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By Jamie Murray



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Definition of Text:

A series of characters (letters, numbers, symbols or punctuation) commonly used in menus and fonts.



Difference between Sans Serif and Serif

Serif has small tails on the end of letters while Sans Serif is a smoother text which doesn't have tails on the end of letters.


Definition of Audio:

Digital sound that consisting of waves that represent change in air pressure.


The changes that I made to Imagine Dragon's Radioactive was that I turned the pitch up to 100%. I also cut away most of the song to get the desired length


Definition of Graphics:

The digital form of photos


Definition of Morphing:

Morphing is the act of combining two or more images together to create something that has multiple characteristics from multiple photos



Definition of Animation and Video Data Types:

 The illusion of movement achieved by displaying a series of static images, called frames, in a rapid sequence


Continuous steam of data first created and then broken down into seperate frames



Definition of Interactivity:

Allowing a two-way flow of information between a computer and a computer-user; responding to a user’s input


Importance of Interactivity in Multimedia

Interactivity is very important in multimedia due to it allowing users to actually interact and influence the program. Without this level of involvement then throwing together all these forms of media would be useless as it would not be allowing users to interact, providing them with a simple linear media form.