nearly any installation.Link’s Swift Mount bracket design uses a stepped-edge, offering installers a visual indicator to center the suspension on the truck. Comparing the frame bracket to hanger location for both the driver and passenger sides, the suspension is easily centered.A bulkhead air control system is also available, fitting within each axle’s compact mounting envelope. All air fittings are push-to-connect, and air tanks are designed to mount slightly above cross members for protection.LOW MAINTENANCE & DURABLEAll Link auxiliary suspensions are equipped with Link-KOAT migratory self-healing metal treatment. Link-KOAT provides unparalleled corrosion resistance and rust protection, even when surfaces are exposed to excessive abrasion, harsh chemicals, and other severe-duty environmental factors.The 8K and 10K self-steer auxiliary suspensions share the same hardware, feature heavy-duty bearings, and are designed for robust performance. To support its broad range of applications, Link also offers a self-steer 13.5K suspension with a premium disc brake package.Link’s auxiliary suspensions weigh in at approximately 6% less than comparable 8K, 10K, 13.5K, and 20K self-steer axles. Link also integrates industry-standard wheel end and brake components into its suspensions, boosting uptime by streamlining maintenance processes and inventory overhead.LOOKING AHEADLink is close to completing its development of smart, load-balancing axles using its revolutionary Road Optimized Innovations (ROI) technology. These revolutionary axles will respond to changing conditions and maintain optimal tire-to-ground pressure. The suspensions will also assess real-time load characteristics and automatically adjust to be in the lowered or lifted.Link’s inside sales team is standing by to answer your questions and help you find solutions to your suspension needs. Visit Link’s website and discover for yourself how simple and easy it is to find a solution for all your suspension needs.Find out more, visit ManufacturingPROVIDING ENGINEERED SUSPENSIONS FOR OVER 40 YEARS

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202050COMPANY PROFILESDon’t take your forward lighting technology for granted. The superior performance of LED headlights offers improved lighting in any weather and every lighting condition. The increase in output of LED headlights enhances safety while their energy-efficiency, low power consumption means they last longer.Through an intelligent engineering process geared toward innovative and high-value LED lighting solutions, Peterson USA-made, LED headlights were born out of collaborative systems-level integration with vehicle manufacturers. From concept to design, engineering to prototype, and assembly to production, the LED-specialized solution was focused on reliability and cost.Considering the light that the LEDs emit, they are very small in comparison. Peterson LED headlights are made up of two LED chip-on-board units per assembly; one for high beam and one for low beam, providing brilliant light. Each chip-on-board unit contains five LEDs.The state-of-the-art optics and diode technology built into Peterson’s LED headlight provides a dramatically crisp beam. Its wide, more even pattern has a 5600k color temperature that closely matches natural daylight. The more natural light leads to improved object recognition at night while the more even beam pattern reduces eye strain for the driver.The wider, more even beam pattern gives drivers exceptional night lighting including shoulder visibility. When drivers can see the edge of the roadway, they can more easily detect stopped vehicles, obstacles, animals, and people on the side of the road. And whether the road surface is flat or sloping, the roadway and roadside are well lit.PETERSON DURABILITYBecause of the LED’s energy-efficiency, they do not need to be replaced as often. And, these popular headlights boast a solid-state design and rugged construction, which protects the electronics against moisture, shock, and vibration, and means they last longer than traditional sealed beam lights. For built-in durability, Peterson’s LED headlights have its standard H4 three-blade terminals integrated directly into the cast alloy housing rather than wired onto the light as a separate pigtail. With the impact-resistant, heavy-duty polycarbonate lens bonded to rugged aluminum housing, the LEDs provide outstanding vibration resistance. Their strength and shock resistance in addition to their energy efficiency extends the service life.Imagine the dramatic improvement Peterson LED headlights will make out on the road ahead and to the side in any condition. Don’t take your forward lighting technology for granted.Find out more, visit TECHNOLOGY THAT IS CLEARLY SUPERIORPeterson’s DOT-legal 701C 7-inch round LED headlights provide a dramatic improvement in lighting performance for any PAR56-equipped vehicle— heavy-duty, over-the-road truck.SEE LED TECHNOLOGY CLEARLYThese images show the difference between standard halogen sealed beams and Peterson's LED headlights. They were taken in the same vehicle in the same spot with the same exposure settings. The difference speaks for itself. Standard halogen sealed beams vs. Peterson 701C LED headlights. Low beam pattern shown for both. Installed in a 1997 Jeep Wrangler test vehicle without altering headlight aim.Halogen low beamLED low beam

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202052COMPANY PROFILESPPG is a leading innovator of coating technologies for just about every industry imaginable with a wealth of coatings options available for work trucks. The applications range from heavy-duty trucks and custom truck bodies to transit vehicles, trailers, fire and emergency, as well as equipment for the agricultural, construction, and gas exploration industries. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY FOR DIVERSE NEEDSPPG’s full range of coatings technologies includes polyurethanes, alkyds, epoxies, polyurea, powder coatings, and pre-treatments. Coatings are marketed under several brand names—each offering products and price points geared for specific market segment requirements:• DELFLEET ONE® premium paint system delivers excellent color matching, durability, and ease of use, while offering the industry’s lowest VOC ratings for undercoat and topcoat products. Available with five- and seven-year warranty options.• DELFLEET® EVOLUTION premium paint system offers an excellent choice of topcoat systems to meet specific requirements— with three-, five-, and seven-year warranty options.• DELFLEET ESSENTIAL® compact, value-driven paint system is easy to use and cost effective, available in two- and three-year warranties.• COMMERCIAL PERFORMANCE COATINGS offer a full breadth of technologies for specialized equipment and manufacturing uses—from economical alkyds and epoxies to urethanes, waterborne, and powder coatings. • AMERCOAT® line of heavy-duty protective coatings includes tank linings, zinc-rich primers, epoxy primers, and other durable finishes.SPECIAL REQUIREMENT SOLUTIONSPPG offers many specialty coatings options, ranging from those having unique performance properties to environmentally progressive, ultra-low VOC solutions. Among the options are specialty coatings for enhanced graffiti resistance, sound dampening, and the latest advancements in corrosion and chemical resistant technologies.COLOR MATCHING TOOLSPPG’s comprehensive color database offers hundreds of thousands of formulas, covering a full spectrum of solid, metallic, pearl, and specialty colors. Color matching tools include the Delfleet One color chip deck; specialized color chip selectors for fleet vehicles, Class 6 through 8 OEMs, RAL, and market-specific colors. Formula look-up options range from online access to a full-blown, computerized paint management system—as well as an advanced spectrophotometer for matching difficult, unknown colors.TRAINING & DEVELOPMENTDedicated PPG instructors teach training courses throughout the year at PPG Business Development Centers. Course topics include technician certification, spot repair, and color tinting, blending, and spray equipment for commercial use. And PPG’s MVP Business Solutions program offers a comprehensive array of management training for businesses using PPG commercial coatings systems. The program provides business owners and managers with ideas, methodologies, and expert guidance for improving productivity and profitability. SERVICE & SUPPORTThe core of PPG’s commitment to customer support lies in its team of field commercial sales representatives, OEM specialists, and a network of some 500 US and Canadian distributors offering personalized service, technical support, and color matching assistance.Find out more, visit’S COMMERCIAL COATINGS HAVE IT COVERED IN TECHNOLOGY, COLOR, AND SERVICE

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202054COMPANY PROFILESGlaring sunlight or a blinding flash from a snow-covered road can turn an ordinary drive into a dangerous situation. Sun visors may seem like an ordinary product, but that’s only the case when you don’t need them.For the casual driver, traveling directly into a rising or sinking sun is a serious nuisance, but when your job depends on getting your truck to the terminal or worksite it’s a serious safety hazard. That situation can sometimes be made even worse by using the traditional OEM visors supplied on vehicles because they block the sun but also completely block your view of the road ahead.MOTIVATED TO CLEAR VISIONThe realization that vehicle operators should adequately see through bright sunlight or a glint of reflection without the blocked view of traditional vinyl or cloth visors inspired John Rosen to create sun visor systems that alleviate this safety and operational concern. In 1985, Rosen designed and patented the first multiposition see-through visor for commercial aviation that filters harmful ultraviolet radiation and glare without compromising the ability to see surrounding traffic.The Rosen legacy continues today under Niles Hanson, a pilot who can fully appreciate the value of Rosen Sunvisor Systems for his plane, truck, or car. Rosen’s well-considered visors move in multiple directions and can be extended to move where needed to improve your exterior situational awareness. On days when the sun isn’t as bright, Rosen Sunvisors are designed to fold neatly out of the way until once again called upon to reduce glare and reflection.SUNVISOR “SYSTEM”Even assuming you see the value of clear, glare-reduced vision, the term “Sunvisor system” may seem extreme. However, Rosen believes even simple products can be sophisticated. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum and tinted, optical -grade cast acrylic with a hard coat black anodized finish, the visors can be positioned in various ways and include a vertical axis swivel that permits the Sunvisor to twist through 360 degrees.Of course, the optics are a big part of the system. The Sunvisor lenses block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, 92% of visible light, and 82% of infrared light. This translates to a safer drive with less fatigue and increased comfort. INDUSTRY LEADERRosen has become the industry leader by doggedly working to improve operators’ visibility—whether on a plane, truck, boat, or off-road vehicle. Rosen Sunvisor continues to reinvent itself by refining existing products, devoting resources toward research and development efforts, aggressively pursuing new designs, and furthering its focus on quality and first-class customer service.In early 2020, Rosen introduced a full line of Insight Versa-fit visors for cars, trucks, RVs, and commercial vehicles. Now operators can enjoy Rosen quality products in all their vehicles. These systems feature the same materials and workmanship as Rosen’s aviation products and can be quickly attached on the current vehicle visor with a ratcheting arm mechanism. Insight® Visors fit most vehicles. All Rosen products are completely manufactured in Eugene, Oregon.Now used by numerous long haulers, power companies, and EMS vehicle operators, Rosen Sunvisor Systems is the premier product for reducing glare and improving safety on the road.Find out more, visit or call 800.284.7677.Rosen Sunvisor SystemsBLOCK THE SUN, NOT THE VIEW MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 2020

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202056COMPANY PROFILESFor nearly five decades, Vanair® has engineered innovative, rugged, and dependable products that are used to improve efficiency and productivity worldwide. The company provides best-in-class product offerings, installation, and service training to assure maximum performance of its products. Using its experienced personnel and extensive facilities, Vanair is an engineering-driven company known for its problem-solving capabilities to meet the mobile power demands of a wide range of industries. Vanair offers the most comprehensive line of vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, welders, hydraulics, chargers/boosters, and engine starters in the world. With over 100 standard models ranging from 10 to 1500 CFM in multiple configurations, Vanair can meet a wide range of needs. It serves customers such as the mechanic and service industry, municipalities, utilities, railroad maintenance, Department of Defense, and construction. The Vanair product line consists of:POWERFLEX AND ABOVEDECK HYDRAULIC DRIVE SYSTEMS Vanair’s PowerFlexTM and abovedeck air compressors are engineered to be the answer when truck bed space is at a premium. Vanair’s hydraulically driven reciprocating and rotary screw machines offer 30 to 185 CFM of air power, and the modular system allows flexibility to fit the unit to your application and budget.PTO DRIVEN UNDERDECK MODULAR SYSTEMSVanair underdeck rotary screw compressor systems provide power without an expensive tow-behind. Using a single PTO opening and the truck’s engine power, these systems provide up to 1000 CFM of air power, AC power or hydraulics, or any combination. Half the cost of a tow-behind, units mount seamlessly under the vehicle, freeing the towing hitch and opening bed space.ENGINE DRIVE SYSTEMS Vanair’s engine-driven systems deliver rugged and reliable solutions for your compressor’s air needs. Offering 18 to 80 CFM of air with up to 175 PSI, these systems meet robust applications such as pavement breaking, boring, monument engraving, and general air tools. SYSTEMS Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems® provide up to six forms of power in one compact machine. With a welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster, battery charger, and hydraulic output, you have a complete mobile workstation on your truck.JUMP•PACKThe powerful lithium-ion cobalt Start•All Jump•Pack® series is compact and available in 12V and 24V systems, instantly starting up to a Class 8 truck. The power bank keeps mobile devices and electronics charged. Its Protect•All® Safety Technology includes reverse polarity, low-voltage, short circuit overheat, and over-discharge protection.GOODALL ENGINE STARTING SYSTEMS Goodall® offers a broad range of jump starters, air compressors, AC generators, and heavy-duty cable and clamp products. This equipment can meet any jump-starting and mobile service challenge.UTILITY MOUNT AIR COMPRESSORSVanair’s stand-alone line of Tier 4 Final-compliant engine driven, utility mount, rotary screw air compressors come in sizes of 185 CFM, 210 CFM, and 260 CFM.Find out more, visit or call 800.526.8817.VanairPROVIDING MOBILE POWER SOLUTIONS SINCE 1972

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202058COMPANY PROFILESWhip Around was born out of the frustration happening in the trucking industry relating to managing paper-based compliance processes. Operating a safe and compliant fleet was met with the challenges of a traditional paper inspection process that often resulted in a breakdown in communication between multiple stakeholders.THE VISIONThe founders knew that simple technology could not only capture more relevant information from an inspection, but accelerate the delivery of this information to stakeholders within the business. This would allow companies to take action more quickly and avoid unnecessary risks associated with unsafe vehicles taking to the road. THE WHIP AROUND SOLUTIONBased in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Whip Around team has developed an application that not only streamlines the vehicle inspection process for drivers, but has functionality to enable preventive maintenance to be scheduled and work orders be sent to mechanics in just a few clicks. For carriers with heavy vehicles, the product is a complete solution for managing compliance under the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC, starting with the all-important DVIR. STREAMLINED OPERATIONSFor many Whip Around customers, it doesn’t stop at compliance. While workflows are designed to meet FMCSA requirements, many customers also import their entire fleet of assets including smaller work trucks and other equipment. The simple, customizable workflows in the app enable a wide variety of inspections to be performed. Mileage and usage hours can also be tracked, and this information can be used to trigger reminders for important repair or maintenance work. “Using photo capture to track damage on vehicles has been an added benefit to many customers over and above just the required items for compliance,” Tim Boyle, cofounder of Whip Around, says. “With maintenance at the core of fleet performance, most forward-thinking companies see our platform as more of a tool for efficiency and performance than one to simply meet compliance requirements they are bound by.”STARTS WITH SOFTWAREThere is a lot of great technology out there in the fleet space—most of it reliant on hardware when it comes to vehicles. The difference with Whip Around is the vision for enabling cloud-based mobile technology to free businesses from the burden of constantly relying on a paper trail. Integrations also enable customers to unlock the power of Whip Around in sync with their tracking or ELD provider, or to pass defect and work order information into other workshop maintenance platforms. “Our passion is helping our customers solve the problems that paper inspections are causing in the compliance and maintenance world,” Boyle says. “This is where we want to continue to lead the market. Many of our customers report a 20% reduction in maintenance costs as a direct result of Whip Around.”CUSTOMER-FIRST APPROACHWith more and more fleet operators now adopting Whip Around, usage growth has enabled input from thousands of customers to influence development of new features and functionality.For example, many OSHA-related forms previously completed on paper are now completed using the Whip Around app. Most companies also have their service providers and mechanics connected to their account, so the transfer of information related to repairs and maintenance happens in real time. This allows for a more proactive approach to keeping vehicles and assets in operation for longer periods of time.Whip Around is also the only solution designed for the inspection and maintenance of commercial fleet assets that meets the requirements for FMCSA/DOT compliance.START TODAYContact Whip Around to see how implementation can lead to immediate savings when it comes to maintenance costs and enforcement violations. The software’s quick and easy setup may have you wondering why you haven’t made the move to a digital solution sooner.Find out more, visit Whip AroundACCELERATE INFORMATION DELIVERY

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202060COMPANY PROFILESGoing on 10 years of manufacturing tonneau covers for pick-up trucks, Worksport™ has seen every cover design offered in the last decade and refused to accept the status quo. “A lot of these big box truck accessory companies are just pushing out inventory of a product that they see as a fixed design with no need for improvement,” says Steven Rossi, CEO of Worksport. “As truck guys ourselves, we saw this as a huge oversight of a product that truck owners rely on every day. Tonneau covers aren’t complicated, but it’s the fine details that make the biggest difference. How smooth are the latches? How easy is it to fold away? How secure is it? Ultimately, the best cover is one that you don’t have to think about. It’s intuitive, easy to use, durable, and secure, so you can walk away knowing your haul is safe.” From its early stages, Worksport was established with a heavy emphasis on field-tested research and development. Focusing its attention on common problems with typical tonneau covers, such as difficult or delicate latches and hinges, poor sealing, weak structural reinforcements, and low-quality materials, the company set out to make a more robust, user-friendly, and safe cover.“As the underdogs in the industry, we knew that to get anywhere we had to come to market with something new that could compete in a way that most of the big manufacturers couldn’t,” Rossi explains. “Whether you get your cover from one brand or another, most of them are selling the same product with no incentive to change it. That’s where we come in. We started from scratch and designed all of our own latches, hinges, seals, frames, and cover materials. We took the time to think about what works best and what we would want to use on our jobsites and camping trips. The end result was such a success that we had white label offers that kept us in the B2B space before we could even approach the consumer market, so it’s possible you’ve got a Worksport tonneau cover and you don’t even know it!”TERRAVIS TONNEAU COVERConstant innovation of the current line continues, while Worksport sets its sights on entering the consumer market with TerraVis™, a never-before-seen accessory that integrates power generation and storage into your pickup. “Looking to the future of pickup trucks, we’ve developed a product that will allow current truck owners and EV truck owners alike the ability to harness the power of renewable energy by integrating mobile solar generation and battery banks into our most advanced tonneau cover yet, TerraVis,” Rossi says. “Solar panels integrated into the tonneau cover capture energy everywhere the truck goes and stores that energy in expandable, modular battery banks installed into the bed of the pickup. Although it is a small step toward a carbon neutral future, it is a leap in the evolution of the possibilities of modern truck accessories. Able to power a jobsite, campsite, or even provide immediate power in a crisis, TerraVis utilizes the power of renewable energy to expand the potential of the pickup truck far beyond its practical capabilities.”Worksport is currently looking for investors and partners that are passionate about evolving the modern pickup truck. With a recent Reg-A qualification, anyone can invest, small or large. Aiming to grow the foundation of a company that is built by truck owners, for truck owners. TerraVis is in development now to give current pickup truck owners access to EV tech and to further leverage the power of electric trucks in the future. Those interested in becoming part of the revolution can visit out more, visit or MOST INNOVATIVE TRUCK ACCESSORY COMPANY YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF

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XL Fleet’s award-winning XLP™ plug-in hybrid electric drive system is now offered on several of the most popular Chevrolet and GMC commercial pickups and cutaway chassis available. It’s a perfect combination of power, performance, and plug-in sustainability for your fleet.As a leading provider of commercial fleet electrification solutions, XL Fleet turns many of the most popular Class 2-6 vehicles from leading OEMs into hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles without disrupting their performance. XL Fleet’s electrification upfits turn ordinary gas-powered vehicles into cleaner, more fuel-efficient versions that can help meet sustainability goals while leaving the OEM powertrain (engine, transmission, fuel, and exhaust systems) completely intact. XL Fleet’s newest product offering expands its growing lineup of plug-in hybrid electric drive systems, which can improve fuel economy by increasing miles per gallon by up to 50% and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately one-third compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. It’s also XL Fleet’s first plug-in electrification system available for Chevrolet and GMC fleet vehicles, adding to a broad range of XL hybrid systems currently available for GM Fleet products. XL Fleet’s plug-in hybrid electric drive systems are built for a wide range of fleets and jobs. They install quickly and easily onto factory vehicles, so they’re ready to work immediately within your existing fleet. And because the XLP system works in parallel with the OEM powertrain, your new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle performs as you expect it to and without range concerns. XL has pioneered a plug-in hybrid electric drive system that is revolutionary in its simplicity. In addition to regenerative braking, the XLP features a volume production-ready, high voltage lithium battery pack. The XLP system is compatible with Level 1 and Level 2 chargers using an industry standard J1772 plug interface, and the system has no special maintenance requirements.XLP PLUG-IN HYBRID The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 HD trucks were built to handle a pickup’s toughest jobs—with the power, performance, and versatility needed on the jobsite or on its daily shift. And for the first time, these pickups are now available as plug-in hybrid electric models with an XLP plug-in hybrid electric drive system from XL Fleet.The XLP system is available on select 4WD GM Silverado and Sierra 2500/3500 HD models with 6.5-ft and 8-ft beds. Double and crew cab configurations are available, and since the electrification system is mounted under the chassis, you won’t need to give up bed space to turn your vehicle into a plug-in. XLP™ PLUG-IN HYBRID CUTAWAYSXL Fleet’s plug-in hybrid electric drive system helps service, delivery, shuttle, and emergency response vehicles improve fuel efficiency while significantly decreasing CO2 emissions. The XLP system seamlessly installs onto the Chevrolet and GMC 3500 and 4500 cutaway chassis powertrains, transforming commercial work trucks, shuttles, ambulances, and more into sustainable plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles. It’s available on both 4.8-L and 6-L engines in all wheelbase configurations.Ordering is easy, and installation is available on both new and in-service vehicles.Find out more, visit or call 1.833.XLFLEET.XL FleetPLUG-IN HYBRID SYSTEM NOW OFFERED ON SELECT GM FLEET VEHICLES MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202062COMPANY PROFILES

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202064COMPANY PROFILESWhile 2020 has been a challenging year, BOSS Industries has taken advantage of these difficult times to reinvest back into the business by hiring new key personnel in engineering, sales, and production. Staying connected with customers digitally and creating new pathways to demo products is key for Boss, too. Plus, the brand developed a new product line and updated several current products. But the key question always remains the same, what is the right air for you? Many times, choosing the right method of air compression is just as important as choosing the capacity (CFM) and pressures (PSI). Think about it like this, do you need continuous air? For example, jack hammers, piercing tools, or running any air tool for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Or do you need intermittent air, i.e. impact wrenches, drills, or any air tool that will be used for a short duration of time, like removing lug nuts on a wheel.If you need continuous air then you need a Rotary Screw type compressor.If you need intermittent air then you want a Piston type compressor.WHAT'S NEXT?You need to define what CFM you need by what tools you will use. Boss recommends sizing your compressor to the rated specifications for your tools to ensure the life span and investment in your air tools. Boss’ website can help you with these questions. Just go to its Air Consumption Guide and let your fingers do the talking. And of course, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact Boss directly at 800.635.6587.Choosing the right type and size of an air compressor is just as important as choosing the right tool for the job and save you money in the long run.Boss IndustriesTHE RIGHT AIR FOR YOUFind out more, visit

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 65At Dakota Bodies, design engineering is an important service in the process of manufacturing quality bodies for every market. The design team can work with you to create a design or a body from a spec you have in mind. Combining state-of-the-art software with decades of experience, there is little missed when it comes to the functionality of a Dakota Body. JOBS OF ALL SIZES & SHAPESWith a customized manufacturing style, Dakota is able to manage various shapes and sizes of aluminum, stainless, and galvanneal products. And because of Dakota’s large capacity, Dakota can handle jobs of all sizes. Dakota can ship bodies primed or finished and uses a zinc rich primer for added corrosion resistance. On top of that, Dakota offers a 10-year rust-through warranty for aluminum and stainless bodies and a six-year rust-through warranty for galvanneal. NEW SERVICE BODY DESIGNFrom what started the company in 1997, the traditional weld together design of a Dakota service body has seen many improvements over the years, and Dakota Bodies recently introduced some further developments to improve price, performance, and appearance. The most notable update to this body is the included universal mounting kit designed to fit 2020 Ford, Ram, and GM chassis. Other major design updates include: Compression T-handle door latches, cast aluminum fenderettes, silver zinc finish tailgate brackets, fuel filler cup in the streetside fender, and a modernized bumper appearance.As always, there are numerous custom options available so Dakota Bodies can make your service body to fit your wants and needs.CUSTOM IS OUR STANDARD Find out more, visit or call 866.227.0071.Dakota BodiesPROVIDING CUSTOM WORK TRUCK SOLUTIONS FOR OVER 20 YEARS

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202066COMPANY PROFILESExtendobed improves worker productivity. No wasting time looking for tools/supplies, climbing into your van/truck, or crawling under a covered service body or bed topper. One Extendobed customer now completes one extra service call per truck, daily. Charging $80/month for their services, and with a fleet of 280 trucks, that’s an additional $19,200 in revenues per truck annually. REDUCE INJURIESExtendobed also reduces injuries because workers are not picking up heavy items from awkward angles or climbing in and out of their vehicle multiple times per day. Avoiding even one back injury claim can pay for a small fleet of Extendobeds. Extendobed is the only company to offer: • Extension past the taillights—over 110%—allowing access to the entire bed• Load capacities up to 3,000 lbs that can be point-loaded• Fully customizable designs for trucks, vans, service bodies, and trailers• 20-year warranty = lower cost of ownership• Increased productivity • Reduced workers comp injuriesEXTENDOWALLThe new ExtendoWall™ is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of work vans and can increase storage capacity by up to 92% over traditional shelf storage systems. Stop climbing into your van for equipment/supplies. Slide it out to you. The fully customizable ExtendoWall is available to extend from either the side or back doors. Optional half-bed or full-bed width and up to 3,000-lb capacity is available with over 110% extension.ExtendobedNEVER CLIMB IN THE BACK OF YOUR TRUCK OR VAN AGAINFind out more, visit or call 800.752.0706.

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 67Multiforce Systems, founded in 1981, manufacturers, sells, and services the FuelForce Fuel Management System line of products that authorizes and controls fuel and energy (gasoline, diesel, DEF, CNG, ethanol, biodiesel, propane, hydrogen, and electricity for EV charging). The FuelForce systems can authorize product dispensing through the use of keys, cards, tags, barcodes, smartphones, or the keypad. Other advanced features include a modern, web-based fuel management software that is easy to use, flexible, and fully automatable with an open REST API. Traditional, enterprise level SQL server-based software is also available and can include a full range of support and services to meet enterprise customer’s requirements.Both the web-based and SQL server software versions have integration with tank monitoring consoles/software, GPS packages such as Geotab, and vehicle-mounted asset tags such as HID IdentiFuel.FUELFORCE PRODUCTSThe FuelForce line also controls mobile tanker truck units, pickup truck auxiliary tanks, and gate/car wash controllers with both wired and wireless communication options. FuelForce solutions serve thousands of customers throughout North America. Its best-in-class customer support group is known for resolving issues and keeping customers happy. These durable and reliable industry leading systems perform in the rough outdoor environments where construction, mining, energy, transportation, municipal, and military customers need rugged solutions.Multiforce SystemsFUELFORCE FUEL MANAGEMENT Find out more, visit or call 609.683.4242.

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202068COMPANY PROFILESThanks to nearly four decades of manufacturing experience, Minimizer’s reputation as an industry leader is built on its Tested & Tortured™ mantra. The lifetime guarantee that comes standard with every fender, floor mat, and tool box—as well as several other products—forms the heart of the company.Minimizer has long been known for its poly fenders that are thermoformed with a proprietary material. The brand’s reputation has earned the trust of countless companies and fleets across North America. Its durability is legendary thanks to testing that goes far beyond real world. Whether pelted with pool balls, slammed with a sledgehammer, or toppled by a tank, Minimizer fenders don’t just put up a fight, they win every time.Minimizer’s initial success with fenders has bred an expansion into numerous medium-duty products, including custom molded floor mats. Laser-measured for a precise fit, Minimizer floor mats use a tray system to ensure the mess stays on the mat. The Floor Mat Selector at makes choosing the appropriate truck-specific part number incredibly easy.Minimizer’s other solution-based products include poly tool boxes, mud flaps, and the innovative Fast Flaps™. Fast Flaps are designed to hold mud flaps without sacrificing strength. In the rare instance a mud flap is removed from the Fast Flaps holder, the driver can reinsert the flap with a screwdriver, meaning no shop time, no DOT fines, and no more lost mud flaps.Find out more, visit or call 800.248.3855.MinimizerSOLUTION-BASED PRODUCTS FOR THE MEDIUM-DUTY INDUSTRY

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202070COMPANY PROFILESA global leader in heating and cooling technologies for the transportation industry, Webasto products offer reliable and comfortable solutions for a variety of vehicle applications.CLIMATE CONTROL SOLUTIONS Peak performance and Webasto’s air-conditioning and HVAC systems go hand in hand. A workspace that requires cooler temperatures needs a dependable product for comfort and safety. These systems provide options to seamlessly integrate into existing HVAC systems and work independently at a high capacity for maximum cooling. This would also include Webasto’s heat-only systems, such as the Houston. These units are compact, quick and easy to retrofit, and are equipped with high-efficiency fans and blowers—delivering consistent airflow. Webasto also developed vehicle-specific kits to minimize install time and maximize reliability.IDLE-REDUCING HEATING SOLUTIONSWebasto’s renowned coolant and air heaters save on fuel costs, improve DPF longevity, reduce engine wear, and improve driver comfort. Webasto coolant heaters pre-condition the truck’s engine before startup to reduce idling and prevent the damaging effects of cold starts to the engine and DPF. Webasto air heaters operate quickly and conveniently warm truck cabs and cargo spaces without the need to idle the main engine. This improves working conditions while reducing idle times, since it operates independent from the vehicle engine. Both systems are engineered to perform within extreme outdoor temperatures.Webasto continuously introduces new technology and components to provide comprehensive solutions for the commercial vehicle market; ranging from battery, charging, and thermal management to vehicle sterilization products (HEPA air filtration systems).Trustworthy distribution partners and a coast-to-coast dealer network allows Webasto to offer unrivaled support in North America.Find out more, visit COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SOLUTIONS

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DECEMBER 2020 WWW.MWSMAG.COM MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS 71Each time a vehicle in your fleet needs a repair, the repair itself is only part of the total cost. Time off the road increases driver downtime and can lead to loss of productivity, towing expenses, and more. The good news is that some repairs can be done faster with the right equipment or detected early through preventive maintenance.When it comes to keeping your fleet on the street, finding the right lift for the job is key. Choosing the right lift can provide greater flexibility by accommodating the widest range of vehicles, enhancing technician productivity, and helping boost profitability.It’s important for shops to have the flexibility they need to tackle anything from alignments and tire repairs to brake and suspension work. Rotary Lift’s newest lift, the ARO22 Alignment Lift, is the highest capacity open-front alignment lift on the market and can handle everything from passenger vehicles to larger work trucks, making it easier for shops and dealers to service a wider range of vehicles.Of all the shop tools available, a vehicle lift offers the greatest opportunity for increasing service speed to improve productivity and profitability. Here are just a few requirements to consider when selecting a lift: FLEXIBILITYThe Rotary Lift ARO22’s open-front design is engineered for both cars and commercial vehicles and can service everything from low-profile Class 1 passenger vehicles to Class 5 vehicles weighing up to 22,000 lbs.The ARO22 alignment-ready lift has a 26-inch-wide platform runway with 40-inch spacing in between and is equipped with air-operated rolling jacks, including a 9,000-lb-capacity front jack and a low-profile, 15,000-lb-capacity rear jack.EASE OF USEThe lift’s air-locking rear steer plates are operated from a power column that eliminates the manual process of setting pins, allowing for a quality alignment. LEDs integrated into the runway platforms illuminate the undercar to improve the work environment. The optional SmartFILLTM integrated air inflation system lets technicians set the tires to the desired PSI while performing other work and has an optional dual-tire filling capability that enables separate pressure settings for front- and rear-axle tires.SAFETYThe system’s patented articulating roller system and oversized front columns are designed to help evenly distribute the load balance, while the Sentinel Lock™ system features oversized slack cables and guide arm to ensure the lock latch stays in place. This helps extend the life of the lift and allows technicians to easily set up a vehicle and safely and quickly make repairs. The right equipment can help speed up repairs, boost accuracy, and give technicians what they need to safely and reliably do a job. The ARO22 lift is compatible with Rotary’s technician-friendly towerless alignment systems and other alignment systems on the market. This is key because regularly performing wheel alignments on the fleet can be another way to keep the fleet on the road, help lower fuel costs, and improve tires. Wondering if adding alignment or other wheel service equipment is worth it? Rotary has a Fleet Alignment ROI Calculator where fleet managers can see how much money they could save by adding an alignment program to their maintenance facility: YOUR FLEET ON THE STREET WITH THE RIGHT LIFTRotary Liftfeatured productFind out more, visit

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MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM DECEMBER 202072For five years, Modern WorkTruck Solutions has brought you pieces from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. For five years, you’ve seen maintenance solutions from mechanics who’ve been in the business for decades. For five years, no matter the size of your fleet or the size of your trucks, you’ve been able to turn to Modern WorkTruck Solutions for insight on operations, technology, maintenance, and safety. For five years, Modern WorkTruck Solutions has provided light-, medium-, and heavy-duty solutions to all your work truck needs.We’re proud to have been with you every step of the way—through the big economic boom in our earlier publishing years to the wild ride of 2020, we hope we have been a source of advice, insight, and a place to help grow your own ideas and innovations. MILESTONESIn the span of the five years we’ve published, Modern WorkTruck Solutions has grown from a small magazine to a media sponsor for big events such as the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s Institute and Expo and the NTEA Work Truck Show. We’ve brought you special editions such as each year’s Buyers Guide and Products and Services Guide. We’ve gone from writing overviews of work vehicles to getting inside the cab and offering unbiased reviews of some of the industry’s top work trucks and vans. We’ve tried and reviewed products to help with work truck maintenance and operations. But we don’t want to stop there.Modern WorkTruck Solutions is still growing. We’ve got new and exciting things in store for 2021 that we hope will carry on throughout the years. I don’t want to share too many details, but I will say that it’s brand new for our magazine, and you won’t want to miss out!CELEBRATE WITH USStarting with this issue and ending in December 2021, each magazine cover will display our 5th year anniversary badge as a celebration. We hope that when you see this you’ll recall some past MWS issues that have stuck out in your memory. When those issues come to mind, let us know what you liked about them or which article helped, or even hindered, your work operations the most. After all, we do this for you—the work truck fleet owner and operator. Tell us how we’re doing by emailing me at or send us a tweet (@mwsmag).We hope you’ve enjoyed reading Modern WorkTruck Solutions for the past five years, as we’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating it. Here’s to five years of work truck solutions and counting!It's Modern WorkTruck Solutions' Anniversary SERVING THE INDUSTRY FOR 5 YEARS AND COUNTING This issue marks the 5th year that Modern WorkTruck Solutions has supplied solutions to the work truck industry. Although the magazine has our work truck roots all these years.thethinkCabOutsidetheCabthinkOOOOetsideeeeideOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOuuuuuuutsideueutsidedeeiutsideeitututtssssiiiiddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeedddeeeeeeeiiiiiuuuttssiiddeeeeeddeeiiCabCabCabCabThinkThetalk soon, JadeDEC 2015NOV 2016MAY 2017 MAR 2018SEP 2019DEC 2020DECEMBER 20152015BUYERS GUIDESPECIAL EDITIONSPECIAL EDITIONremote fleet managementSECURITY CAMERAFEATURES PROTECT FLEET OWNER INVESTMENTSeasy solutionFULLY INTEGRATED POWER SYSTEM PROVIDES COMPACT SOLUTIONSremote fleet managementSECURITY CAMERAFEATURES PROTECT FLEET OWNER INVESTMENTSeasy solutionFULLY INTEGRATED POWER SYSTEM PROVIDES COMPACT SOLUTIONSNOVEMBER 2016SPECIAL EDITIONSPECIAL EDITION 2017 NTEAPREVIEWtested leadership skillsEATON OFFERS SUPPORT, CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR MILITARY VETERANSpredictive analyticsSHEDDING LIGHT ON HIGH-RISK FLEET DRIVERSfrom delivery trucks to forkliftsMAINTAINING SMOOTH PTO OPERATION MAY 2017LIGHT-DUTYWORKHORSE W-15MEDIUM-DUTYFORD CHASSIS CABHEAVY-DUTY PETERBILT MODEL 348LIFT WITH CARESEVEN KEY WAYS TO BOOST VEHICLE LIFT SAFETYCOST VS VALUELOWEST INVOICE CHOICE ISN’T ALWAYS BESTEVOLUTION TO EXCELLENCERED HAWK FIRE & SECURITY REDUCES FLEET ACCIDENTSTECH TIPTHE VALUE OF OIL ANALYSISLIFT WITH CARESEVEN KEY WAYS TO BOOST VEHICLE LIFT SAFETYMARCH 2018MEDIUM-DUTYCHEVROLET SILVERADOHEAVY-DUTY HINO XLHOT SHOT’S PRODUCT TESTLIGHT-DUTYWORKHORSE W-15ANSWERING A QUESTION OF SAFETY:DURAMAG AND DOVER’S COLLABORATIONSMALL STEPS FORWARDREDUCING BACKING ACCIDENTSRESULTS INSIDEVERIZON CONNECTA ONE-STOP TELEMATICS SOLUTIONVERIZON CONNECTSEPTEMBER 2019www.MwSMag.coMALL ABOUT GREEN FLEETS& aLTERNaTIVE FUELSMEDIUM-DUTY SHowcaSEISUZU NPR: It'S tI me foR aN UPgR ade aNd aN UPfIxSUSTAINABLE EXTERIORSIS YoUR PaINT Eco-FRIENDLY?NEAR-ZERO EMISSIONSaUTogaS IS THE aNSwERICUEEMUST-SEE EXHIBIToRSSPECIAL EDITION2021 BUYERS GUIDESERVICE TRUCK MUST-HAVES REAL SERVICE TECHS WEIGH INDECEMBER 202010 STEPS TO SUCCESS GUIDELINES TO GREATNESSWWW.MWSMAG.COM

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